Cow Mat

When it comes to dairy equipment, you know you have chosen the best when you get your supplies from the NK Dairy Equipment. We are a company that offers the state of the start technologies and products under one roof at prices that are affordable. The services offered by our company are far more lucrative than its counterparts in the industry. Among are very high quality products is the cow mat that we offer.

cow mat is a mat designed from rubber to be installed in stables, animal vans etc. to make sure the animal is comfortable and the hygiene is intact. A cow mat is extensively used in providing comfort to the dairy cows. Before we move onto the product itself, we must understand the need and advantages of using the cow mats.

Advantaged of using the cow mats:

  • When the surface where the animal is supposed to be kept is concrete (hard), soil, clay or uneven these mats are extremely useful as they level the surface for the comfort of the animal and of the caretaker.
  • The mats are made of non-porous materials like rubber which do not retain moisture or urine of the animal.
  • Such mats are made from good quality to ensure that these mats do not crack under heavy pressures or extreme weather.
  • The comfort that these mats provide the cows makes sure the cows are not hurt, which in turn increases the milk, fat and meat production. There is a steep decline in the veterinarian bills.
  • These mats are ideal for show cattle and old cows, as the comfort that these provide to the old cows makes them milk longer and healthier.
  • If anything, these mats are extremely hygienic, as they as easy to clean which reduces the bacteria growth and makes it easy to collect the manure.
  • In the long run these mats seem extraordinarily cost effective as they reduce the time and labor involved in producing, storing and spreading the bedding of the cows.
  • These mats are amazingly easy to install as they can be cemented in any place.
  • The grooves of the mat provide solid grid to the animal and makes sure the animal does not get hurt.
  • The grooves also make it easy for the drainage of the animal to move to the ground and make the mat extremely comfortable for the animal.

These advantages make the cow mat a must have in case you are handling the cattle or any other stable animals. The cow mats offered by our company have special features which make sure that this is something that you cannot say no to. The distinguished features that our mats provide are listed below.


  1. The mats are manufactured according to the international standards using the finest quality of rubber available.
  2. These mats are available in different specifications to meet the customized needs of the clients.
  3. Our mats have been specially designed to make them warm and soft. These mats are also dust and smell free to ensure the hygiene of the animal.
  4. The mats have been crafted in a manner that they are abrasion resistant.
  5. These mats are extremely easy to wash and clean.
  6. Our mats have extra softness to suit the animal completely.
  7. The seamless finish of the mas is a feature to be admired for they decrease the possibility of the dust getting stick in the mat.