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Dairy farming: Do you want to start a Milk Processing Unit business?

India is the world’s largest producer and buyer of milk, while there are several greater countries in the world, and India tends to lead the world’s milk markets. 

According to the National Milk Quality survey by FSSAI, it is one of the items that India should be proud of. And this survey also revealed that almost 50% of the milk samples checked as per rules of FSSAI to know the quality of the milk. And they find some problems, or low-quality milk, which is a worrying condition.

As we all know, almost more than half of the Indian population consume milk, because it contains several nutrients along with protein. But they do not know anything about the quality of the milk. So, it is the responsibility of the dairy farmer to produce quality milk to serve the nation well. 

If you are planning to start a dairy business, then you need to buy the dairy plant machines from the best dairy equipment manufacturers, so that they can produce quality milk products. And keep these things in mind before setup a fairly processing unit.

Low Yield due to Poor Nutrition for Cattle

It is one of the biggest challenges for dairy farmers. If you want to produce high-quality dairy products, then, you need to take care of your cattle and nutrition as well. You must understand that the need for every cattle varies according to body weight. So you have to offer them a correct balance of necessary nutrients, dry fodder, and green fodder. Because of poor nutrition, your cattle are unable to produce healthy and quality milk. So, this is the first factor in which you have to think deeply.

Proper treatment for diseases.

This is another factor that you need to keep in mind, if you are planning to establish a dairy business. If your animals are in good health, only then they can produce high-quality milk. If you notice any type of problem, then you need to call a veterinary doctor as soon as possible, because only he can treat them. You need to call a veterinary doctor time-to-time for better production. 

Clean Milk Production

To produce quality milk and other dairy products, you have to check your milk processing units daily. If these are not cleaned properly, then you do not delay the cleaning process. You immediately start cleaning, in fact you have to clean the milk processing unit twice a day before and after using it. Only then you will be able to produce healthy, hygiene, and quality milk products. 

Storage systems

Along with dairy plants, you also need to buy storage units to store dairy products. You also need to buy delivery vans with chilled areas, so that you can deliver the quality products which offer you great health. Storage systems are also useful to store extra milk products so that you can use them the next day to produce other dairy products. 

Milk Processing

How is Milk Pasteurizers helpful in keeping Milk Fresh?

Dairy business is growing with the help of advanced dairy machines and technologies. If you are planning to start this business, then you need to read this article at the end, because we are going to tell you each and everything about the milking process. We also tell you how pasteurization works to keep milk fresh.

Milk is one of the most drinking liquids across. And we have a lot of milk to make sure we don’t face a shortage, no matter that we live in a world of many people suffering from hunger. With the help of modern and advanced agricultural machinery, food is provided in abundance for the citizens of the country. All these approaches are helpful to make quality milk and other milk products too, as these are valuable to improve the health of consumers. All the dairy machines are worked properly to make healthy products, well, not only healthy, you will find flavored products these days. So that you can enjoy consuming them well.

Dairy plants include several machines but in this article, we are going to talk about pasteurization of milk. Let’s understand how pasteurization is valuable to keep milk fresh all the time.

What is Pasteurization?

Milk Pasteurization is a process of heating raw milk at the high flame in order to kill all harmful microorganisms including-:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Other pathogens.

Originally developed by Louis Pasteur in 1864 to avoid the spoiling of wines, this process is commonly used around the world to increase the consistency of food products. Additionally, pasteurization is completely a natural and well-tested method, which is useful to turn raw milk into pasteurized milk so that people can simply enjoy it.

Purposes of Using a Milk Pasteurizer

Two main roles of a pasteurizer for milk include-:

  • It kills any bacteria or other microorganisms that cause illness to ensure the health of the consumer’s milk.
  • Pasteurization of milk is also useful to improve the consistency of milk by removing micro-organisms and toxic enzymes from raw milk. This is beneficial for the consistency and shelf life of the milk. It means that the customer gets fresh milk or other dairy products.

Ways to pasteurize milk

  • Milk pasteurization kills all pathogenic bacteria that cause milk souring. This process usually focuses on keeping milk fresh all the time also, raises the shelf-life of milk, and strengthens environmental health.
  • Pasteurization destroys all big dangerous bacteria and microorganisms such as-:
  1. Salmonella
  2. Yersinia
  3. Staphylococcus
  4. Listeria
  5. Campylobacter
  6. E. Coli
  7. Brucella

This process is useful to avoid infections such as scarlet fever and diphtheria, and also strengthens the immune systems. If you are running a dairy business, then you need to understand the importance of this process.

