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Festive season is the best time to get hold of khoya making (mawa business)

Diwali is just around the corner!

One of the most loved and my favorite festivals. The upbeat and sparkling atmosphere it creates gets even better when we have our favorite sweets. It might be possible you are traveling to your home to celebrate it with your family or planning a trip with your family. No matter what you choose, you should be in high spirits to keep that festive cheer. Now! Talking about the dairy business owner, it is the best time for them to uplight their business. It is because of the main part of making sweets: Khoya production. What’s better than having a khoya-making machine at your Milk Processing Plant and making those delectable sweets that are worth every bite. If you wish to set up your Ghee Plant, khoya making business, or any other dairy business then make sure that you get the best of dairy machinery and equipment from NK Dairy.

Superior-quality Khoya making (Mawa Making)

If we talk about khoya then it’s simply the reduced milk. The process of doing it takes a lot of skills so that it does not get wasted. For a well-known halwai, it is of utmost importance that they use the super quality khoya to make those delectable Indian sweets that are the star of the Diwali season. Khoya is made for cow or water buffalo milk. The production of khoya in India is around 6 lakh tonnes.

Taking measures to stop the khoya adulteration

One of the problems is that increasing khoya demand leads to adulteration in the entire process. This is where FDA (Food And Drug Administration) started taking certain measures which ensure the best-quality khoya is prepared and free from any sort of impurities. It’s the process and the use of advanced machinery which increases the khoya shelf-life and its taste. To stop this practice of adulteration, FDA is taking the best of measures to have better control over the entire situation. Doing so will make sure the customer and the khoya-making business are not at any loss & the final product made is without any adulteration.

How to check whether khoya is adulterated or not?

You know you must check whether khoya is adulterated or not. Here’s how you can do that:

  • One of the studies has shown that when you boil khoya in water and let it cool down. After that, you should add a drop of iodine to it. If it gives a bluish tinge then it has starch in it.

  • Another way is to take a pinch of khoya and mash it with your fingers. When you taste it, if it is sweet then it has some sort of artificial sweetener in it.

Changing the dairy business for better results

The Nk Dairy team is of the view that the dairy business owner should get the best quality machinery and equipment to boost their business productivity which leads to better outcomes. If you are planning to start your dairy business be it khoya making, curd making, ghee making, or any other dairy product, we have the best machinery for you.

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Why do we need to promote the Indian dairy industry and support make in India?


Do you know what are the ongoing negotiations under the RCEP? Well! Their basic aim is to reduce or rationalize the import duty structure in India. With this, it will open the door for New Zealand and Australian markets to enter India and give their cheap dairy products. However, its impact on the Indian dairy farmers will not be favorable in any sense. No doubt, the ‘Make In India’ is all about promoting the gem in our country and giving a chance to come to the top.

Urging to reduce the import duties

The developed participants like Australia and New Zealand are requesting India to reduce their import duties. At the 8th RCEP meeting held in Beijing the main focus was given on 2 aspects:

  • New Zealand wants to have more hold of the market with its dairy products, wine, apples, and kiwi into India.
  • India is demanding the increased access of professionals into New Zealand and with this easing the barrier which has been imposed.

As per the Indian dairy industry, ‘Import reduction requests by the nations will have a negative impact on the Indian dairy sector. With this change it will impact the 100 million dairy farmers and that risk is not what we want to take.’

Indian farming business has seen a lot of ups and downs

Back in the 1950s, Indian milk demand was dependent on imports. In the 1970s, the wave of success for the Indian dairy farming business changed and we came across many great brands like Amul, Milma, Verka, and much more. Gradually, these became household names and a lot has changed since then.

Indian dairy sector is the largest

Indian overtook the US and became the largest milk producer in the world in 1998. In 2019, milk production was noted at 176 million metric tonnes. It is safe to say that it is one of the largest agricultural commodities in the world and 20% of it is referred to as global milk production.

One of the studies has shown that by 2033 it is expected to double and in terms of global production, it will be around 30%. Indian dairy sector is also the source of employment for both men and women. Around 70% are women and 69% are a part of the socio-economic deprived communities.

There is no doubt that India is self-sufficient in terms of its milk surplus trade balance. It is also clear that the demand is only going to increase with time, which opens up the door of opportunities in the future.

Industry estimates

Indian dairy market industry is estimated to be around 0.5 million metrics for the skimmed milk powder, cheese, and butter. If New Zealand dairy products step into the market these stats will reach 0.133 million metrics. You can say that 1/3rd of the dairy market will be taken by them.

So, it is important that the Indian dairy policy should revolve around Indian dairy products and not let any other country rule our dairy farming sector.

dairy products

How demand for chemical-free dairy products will boost business productivity?

Dairy processing equipment market

One of the studies has shown that the demand for the dairy processing equipment market is going to increase manifolds by 2027. The increased demand for the Dairy equipment market in India is primarily to process the dairy products like butter, milk, cream, and cheese. This is true that consumer preference has evolved a lot with time and this is the reason the market is growing at a huge pace.

Is COVID-19 going to affect the business?

This is true that COVID-19 has brought the world a standstill. It is a health crisis but eventually, everything will come back to normal. Currently, the business might get affected but we need to fight against it and help everyone around us.

