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Everything About Starting A Dairy Farm in India

In India, one business which is contentiously rising in the dairy farm business. This is because the demand for dairy products is increasing. But, it is also essential that you understand working on a dairy farm. In this topic, we will tell you everything about starting the dairy farm in India.

How safe is the dairy business?

If you are going to start a dairy farming business then it is essential that you know about the entire process in detail. Well, the dairy business is safe because of different reasons:

  • The top reason is that it does not result in environmental pollution which is caused by other industries.
  • The need for skilled labor is less.
  • The demand for the dairy product is continuously on the rise in India.
  • With dairy business, the need to stock the raw material is minimum.
  • If any problem comes when the entire dairy farm can be shifted to a new location and The requirement of energy is less.

What are the limitations and constraints?

  • In dairy farming business good planning is must but along with that hardworking and reliable manager is needed. This can create a problem as sometimes people are not fully aware of the process.
  • To get the required amount of milk various factors should be kept in mind.
  • In the feeding and heard health is not taken care properly then it will decrease the quality which will eventually affect the level of production.

How to start the dairy farm?

  • It is very essential that you find the reason to start the Dairy Plants. There should be the proper aim that how many animals you want to maintain and how much the production level should be increased.
  • To get a better understanding of the process you should visit the dairy farm which runs on a commercial basis. Their experience will tell you a lot about small things.
  • If you want to manage the farm on your own then you should start with a minimum period of six months.
  • Visit your nearest cattle market to observe the animals and know more about the animals.
  • Make sure you buy the best dairy machinery so that your production level is increased in the Milk Plant.
  • Read the magazines and website as it will give you all the latest information as well as all the new methods which are being used in dairy farm.

What other things should be kept in mind?

Apart from this, you should select the animal which you want in your farm cow or buffalo. It is your choice whether you want both of them. Additionally, check what all the legal requirements are there so that in future no problem arises.

Dairy Information Dairy Plants

What Factors Affect the Competitiveness in Dairy Sector

Dairy farming is a growing sector in India but still, it has some issues. First of all dairy farmers said the government does nothing for them and the rates of feeds and other products are so high. And there are some other facts available which affect the competitiveness in the dairy sector.

No doubt, the dairy sector is growing India these days, but if we look back then we realize the situations were too different than these days. In the past years, the government did not give proper support to farmers so that they can grow their dairy business. And they perform all the works with their hands, but nowadays almost every work in the dairy plant is done by dairy machinery. These include ghee plant, paneer plant, lassi making machine, and so on.

As we mentioned above these days all the dairy products are made with the help of machines. With the rise in dairy farming, competition is also increased. Because there are so many new dairy products are available in the market of various companies. These competitive factors affect small businesses more than large ones because they only make a few products with milk. But large companies make so many dairy products which are liked by people as well.

Factors that affect the competitiveness in the Dairy industry

In order to examine the dairy industry’s competitiveness, we looked at demand conditions and market structure because these both factors are main which affect the competitiveness in dairy farming.

Demand conditions

Well, in the past years, dairy products were not in demand but these days the demand for dairy products is increasing. Because people know how effective and healthy these products are. With the growing demand for dairy products, the dairy product making companies are also increasing. In addition to this, in the last years only a few companies make dairy products in India such as Verka and Amul, but these days some other are available in the market such as Nandini, Super, Kwality, and Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation.

This happens due to the high quality of dairy products which are made by machines and carefully packed so that people can store them for days. But still, the majority of people prefer unpacked dairy products such as milk, ghee, and paneer due to less costly.

Market structure

The market structure includes two types of marketing such as formal and informal. Formal include packaged food and high-quality products, whereas informal means local vendors deliver milk and some other products you directly. This happens because vendors reveal the truth behind this is the low cost of milk. And people in the rural areas are not able to bear the cost of expensive milk.

Dairy Information Dairy Plants

How to Select A Location to setup Dairy Plant

Dairy farming is a popular and growing field in India, which is useful to gain more profit. If you are really planning to open the dairy farm then you must consider some factors such as plant location and area as well. Here in this guide we will give you detailed information about the selection of location for dairy farm.

Dairy farming is growing day by day in India, but now every farmer has great knowledge about dairy machinery and milk plant. If you are planning to install your dairy plant then you just visit us once, we will guide you about each and everything related to dairy farming.

