Cream Separator Plant

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Cream separator plant

  • Remove Tuberculosis germs
  • Quality Milk
  • Remove Odors from the milk
  • Helps to purify the milk
  • Improves aeration

We are providing auto and manual cream separator. Manual cream separation requires a lot of effort, time, and labor Hence, to make the process easy for businesses, and to help them cut labor costs, we design innovative cream plants. With the help of electricity, the plant easily and quickly separates the cream from the milk

Quick And Easy Cream Separator For Dairy Industry
NK Dairy Equipments is into manufacturing superior quality products by sourcing raw materials and other components from trustworthy and reliable vendors. The machinery is manufactured in different sizes, to accommodate different quantities of milk. This is done to cater to a variety of needs, based on the production capacity of a business. We cater to the specific needs of our customers and fulfill the needs of businesses of all scales.

Our cream separator plant is highly efficient and easy to operate. Furthermore, they are manufactured using rust-proof materials and are abrasion-proof as well. Since the machinery is used in the food processing industry, we make sure to use food-grade materials. We are strict with the quality and do not use any non-food grade material for any of the components of the entire machinery. For instance, we are against using mild steel, plastic, etc.

Quality Cream Separator Machines
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cream separator machinery made using cutting-edge technology, to ensure the best. The machinery manufactured works on the principle of centrifugal force thereby enabling smooth and efficient operations. Dynamically balanced bowls are placed where milk is placed to get the cream separated. This bowl is available in varied capacities to choose from.