High consumption of milk products

The market growth is majorly dependent on milk consumption and other dairy products. The dairy processing equipment market growth is increasing and this is the reason the business owners need to give their best.

The dairy industry is booming and within the coming years, it is going to increase even more. Moreover, consumers prefer to have organic products which are known for providing various health benefits. The forecast has predicted that people will get more inclined to the ultra-filtered toned milk. The people demand milk products which are:

  • Low-fat
  • Low sugar
  • Cholesterol-free

The production of these products is going to expand the dairy market in India. In addition, the dairy business owners get the opportunity to provide the market what is in high demand.

Apart from the increasing demand, the latest and improved milk processing machines & equipment are making a lot of difference in the dairy business.

Heavy Consumption of Milk to Augment Growth in Asia

The growing population will result in a positive effect on the business. During the forecast period, the increased demand for milk and milk products will boost revenue. This means that the business needs to work according to the consumer changes so that they are benefited in every way possible.

In addition, COVID-19 has made everyone more conscious about their health and what they should do. It allows you to focus on those health-conscious consumers and gain increased profits.

Let’s understand the market estimates with different factors

Market Sizing Estimates and Forecasts – By Type (Value)

  • Pasteurizers
  • Membrane Filtration Equipment
  • Homogenizers
  • Separators
  • Evaporators & Drying Equipment
  • Others (Churning, etc.)

Market Sizing Estimates and Forecasts – By Application (Value)

  • Processed Milk
  • Protein Ingredient
  • Cream
  • Milk Powders
  • Cheese
  • Others (Yogurt, and many more)

Working according to the current situation and focusing on what the consumer needs will help your business to flourish in the long run. When you plan to set up your dairy plant, you must choose the best resources and all the dairy equipment needs to be of the latest technology.

Comprehensive market-study

Initially, it might be difficult to understand how you need to get started. This is why it is always suggested that you take help from the industry-leading experts who have helped various business owners to start their dairy farms. Their expertise will help you understand the market, what is best to do as per the data available. Like any other business owner, your focus is on generating profits and serving the customers with the best products, so make sure that you make the final decision carefully.

An inventive approach will ease the work

Different tasks need to be completed in the dairy plant and it becomes important that everything goes at the right place and there should be increased productivity. All thanks to the modern techniques and methods, the work is automated which lessens the burden on the dairy business owner and the staff working in the plant. When you opt for the latest methods and use the new & improved equipment, your business will identify the hidden opportunities and how they should get on the top. So, to stay ahead in this competitive world, you need to be different.

NK dairy has all the modern dairy equipment

If you are unsure of what equipment and machinery you need to buy for your dairy plant, then get in touch with our team and they will guide you properly on what you should get. Most importantly, our product quality is top-notch and we offer you fair prices in the market. Whether you want to start on a small scale or large scale, we will provide you with all the necessary options you want.

When you get the best, it makes the work go easier.

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What all you need to know about the milk and dairy product’s production costs?

The milk and dairy business is on the rise. In case, you are looking for ways to boost the business then you must set up the milk plant by focusing on all important things.

What are the services included in the dairy plant?

  • Cold production
  • Steam production
  • Power transformer station.

Wastewater treatment

  • Site development
  • Staff areas

These sections are going to be considered by the people who are in charge of the general services. The discharge operations of the auxiliary sections within the main sections are going to take place in the different sections like the one mentioned below:

  • Steam production centre

In many plants, the steam production centre is the single cost centre and there are larger plants in which the plants are divided into the poor-quality water and there are 2 sub-sections.

The workstation is going to have a dual responsibility. The steam is produced and it will be distributed in different stations. It is important to consider the total steam which will be produced.

  • Daily fuel consumption

The specific weight of the fuel and lowest calorific value (LCV) and combustion of 1kg fuel is needed. The specifications are going to be furnished by the supplier and then the dairy plant will be checked.

  • Water consumption

Daily, the water is produced by around 76,500 kg of steam. In the dairy sector, there is a certain amount of water that is recycled, and this way the water consumption is going to reduce. The following methods can be used to understand better the total amount of water which can be recycled like:

  • Measuring the water amount which is present in the condensing tray.
  • Theoretical calculations
  • Check the clock counter with the condensed water pump.

Condensate the recovery along with the water consumption should be reduced and then the condensation is going to be warmer as compared to the generator water intake.


  • Checking the heat balance

Heat balance is going to be checked depending on the theoretical amounts of steam. With every machine, the heat cycle is going to be different and it is going to include the following:

  • The total heat required to make the good heated and total water amount of bringing the pasteurization to the right temperature.
  • The cleaning solution needs to be maintained when the cleaning cycle is maintained in one position.


  • Power transformer

The transformer section is going to be indifferent work areas which helps in producing power. The power which comes through the public centre will not be a part of this. There is going to be installed power and the total number of running hours.

  • Maintenance station

The maintenance station is going to prove helpful in storing the material required for maintenance and necessary equipment. Choosing quality equipment makes sure that all the parts are working correctly.

If you are planning to run the dairy business then proper planning will make it easier to manage everything.