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Nk Dairy And Paneer Manufacturing Process

Paneer which is known as cottage cheese in English is the important ingredient of various kinds of foods of north India. There will be nothing wrong if we will say that most of the north Indian cuisines are incomplete and tasteless without Paneer. This great demand for Paneer can be due to abundant availability of dairies and dairy products and even due to high nutrition value of Paneer.

Even reports have revealed that demand for cheese increases every year by 10-12% not only in India but also in other Asia Pacific countries.  There are several reasons for the growing demand of this cottage cheese like its consumption in various cuisines and increasing number of fast food chains that take cheese as an important ingredient in their foods like pizza, pasta in many forms. Moreover, the increasing trend of vegetarians can also be the reason for the growing demand of Paneer.

This is the reason that Production of Paneer is spreading and its manufacturing is getting famous in various parts of the world. With the growing demand for cheese, many avenues are opening in India that is starting Paneer manufacturing for the business purpose from small scales even.

We here at NK dairy provides you with the Paneer making machines like Paneer press so that you could have a high quality of Paneer.

Paneer manufacturing with us

In the Paneer making process high-quality standardized milk is heated to 90 degree Celsius and then cooled down to 80 degree Celsius for coagulation of milk. After the coagulation, the coagulated particles are poured in the Paneer press to drain the whey and separate the Paneer after pressing it.

For the formation of soft textured Paneer it is important to press the Paneer only inadequate way and with adequate pressure otherwise, it could get dry and lose its soft texture. Further, the Paneer is separated and kept in cold water for vacuum sealing and packaging to supply in the market.

We offer Paneer press machines, processing plants from small, medium to large size business units according to requirement. We offer the best quality machines and plant on the basis of individual needs and requirements. We offer Paneer press, Paneer separator, Paneer maker, and Paneer cold room etc for the perfect and hygienic manufacturing of premium quality Paneer.

paneer press machine

Quick Inquiry Learn The Art Of Making Delicious And Nutritious Paneer

Only a few are there, who knows how to make Paneer of premium quality? We often prefer to buy cheese from the market rather than making at home even we know that homemade Paneer is more delicious, nutritious and hygienic because we hardly know how to make it at home.

In the older time, our dadi’s and Nani’s were used to make cheese at home which used to be of finger licking taste even today when we think about that tasty Paneer it tickles our taste buds.  I think they were efficient in the Paneer making art. Yes, you have heard right Paneer making actually is an art in which only a few are expert.

However due to change in the milk quality, it is impossible to get Paneer of dadi ,nani’s time as today we get milk in poly bags which may or may not be of high quality so for Paneer making art having milk with a good proportion of SNF and Fats is quite essential.

Other than good quality milk you could be in need of following things for Paneer making

  • Fresh non processed milk of minimum SNF 9 and fat 6.5
  • The coagulating agent like white vinegar, lemon, citric acid, acetic acid
  • Muslin cloth
  • Thermometer
  • Appropriate vessels according to the quantity of milk and Paneer
  • Heating equipment
  • Whey draining and Paneer press
  • Some ice

Paneer making process

If you remember the taste of Paneer of old time when your grandmother used to make it and want to make the same then with following few steps you can also make yourself efficient in the art of Paneer making

    Initially pour the four times milk as the quality of Paneer you want to make, into the vessel for boiling

    Continuously heat and stir the milk and bring it to boiling temperature approximately up to 90 degree Celsius

    As soon as the milk reached to 90 degree Celsius add the coagulating agent whichever you have chosen for making Paneer

    Even if you have a coagulating agent of high concentration you can dilute it before adding to make milk coagulate uniformly

    You need to add the only small amount of coagulating agent as otherwise, it can sour the taste of Paneer

    Stop addition of agent when the whey colour changes from yellow-green to transparent

    When the coagulant get settled your process of coagulation is finished

    Next important step is to pour the coagulated milk in muslin cloth kept in Paneer press to separate the coagulated particles from whey

    When most of the whey get drained with the help of Paneer press machine then you can separate the Paneer after 10 minutes

    Then transfer the Paneer in cold water and then you can store it according to your wish

If you are not having Paneer press machine then you can use anything of a lightweight to put some weight on Paneer after shifting it in Paneer mould vessel so that you could give it shape and drain off the way completely. The most important thing to keep in mind while making Paneer is not to press Paneer too much as it could make cheese too dry and even Paneer will lose its soft texture

Hope so, with these steps you could try to make Paneer with an artistic approach and will get great taste and premium quality.