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The Milk Market Gets Ugly In The USA. Canada The Cause

It is never direct on how a country may suffer in any occurrence of a violation of the trade policies. Canada has just imposed an indirect ban on USA’s dairy exports after its decision to follow a “class 7” pricing policy. By using this policy, it has violated the trade commitments between it and the USA. The USA has called this a total and open move to slice off its dairy products because they total up to ¾ of Canada’s exports. The USA has been Canada’s largest export market and this has hit the USA’s milk industry badly.

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the US. Dairy Export (Council USDEC) have all joined efforts to mobilize other states to see that action is taken over Canada’s decision. It is only Canada that knows exactly what its intentions are for the USA. There have been major standing contracts between Canada and the USA that have been ignored in this move. The idea of sabotaging USA’s dairy exports of Ultra-filtered milk in Canada has made many USA’s dairy farmers suffer in this short while and the effect is expected to spread deeply. So far the losses are estimated to be $ 150 Million and that is from only New York and Wisconsin

To make things right, the CEO and the president of IDFA have come out in public condemn Canada’s action and have also called upon the USA president Donald Trump to take immediate action. They have enlightened the long effect to President Trump and his administrators if at all; Canada doesn’t forego its protectionist policies. The major milk exporting companies have had to inform their suppliers about the possible rejection of their milk come the month of May. This calamity that is expected to worsen if at all no proper action is taken will have serious effects on the export revenues of the USA plus the common man.

Canada has not yet responded in a satisfactory manner regarding its actions. Different Dairy Organizations and the U.S Government have communicated the matter to the Canadian authorities, but all in vain. It is said that information about the problem had been posted on some official Websites, but only to be removed in a short while. If only Canada would explain the cause of its actions and settle with the USA government for a solution things would turn back to normal.

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What Is The Difference Between Double Bucket And Single Bucket Electric Milking Machine?

It is one of the most effective dairy equipment that helps the farmers to save their time and efforts for producing milk with the retained quality of the milk.

Milking machine is available with the different capacity and types as mainly there are two types

Single bucket milking machine

Electric motor operated single bucket milking machine is manufactured by the professionals by using the high quality components and contemporary techniques at our in house production unit. It is suitable to harvest milk from cows with retained quality and in lesser time than manually. These machines are power efficient and easy to operate having single bucket with long working life

These machines have low noise and high efficiency with the special features of robust structure and parts with teat cups different for cows and sheep’s. These single bucket machines have very low maintenance cost and even price is also low for this milking machine.

Double bucket milking machine

These machines are also having similar feature like single bucket milking machine but having double bucket to be used for milking.  It is also having low maintenance cost but as compared to single bucket has higher price.

These both machines have following key differences

Key factors Single bucket machine Double bucket 
Motor power 150 Watt 180 watt
Battery voltage 12 voltage 1 KW
Dry weight 38 kg without battery 50 kg
Time taken for milking 4-7 minutes per cow 3-6 minutes
Vacuum level 350 mm Hg max 350mm
Pulsing alternatives Alternatives 2 teats
Pulse rate 72 per minute 72
Cleaning method Pumping boiling agents and cleaning agents same
mounting Stainless steel trolley with polymer wheels same
Adaptability One animal Two animals


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How Milking Machine Is So Helpful In Dairy Farming

One such advancement is the introduction of the milking machine that facilitates the dairy farmers to milk the cows with lesser time. This system accelerate the bleeding and then trough the tubes attached to the cup teats milk get collected with the help of vacuum in the container attached to machine.

This machine is quite helpful for the dairy farms in following ways

It enables the dairy farm to increase their activity with the large herd as the milking machine can manage the herd faster with the ensured quality of the milk that help the farmers to harvest more from the cattle than with the manual or transitional means

As this machine is cost effective for the farmers as the labor expenses cut off due to use of this machine for instance for the big dairy farm there is need of more than 20 workers to function properly but with this machine there is only need of handful workers

This milking machine reduces the dependency of farmers on the labor as in the earlier time when this machine was not introduced farmers have to bear great loss in the absence of the skilled workers which affect their milk production and sales. This machine is quite easy and simple to operate so there is only need someone that can operate it for the regular and effective working of the machine and dairy farm

This machine also reduces the stress on the stock that improves the health of animals and even ensure the better quality dairy harvest

This machine also perform the work 5 time faster than the manual so milk production and ultimately profits can be increased

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The Evolution phases of the milk industry

It is also the most desired drink in the home, on vacations, high school, and in hotels when it comes to breakfast. Being a fresh graduate, I remember my high school days when milk was part of the items on the shopping list before enrolling for the next school term. By chance, I could get a small tin of powdered milk since you can’t buy a full tin only to be sent home for brooms, a ream of papers, or toilet tissue on your first day. Due to the nutrients, a majority of student used to being powdered milk for upkeep and cases of ulcers.

