Connecting Cow Mat 50ft To 5000 ft

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Size- 6” X 4”

Weight – 40 KG

Thickness – 17 mm

  • Increases blood flow to udders by 40%.
  • Blood flow to the udder is directly proportionate to milk production.
  • Reduces laminitis and lameness
  • Reduces premature culling
  • Improves udder, leg and claw health
  • Encourages to stand during defecation and urination
  • Increases milk yield and profitability.

     Key Advantages : 

  • Soft & Comfortable.
  • Unique Anti bacterial Surface.
  • Anti- Skid.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Highly shock absorbent.
  • Eco friendly and hygienic.

Product code:CM-2