Milk Processing

How milk processing machines help in reducing labor charge and improve efficiency?

Dairy business is becoming more popular these days, because of the rise in demand for dairy products. If you are planning to start a new dairy business, then you need to go with quality milk processing units. These are useful to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. And you will be able to improve the quality of milk and other products.

Dairy farming is growing too much these days as it has several new technologies as well as expert dairy farmers. These days all the dairy farmers perform all the dairy farm works with the help of the best techniques and milk processing plants for quality milk products. You will find several milk machines and equipments, which help farmers to increase milk production. If you are also planning to start a new dairy business, then you need to go with new and advanced dairy equipments to get more profit.

You will find several new techniques to improve the quality of milk and other dairy products including-:

  • Milk pasteurizers
  • Milk blending
  • Homogenizers
  • Milk receiving tanks
  • Milk separators
  • Milk fillers
  • Dairy products packaging machine.

With the help of these milk processing equipments, you will be able to reduce the need for human labor. These techniques do not require any type of human labor for milk processing or making dairy products.

Milk processing equipment

Milk Homogenizer is the most popular dairy equipment that is used in dairy farming. Homogenizers are useful for the homogenization of a range of material including food, plant, tissue, and soil. This equipment is beneficial to improve the quality of the milk and other products that are made from milk. After this, separation is done to separate the milk and cream, and separated cream is then used to make ghee and butter.

Pasteurization is performed to kill harmful bacteria from the milk to increase efficiency. This is one of the best milk processing equipments, which will give you quality products.

Reduce the labor charges

As we stated above, a milk processing plant is helpful to reduce the labor cost, because it does not need humans to perform dairy works. These are also called robotic machines and automatic milking units. In this way, you will be able to save more money by reducing the need for human labor.

Increase efficiency

All the milk processing equipment is worked automatically and these are valuable to increase the frequency of milking. With these machines, dairy farmers get a lot of free time to perform other dairy farm works such as the management of animals. Using robotic machines is helpful to increase efficiency and improve the quality of milk. You can simply make any type of dairy product with these machines.

Milk Processing

Basics of milk Processing

Milk processing is one of the important parts of the dairy business. There are different methods included in this part which help to get the best quality milk. Additionally, the use of the latest techniques and methods in milk processing makes everything better. This guide will give you a better understanding of the milk processing basics.


Milk is the nutritious beverage consumed by individuals of different age groups all over the world. Before the milk is delivered for the final consumption, it is processed. Milk processing is one of the major parts of the dairy sector. During processing, the fat content is adjusted, essential vitamins are added, and harmful bacteria are killed.

With time, the milk processing machine has become effective which increases milk production. Given below are different processes which will be carried out in the milk processing plant:

Production process

Milk production is an integral part of the dairy business. Milk is collected from the dairy farmers and then transported for the production process. When everything is done the milk and other dairy products are collected to send to the end-consumer.

Milk treatment sections

Once the milk is collected, it is transported by tanks to different processing plants. Milk is pumped from the large tanks to the treatment units to test the milk. After testing the milk, it is cooled and then further steps are done to store it correctly.


The sterilization process is necessary to remove the bacteria from the milk which is not safe for consumption.


With the pasteurization process, the milk is treated at a higher temperature and then brought back to normal temperature. The process effectively reduces the microbial presence. But, without compromising the essential qualities of the milk.

Standardization & Cream separation method

The fat content depends on the type of cow, cow feeding, and many other processes. To keep up with the milk consistency the pasteurization or sterilization is essential.

The cream separation method separates the cream from the milk and skimmed milk by using the cream separator.

Mixing process

Milk nutritious value is improved with vitamins, calcium, and other ingredients. In the mixing process, everything is mixed and blended in various mixing units.

Homogenization method

The process of homogenization is done through homogenizers. This method checks the cream and separates it from the milk where milk needs to be stored.