One fact about milk is that prices fluctuate with the seasons and production constraints. Today milk is widely available to a number of consumers due to the high production rate in India. There are small and huge milk producers which have helped many to get a relatively cheap supply. Though this is the case, let’s look at the evolution phases of milk;

In the traditional days, milk was produced by small farmers and on a small scale. Those who produced for retail purposes had to incur more costs in the labour intensive technique. Manual or manpower was highly necessary for harvesting feeds, cleaning the farm, dipping activities, preparing the feeds, and milking. Milking was one of the hectic parts since many mistakes could follow from one day to another due to no improved techniques.

Farms that managed to get generators had to have one standby individual to switch on the generator in case the electricity went off while milking. It was really hard work.

The new era observed today has upgraded every practice on farms. The essential requirement which stands to be the hydroelectric power has improved every practice on ranches. Solar power comes next to use in case the electricity is shut off. Milking machines properly run effectively on electric power with no inconveniences that were witnessed with the manual technique. This has also paved way for new technologies in the milk industry characterized by the manufacturing of machines with the latest models that not only preserve the milk, but also are animal friendly.

The credit goes to the Punjab Electricity Board that has fully supported the milk industry by providing better rates per the unit in the industry. Milk farmers now fully utilize the new machines like the cream separator, single cow milking machines, ghee clarifiers, and so on. These machines are easily operated by an individual on electricity power offering a high productivity and a proper workflow.

India is now approaching the milking standards in countries like USA, Australia, UK, and Japan. These countries are now on a level of enhancing the new techniques used to increase productivity and at the same time secure the natural nutrients in the milk until it is used for further processes. The replacement of manual techniques with machinery has produced more than good for these countries.

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The Milking Machine Market 2017– India

Based on the analytical insights of milking machine manufacturers like NK dairy equipment, 2017 has depicted a persisting positive market for milking machines. The studies followed by proper record keeping, categorizing the types of milking machines purchased by consumers, the size of the machines and the cost provide a vital feedback intended to help the machine manufacturers provide consumer tastes and preferences.

The various types of milking machines differentiated into two categories such as fully automatic milking machine and semi-automatic milking machine in India are widely purchased as per the market segments. The different machines are manufactured for utilization on different milking machines with various animals such as cows,m buffalos, goats, and sheep.

Some of the factors witnessed in the milking machine industry that influence machine manufacturing and supply include the market trend, consumption volume, size of farms, available cash, purpose, durability among others.

NK has improved the supply chain of its milking machines throughout India over the past 5 years.

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Are You Considering a New Milk Parlour? Take a Look At These Factors

With considerations to upgrade, enlarge, or make a few alterations in your milking parlour an evaluation is generally required to make the right decisions. With this, you will have to look at the number of cows or herd you have at the moment and in case you have future plans to add more, the changes to your milking parlour will also consider this. All in all, let’s take a look at the vital considerations before the job

  • The Desired operating system & Performance

Bigger operating systems with durable machines are available, thanks to technology advancements. Upgrading your milking parlour or milk plant is a fundamental step for introducing world-class milking machines or equipment. However, the milking machines should definitely facilitate a higher performance. Currently, there are machines that maximize milk out through the unique combination of the claw, liner and pulsation system to up to 5%.

  • The Number of Cows or Buffalos

The number of cows you are currently milking at your parlour and any addition to be made in the future must be considered before constructing a new milk parlour or upgrading the old one. Considering this, the workflow at your plant will remain efficient without hustling. For those with a large herd, there is a number of optional labour saving devices such as the Cow Motivator and Automatic Parking that make the animals leave the platform and for washing the plant respectively.

  • The Available Space

Just like any other venture, the amount of space available clearly influences your decision. Some of the options for improving your milk parlour may require you to obtain more units of space for the required milk pump, a large plate cooler, vacuum resource, and a new piping. In a case of limited space, you may also choose to install a milk line on each side of the milking parlour with a cluster for each cow space.