Well, in order to open the dairy farm you need to consider so many factors which are essential to open new dairy farm. The main thing you need to consider is the location where you actually want to open your dairy farm. If you are still in confusion then you just call us once so that we will help you to find the location for dairy farm.

Selection of Location

In order to select the location, you must consider the area where you want to open the dairy farm. You should go to the city, suburban, and rural area but make sure you should choose the pollution free area. You should also make a rough plan and estimation of your spending. Because dairy farm requires so much money and investment in order to make the building. You need more money to buy bricks, cement, and some other things which are necessary to make the building.

If you are planning to open the dairy farm in the city area you may need to get the permission of higher authorities because these days, dairy farming is not allowed in city locations and areas. And it costs you so much, so better idea is to go with the suburban area but make sure you check the water supply, resources which you need, and where you get raw materials easily.

Factors which you have to be considered while planning of dairy farm.

  • You must check the relative energy and raw material resources.
  • You should check the suppliers and distributors who will distribute you the raw materials and other goods.
  • The most important point you need to consider is the availability of labor and transportation facilities.
  • Check for availability of land for waste and disposal.
  • You should also check the soil condition so that you can load heavy resources and transportation.
  • In addition to this, you should also check the weather conditions whether they are in your favor or not.
  • You must follow the government laws in order to open the dairy farm.
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How Cleanliness In Dairy Farm Is Essential For Consistency

Cleaning is essential for each and every person or dairy farm. It is necessary to keep clean your dairy machinery in order to keep milk bacteria and viruses-free which spread infection. Millions of people do not know the importance of cleaning of dairy plants, he needs to understand if they want to gain more profit. Because no one wants to consume unhygienic milk and dairy products as well. Well, cleaning of milk plants is not only useful for you but also for cows, because it protects them from harmful health conditions.

How cleanliness in the dairy farm is essential for consistency?

  • Cleaning is too much important for dairy farms. You must clean the area where milking is performed because it will lead to a healthy environment for cows. In order to clean that place, you must wear gloves so that you also cannot get the infection.
  • You should also use the cleaning solution but it does not harm anyone. You can simply put the cleaning solution in a bucket and spread with the help of cups. You should also clean teacups with this cleaning solution and also clean all the storage units carefully because you have to store milk in these containers.
  • Cleaned utensils and containers still have bacteria, so you need to clean them again with water and dishwashing liquid.
  • You should only them strat milking when cleaning is done properly because it is useful to save cattle from infections. Do not bring animals to the milk plant cleaning. Because it will harm your animal and leads to less productivity of milk. Which is further linked to your profit as well.
  • In order to milk carefully clean the udders and only then fixed the teatcups for milking. You clean and bacteria free storage containers in order to store milk. And if you milk any type of blood in milk then gently use the cream to the teats, so that they can be treated carefully and easily.
  • It is most important to store milk in the cleaned container because it will protect you from any types of health conditions.
  • And after then you must transport milk to other places by cleaned tanks. It is also essential to clean the tanks on a daily basis. And also clean the refrigerators which are available in transport tanks.
Dairy Plants

Improving Sustainability with Innovative Dairy Farming

There is no doubt that India is a land of farmers. Along with this, a lot of developments have been made in the dairy industry which made India the largest milk producing nation. The annual milk production is around 155.5 MT and it is estimated that it is going to get double in the coming years.

No doubt, several efforts have been made it increase the productivity at low operating cost, better quality milk, and more profits. Here are some innovative farming dairy models which help in improving sustainability:

  • Dairy farm at Large Scale

The Dairy farm at large scale consists of feeding system, crossbred cows, milk processing machines, and best storage facility. In this, the private player handles the responsibility and all the maintenance of the dairy plant. In this, there might be a mutual contract with the farmers to keep the supply of fodder proper so that the cattle produce the milk of good quality. The milk can be sold as their own product or to other dairy farm owners. This model helps in increasing the productivity at large scale by increasing the farm operations and other control processes. 

  • Industry Supported farming model

Many farmers get financial support and technical guidance from private owners. This way, they can expand their business by increasing the cattle size and other dairy farm operations like building a proper infrastructure, feed management, and trying new breeding practices.

In case you are looking to set up your own ghee plant then make sure you buy the best machinery and equipment. You can get the best dairy machinery in our company.