Milk filling and packaging method

Once all the steps are done the milk is sent for the filling and packaging. Milk and dairy products can be packed in different packaging like pouches, glass, cartons, and PET bottles. With the right type of packaging the shelf-life and need & demand of the dairy product increase.

If you want to learn more about the processes and what type of machinery is best then talk to our dairy exports.

Milk Processing

Importance of Milk Processing in Dairy Farms

Dairy farming is becoming more and more popular not only in India but across the world. So, if you are planning to establish a dairy farm business, then you have to learn certain things about this business. You will get the proper information on the given topic about dairy farming and milk processing.

Milk is the most important beverage which obtains from different animals across the world. Almost everyone consumes it in the world because it contains so many healthy nutrients. Additionally, there are different types of milk available in the market which depends on the milk fat quantity.

There are several animals which produce milk such as-:

  • Cow
  • Goats
  • Reindeer
  • Buffalo

Most cows are milked twice a day while different animals milk 3 or 4 times a day. In addition, many dairy farms now use a milk processing machine that must maintain the quality of management and the business too.

So, if you are planning to establish a new dairy business, then you have to go with a quality milk processing plant, which will give you quality milk.

It is necessary to examine that the milk meets the temperature, odor, total acidity, taste, tanker cleanliness, and antibiotic deficiency requirements when it arrives at milk processing facilities. This raw milk is also tested for butterfat and solids-not-fat content.

The amount of solids-not-fat and butterfat in the milk will differ and depends on the several factors such as-:

  • The time of year
  • The quality of feed
  • The type of cow.

Solids-not-fat material, butterfat, and number are used to figure out how much money the dairy farmer has paid.

The main aim of the milk processing unit is to process the milk. All the raw is processed by a milk processing unit within 72 hours of obtaining. No doubt, milk is a very nutritious drink, but it also contains a range of bacteria. If you do not store it properly, bacteria will surely spoil it.

Working of the milk processing unit

There are several steps of working of milk processing unit such as-:

  • Pasteurization
  • Homogenization
  • Packaging and delivery

These are explained below-:


In this process, the milk is heated at a very high temperature to kill the harmful bacteria from the milk, so that it cannot spoil the milk.


Homogenization is the next step, in which fat content is removed from the milk. This is a too necessary step, which is additionally known as separation.


Then packaging is done by machines according to the types of milk. After packaging the milk packets are loaded to the container for the delivery purpose to other places.

So, these are the steps of working of the milk processing units, which dairy farmers need to be understood before starting a business.

Milk Processing

Reducing Labor Cost with Advanced Milk Processing Equipment

Milk production varies from country to country. Well, in that case, it is important to choose the best and modern milk processing equipment. The labor cost is an important factor in this case. In this guide, we are going to tell you how the use of advanced milk processing equipment will reduce the labor cost.

The milk and dairy products are in high demand among the Indians. A few years back, everything was done with the help of labor. But, there was the issue of increased labor cost. This was making it difficult for the dairy business owners to manage the productivity level.

To fulfill the need of the increasing demand the dairy farmers are using the latest and innovative technology. No doubt, the government has also executed additional services to address the problem of the production and output of farmers.

With time, modern dairy machinery and equipment have become an important part of the dairy farm. The milk processing machine is designed in such a way to fulfill the needs of the customers. Currently, their use is seen more in huge and advanced dairy farms as they are producing milk and milk products in large amounts.

With the installation of the advanced dairy equipment in the milk processing plant, a large volume of milk and other products can be handled easily. The manual milking is possible for the small dairy farms as the production scale is small which can be handled by the farmers easily.

On the other hand, the large scale milk production process is handled with the latest and updated milk processing machinery. With their installation, the dairy farm will save you a lot of money and this is the reason every farmer wishes to get them.

Added benefits of using Milk Processing Equipment

  • Once you set the time and start the machine, everything will be done on their own. This will help to save labor costs because these machines can be operated by a few labor.
  • Well, this is interlinked with the above point. With the reduction in labor cost, the need for farm workers also gets less as the machines are operated with automatic functioning.
  • With the latest and modern technology, milk production has increased. It is seen that as compared to hand milking these machines work 3 to 4 times faster.
  • During the lactation process, the stress is reduced which means the milking routine is better and effective.
  • The machines have the latest and updated features which help to ensure the milk quality is best and safe for consumption. In turn, this will help to increase the shelf-life of milk and other milk products.