  • Animals and Operator Safety

Sorting cows is an obvious practice in milk parlours or farms, but, manual sorting commonly leads to serious injuries. With that, safety should be a major concern in the modern milk parlours to help sort the animals out without triggering a panic. An integrated AutoDrafting is an ideal cow sorting system with unequalled quality and performance. The route of each animal can be selected from the parlour pit with the help of a milk meter keypad or Swiftflo Commander touchpad. This is pre-programmed before on the parlour computer or using your phone.

NK Dairy Equipment, the best milking machine manufacturer in India provides a wide range of world-class milking equipment for all milk parlour sizes. Depending on your farm or milk parlour specifications, we are able to provide the right equipment that will improve your work efficiency and your parlour’s performance.

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Value Of Milking Machines For Dairy Cooperatives & Progressive Dairy Farms

Today not any corner of world has remain untouched with advanced technology so how can dairy farms remain deprive from the great inventions as advanced machines like milking machines have not only reduced the time of milking but also has lesser the cost and increased the productivity of dairy farms.

In earlier days milking was done by hands and even by inserting wheat straws in the teats of cow but in 1851 first suction device was used to milk the cow and has given satisfactory results. Milking management introduced variety of methods for milking to play its crucial role in the milk production chain.

In the late 18s soon the countries like Scotland introduced plusator to alter the suction levels as this pulsator was being used to massage teat and extract milk from it. Afterwards other device called double chambered teat cup has been introduced for milking so in the late 18s hand milking was totally eliminated.

These advanced milking machines are highly beneficial as these work quickly, efficiently and do not harm any udder.

The working principle of this modern machine is to imitate the suckling of calf as it opens the streak canal through the use of vacuum and this principle allows the cow to flow out milk and get it stored in the cups. This machine prevents the congestion of blood and lymph in the teat.

It keeps the milk enclosed and hygiene it as it prevents the milk from external contamination. These machines work properly and beyond the expectations of farmers but if installed and maintained in excellent condition while operating.

NK diary has even initiated to install milking machines for dairy cooperatives and progressive dairy farms so that people can get pure and hygienic milk. This machines has also benefited the farmers as they can work more in lesser time with lesser cost.

Milking machines benefits for dairy cooperatives and progressive dairy farms

  • These machines are easy to install and operate even the ladies can take care of large herd with the help of these milking machines
  • These machines provide hygienic milk so the diseases like Mastitis can be prevented easily.
  • These machines have increased the production of milk and reduced the milking cost by 50%
  • These machines have reduced the milking time and need of labour for milking large herd
  • Maintenance ok milking machine is easy and quite reasonable
  • These machines provide milk quickly without injuring the udder.
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Read How Modern Dairy Farms Are Working Towards Quality Hygiene

For the customer getting milk which is clean and free from harmful bacteria is very essential. But how do the modern dairy farms make sure that the diary is kept clean and the cleanliness is of high?  Using modern techniques for getting high-quality milk and managing the farm every day is another thing. The milk has to be tested and checked on a regular basis. The methods of working need to be improved.  Nowadays new systems like Afi wash have been launched. It helps to keep a routine of cleanliness in the Milking site. These types of techniques help in cleaning the cow and their parts which are used for milking in a proper way, this makes sure that cleanliness level and hygiene levels are very high. No doubt the place where the milking takes place has to be neat and clean but there are many more factors which can impact the quality of milk.

The Cleanliness Kept In Farms

The milking machines have a very big role to play in the production of milk.

But, there are more things besides sanitation or a clean machine which account for the level of cleanliness.  Factors like the type of bedding material used and pick up of the cluster also affected the impurity of milking clusters and bulk tank milk. Modern dairy farms can look at other things also besides microbial contamination of the milking machine when looking at the levels of hygiene.

How is Machine Milking linked with  Mastitis?

Another important factor which needs to be kept in mind is the health of cows and how it affects the milk. Many people believe that milking machine can put the health of cows in danger and can pose a threat to cows having Mastitis. Mastitis in cow leads to the cow having various issues like lactoferrin, potassium and protein and casein in milk. Mastitis occurs due to careless milking and incorrect use of equipment. Therefore dairy farmers should educate everyone who does the milking process about proper use of machines.

