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    Bucket Milking Machine

    bucket milking machine


    Motor power 150 watt, (12 volt DC)
    Battery size 35 Ah Min
    Battery voltage 12 Volts
    Dry weight 38 kg without battery
    Vacuum level 350mm Hg max
    Pulsing Alternating (two teats/stroke)
    Pulse rate 72/ min
    Cleaning method Pumping Boiling water and cleaning agents
    Mounting On stainless steel trolley with polymer wheels
    Adaptability One animal at a time


    Make your milking easy by using a bucket milking machine

    Now it’s easy of cow milking by our milking machine. You can use our mobile milking machine for small milking. If you have a dairy and you are looking for a milking machine then our bucket milking machine is the best option ever. We are providing GEA milking machine, with the best quality and superb result.

    Milking Machine for daily use

    Achieving the wide experience, we have grown as a major manufacturer of Cow Milking Machine that is widely used in dairy milk. The machine is perfectly designed and made by using fine grade components by advanced technology in the stern supervision of a great team of seasoned experts. This Cow Milking Machine is made in the different technical specifications according to the client requirements at controlled prices.


    1. Competent finish standards
    2. Prolong service life
    3. Outstanding performance
    4. Quick service

    We bring our clients supreme featured Cow Milking Machine that is efficient to draw milk from many cows. This device proves to be significant in the times when manual milking becomes inadequate or labor extreme.

    Constructed components such as claw, teacups, milk tube, pulsation tube and pulsator, and this machine are perfect in applications in dairy industries. These machines help in maintaining the milk enclosed and secured from outer contamination. The machine is offered to our potential clients at competitive prices.

    Technical Specifications

    Each Cow Bucket Milker is an economical and ideal system for little dairy farms. It is convenient for use and maintain and is the supreme alternative to a pipeline. It is an economical durable and easy to use the equipment.

    Therefore we offer bucket milkers that consist of silicone milk hose. It is easier to work with as well as it also serves longer as compared to Glitex hose that is needed to replace two times every year. The hose is fit for service for minimum of three years on the base of the extent of application.

    A vacuum pump is used to power this machine. This machine comes with a one year warranty.


    1. Not much labor is needed. A farmer doesn’t need to worry about milking his cows. Labors just need to monitor animal feed.
    2. Production and milking process can be conducted simultaneously
    3. Increased milking
    4. Higher milking frequency increases the milk yield of each cow.
    5. Creates a stress-free environment
    6. A balance between automatic and traditional milking processes
    7. It decreases the time and labor while restoring each milk drop during milking
    8. High reliability and durability