If you are planning to buy the machine then talk to the best manufacturer to get the premium quality product for your dairy farm.


Milk Processing

How are Milk Processing Equipments helpful in dairy farming?

The working of the dairy business is evolving with the advent of modern technology and machinery. The dairy sector is gaining a lot of profits as the demand for milk and other milk products are the highest in India. In this guide, we will tell you milk processing equipment is helpful in dairy farming.

The latest dairy technology and machinery are an important part of milk processing. The milk plant is an essential part of socio-economic development. The dairy business owner’s main aim is to produce nutritious dairy food in the milk processing plants.

With modern and up-to-date technology, the products are made of the best quality and they are fit for consumer use. In the dairy farm. There are different milk processing equipment which needs to be installed in the dairy farm to increase the milk production and get other benefits.

Different types of milk processing are important in the dairy farm. The working and process of each machine are done in different forms. For the dairy owner, it is very essential to choose the best manufacturer to get a smooth and effective working mechanism. Given below are some of the major components in the dairy farm:


  • Separators machine


Separators contain the sterilizers which help the manufacturers to separate the milk. By separating the milk both skimmed milk and cream are produced.


  • Pasteurization milk plant


Milk contains some harmful bacteria which are killed with pasteurization. In this method, the milk is heated at a constant temperature to kill the harmful bacteria. This machine type has become an important part of milk processing as it helps in keeping up with the milk quality.


  • Milk tank


Daily, the milk needs to be collected and there are other dairy needs for which milk tank is helpful. To transport milk from one part to another milk tankers are an important part. The milk tank should have the freezers along with the latest and strong devices.


  • Homogenizers


These machines help stabilize the fat emulsion and stop it from separating after the milk processing is done. The use of these machines keep the milk-white and helps to keep the flavor right.


  • Filling machines


Filling machines play an essential role in packaging which includes the bottle inspection machines, bulk cream filling machines, bottle lifter conveyors, and margarine tub filling machines.


  • Milk machinery for storage


Milk which gets to the plant needs to be stored for a longer time so that it can get to the next procedure in the right way. The milk needs to be stored in an airtight container and it should be free from microbes & micro-organisms.

So, it is clear a lot goes to keep the milk quality safe in dairy farming. If you have any doubt talk to the professionals.

Milk Processing

Difference between pasteurized Milk and Homogenized Milk

When we hear about milk you might have heard the terms like pasteurization and homogenized. Both processes are important but different. No doubt, milk is consumed in the most amount in India. In this topic, we are going to tell you about how pasteurized and homogenized milk is different.

The dairy market has gained a lot of popularity and there are many dairy alternatives available. Well, there are 2 main terms which might you might have come across like pasteurization and homogenization. Both processes are a very important part of the dairy business. Getting to know how the food we eat gets on the table will be quite interesting.

Understanding the difference


To make the milk safer milk pasteurization machine is very useful. Well, the main purpose of this method is focused on taste and consistency. The best part is that it won’t affect the nutritional value in any way. The dairy machinery will heat the milk to destroy the harmful bacteria and this helps in increasing the shelf life.

  • The milk is heated at 161.6° F for a few seconds and known as HTST (High-temperature Short-Time). The type of pasteurization will manipulate milk for a different purpose. This milk type is labeled as “pasteurized”
  • The milk in small dairies or homes will undergo low-temperature of 145° F for half n hour as the milk needs to be consumed quickly.
  • Another technique is UHT (Ultra-Heat Treatment) in which milk is heated to 280° F for a few seconds only. With this, the shelf-life can be extended to 6 to 9 months. This milk type is labeled as “ultra-pasteurized.”


  • This process is different from pasteurization. This type of milk is treated mechanically to ensure it has a smooth and even consistency. Its main purpose is to break the fat molecules so that they do not get separated. When the milk is not homogenized the on the top of the fat molecules will come and a cream layer is formed.
  • With homogenization, the heating and cooling will make the milk go through tiny holes that break the fat molecules and this way it gets suspended into the rest of the liquid.
  • The dairy farm owners can create uniform products from a different herd of cows and this way the milk is filtered easily and also shelf-life is increased.
  • In this process, there is no use of additives or any type of chemical treatment is not done.