Another thing which needs to be kept in mind is avoiding over milking.

Use the best milking equipment

It is very important to work with the best milking equipment to have the best end results.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Setting Up A Milking Parlour

Good health helps to keep the spirit, mind, and body in a state of harmony. You will look good, feel better and live a better life by having a healthy lifestyle which is not at all a difficult task. Dairy products are also one of the keys of a healthy lifestyle. The danger of developing diseases can be reduced by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Dairy products basically comprise of milk, yogurt, and cheese. These products are very healthy and full of nutrients. Apart from calcium and protein, they provide us phosphorous, potassium, vitamin A, B12, and magnesium.

Nowadays people are more conscious about fat content but you can very well use low-fat dairy items. There are many dairy product suppliers who supply low-fat products in the market. If you are planning to start a dairy farm there are many things that you should take into consideration. Dairy farms usually take a lot of money and capital to start up. Below are a few points that you should keep in mind while setting up a dairy farm -:

Research for species and breed – The most common dairy animals are cows, goats or water buffaloes and each one has many dairy breeds. Choose the breed and species you want depending upon the following aspects -:

  • Don’t choose that breed that can’t thrive in your climate
  • Check whether there is any local demand for that breed’s milk or not
  • Check how much money and time does it take to raise a calf to milk-producing age

Deciding a good source – Concentrated feed requires less labor but more money. Save on costs by supplementing the new farms with Management Intensive Rotational Grazing. Renting land is better than purchasing a new farm. Only you have to Wait until your farm is well-established and you no longer need the financial flexibility.

Creating a Breeding plan – Dairy bulls have a reputation for dangerous behavior. The safer option is paying bull’s service at a breeding time.

Study farming practices – If you don’t have dairy farm experience, then take some time to learn about breeding, manure management, calving, milking cows and crop management. Farming requires a great deal of time, work and knowledge, so walk into it with open eyes.

Capital investment – A farm requires a large one-time expenditure to get started. If you are buying an existing dairy farm, then it makes the task simpler and can save money if you’re willing to do some repairs yourself. Whether you are planning to buy or start it all yourself, then make sure you must have the following facilities -:

  • Milking parlor with stanchions
  • Feed and manure storage
  • Separate living space for calves
  • Equipment and equipment storage
  • Irrigation system for pasture
  • A sterile facility for storing milk, and for pasteurizing if required in your area

Finding a good source for animals – It’s important to inspect all dairy animals before buying, including several milk tests. The animal should be healthy and vaccinated against the diseases.

Buy the high-quality dairy equipment and milking machine and other required things from NK Dairy, so that your business can work for life long without any hindrance.

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Milking Cows Manually Is An Old Culture Now Milking Machine Holds The Culture

In previous years, farmers milking the cows manually which took more time as compared to today’s system. That was a too difficult task because it was not easy to milking every single cow by hands. In the modern era, dairy farmers use robotic or automatic milking machine which gives them instant results.

These machines are too effective because you can simple milk the various cows at one without any pressure and without human labor. The automatic milking system is known as a robotic system which is useful for the milking process. In addition, these systems are useful to reduce manual labor because of these works automatically. This is the technique which is useful to save your time because you can simply be involved in any other work at the same time because these machines do not need any human force.

What is the working of automatic or robotic milking machine?

These automatic machines are worked with the help of detectors in which the machines attach the cups to the cow’s teats. Make sure all the cups are properly attached to the teats, if a cup is detached then, it will give you a warning and you should correct them immediately. After then this robotic machine strat its working.

These machines are useful because these give you effective functionality and also checks the shade and quality of the milk. In addition, if this machine finds anything wrong then it will immediately detect it and warned you to check the condition.

Advantages of robotic machines for milking process

These robotic machines offer you many benefits such as these are useful to improve the quality of life because of reduced manual labor demand.

Secondly, this will offer you the benefit of other subtasks, for example, detecting the errors in the containers as well, and milk quality. These systems are useful to increase the frequency of milk because it is useful to reduce the interaction of a dairy animal and human. Some times some of the dairy animals are afraid of human that’s why they do not give proper milk.

These milking machines also improve your work quality as well because these require very less time to milking as compared to previous days. Moreover, you can simply engage yourself in some other works, which will additionally save your time and extra efforts. Every dairy farmer appreciates this milking machines due to its functionality and working.