This method is very helpful in filtering the fat and create skin milk in one or two percent. By skimming the cream from the top differently fat content can be achieved and this makes the homogenization process better.

In case you are planning to open your dairy farm then you should keep these processes in mind to give a quality product to end-users.

Milk Processing

Better Quality Of Dairy Products Needs Better Dairy Technology

In the past few years, you may see several changes in dairy technology. These days all the dairy products are made with the help of advanced techniques and machines as well. These machines are useful to make quality dairy products, that will offer you a healthy lifestyle.

If you are running a dairy business, you may see so many advancements in dairy technology, which is useful to make quality products without much stress. All the dairy works are done with the help of advanced dairy machinery. And milk processing plant is one of the most well-known and crucial techniques, which performs several tasks within minutes and results in better quality dairy products.

In the past years, people do not like dairy products too much, but these days everyone loves dairy products due to better quality and flavor as well. Well, the majority of dairy products are available in different types of flavors, so that everyone can consume them easily include children. In this article, we are going to talk about greek yogurt and milk too.

Let’s talk about milk first.

Milking process

As we said earlier, the milking process is doe with the help of machines, such as milking machines, pasteurization, and separators. These are helpful to produce quality milk so that everyone can consume it without any problem. These days, milk is also available in different flavors such as almond, elaichi, strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, and pista. These flavors are loved by almost every one of each age group, not only children. So, flavored milk is processed with the help of machines, and if you are planning to establish a dairy business, you need to understand this as well as the market value flavored milk. Only then you will be able to grow your dairy business.

Greek yogurt

production of yogurt is completely different than milk. In the past years, yogurts are made manually such as first people boil the milk and then separate cream from it. After that adding buttermilk or previous curd in it, let it sit overnight. And the next morning, they find yogurt. These days all the processes are done with the help of curd making machine. This machine does not take too much time to produce yogurt, and you do not have to wait for a long time to produce yogurt. These machines are useful to produce flavored yogurt as well. Similarly like milk, people love to eat flavored yogurt, because plain yogurt has no taste.

So, these are the advancements of dairy farming, that are beneficial to produce healthy and better quality products as compared to past years. So, you have to buy the quality machines, if you are planning to establish a dairy farm or business.

Milk Processing

What are milk alternatives? Are they even worth?

Milk is the best food to drink and there is no such alternative to milk, which will give you the benefits similarly to milk. These days, dairy farming is growing day-by-day, because all the dairy tasks are done with the help of machines. So, if you are thinking to start a new business of dairy farming, then you have to understand some factors.

Milk is one of the best foods to drink, which is drunk by almost everyone in each age group. In the past years, children do not love to drink as much milk, but these days they love it very much due to new flavors of milk. This is only done with the help of advancement in technology, for instance, milk processing machine is useful to produce quality milk. Milk machine is not useful to produce quality milk but also offers you hygiene products, so that you can lead a healthy life.

You may not know that dairy farming is growing day-by-day and offer you several dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, butter, and so on. These products are in demand these days similarly as milk, but you may not be aware of it that there are several milk alternatives.

Here are some milk alternatives.

Soy Milk

This is the best and popular alternative to milk, this soy milk is made from soybeans, which is available in several flavors such as-:

  • Sweetened
  • Unsweetened
  • Flavored varieties include chocolate and vanilla.

This Soy milk is good for health because it contains so many nutrients as compared to milk, such as calcium, vitamins A and D and protein as well. So, you can also go with it if you are a heart patient and wish to get rid of your heart problems.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is made of ground almonds and water additionally, offer you creamy texture completely similar to dairy milk. Moreover, this almond milk is rich in vitamin E. You can also go with fortified almond milk because it contains too many minerals and vitamins.

Rice Milk

No one may know about rice milk, because this made of boiled rice, brown rice starch, and syrup too. In addition to this, this rice milk is the best alternative to cow’s milk because it is gluten and nut free. This is beneficial for those who have milk, nuts, and gluten allergy.

Coconut Milk

This is also beneficial for those with certain types of food allergies. As the name depicts, this coconut milk is made of coconut and contains too much potassium, which are necessary nutrients to drink for a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, you can also go with flax and hemp milk, if you do not love to consume dairy milk. These types of milk are available in certain flavors, you can choose according to your taste.