  • Progressive Dairy Farm owners

The dairy farm which is of mid-sized and has around 500 cattle animals for the future. Basically, they focus on effective labor management, best veterinary service, and fodder. In this, the farm owner does not have to spend so much money to get quality milk.

But, the problem is that as the investment is limited, so giving a proper check to all the farm operations is not an easy task.

  • Community Dairy Farms

This model is actually based on a dairy farm which is set up in China. In this, the milch animals are taken from the neighborhood and then proper care is taken of them. In the farm infrastructure private player invest the most and the ownership is with individual milk producers. They are responsible for managing the cows and their shelter. This way, the small scale farmers get to take the experience of resources and technology.

Dairy Plants

What Happens at Milk Processing Plants

If we were asked that which part of our diet is the most common throughout the world, it would be most probably milk. We love ice-creams, cheese, butter, and cottage cheese. We relish milk and curd in their simple and flavored forms. Many dishes use milk, cream or butter for enhancing its taste. We can see that milk is an important part of our lives.

Hence the need for various milk pasteurizer plants. There has been a wave of automation in the milk processing services which has led to an increase in both the quality and the quantity of the milk production. It has also helped in minimizing the wastage and reduction of carbon footprint.

Milk processing-It is a series of methods which ensure that the milk is fit for consumption. After ensuring that, the milk is packed and sold to the customers. The whole cycle can be divided into various steps-

  1. Collection –The milk is collected and then checked for quality and purity
  2. Transfer –The milk is transferred to various plants which store the milk in huge tanks. Here the milk undergoes separation and clarification making it fit for consumption. The processes of separation and clarification make it bacteria free.
  3. Separation –It is a process which is used to separate full cream milk and toned milk.
  1. Fortification –It is the process in which there is the addition of fortified vitamins and minerals.
  1. Pasteurization – The milk is heated to a very high temperature and cooled immediately. This helps in eliminating bacteria.
  1. Homogenization – The fat content of the milk is removed by the process of homogenization.
  1. Packaging –The products are packed and made ready to be sold at customer markets. The milk is made available in different fat content forms. The milk can be availed from online and offline stores.

Milk processing plants are helpful in all the steps of milk processing. With the milk processing plants, the various steps of the milk processing cycle are simplified. It also makes the whole process hygienic and fast. The obvious outcome is the faster delivery of better quality milk. The development of Milk processing plants has led to the ease of monitoring the delivery of milk from the tankers and the final packing into packets and bottles. The milk processing process is being enhanced by various automation technologies. The plant is indeed a necessary aspect of the efficient extraction of milk and all the steps which the milk goes through until it gets delivered to the customers.

Dairy Plants

Rising and Promising Future in Indian Dairy Industry

India is registering a rise in many fields. One such field is the dairy industry. From being the lowest cow milk producing country to the fastest growing dairy market in the world, India has indeed carved a niche in the dairy world. The reason may lie in the fact that the market is a source of livelihood for the 600 million rural families. Hence the need for more dairy plants. NK Dairy provides you with the latest, state of the art dairy machinery. We also sell dairy equipment.

What do the figures say?

The dairy industry has become globalized. The international dairy markets have become demand driven rather than supply driven. This has led to an increased demand for Indian dairy products in the international market.As a result, the Indian dairy export scene is all rosy. If we go according to the current figures, the Indian market has recorded a boom after a slump of 4 years. With the figures rising up from $260 million in the last year to $ 404 million in Feb 2019, we can proudly feel an increment of 56 % in the current year. The reason may be the rise in the global price of skimmed milk powder. No wonder, it has worked in favor of the Indian dairy industry.

The International Scene

Higher income groups and increased awareness regarding nutrition has led to an increase in demand for quality dairy products. Many developing and developed countries have become markets for dairy products. There is an increase in demand for processed and packaged dairy products as well, especially in urban areas. The rise in demand has led to an increase in competition in the private sector. We can see and feel various international brands entering the dairy sector. This has led to an escalation in the level of quality.

The Price Trends

As expected, there has been a phenomenal rise in the prices of the global dairy products and the race is still on! The prices of butter, milk powder (whole) and cheese have raised a lot. The skimmed milk powder is expected to be 10 % costlier in terms of world market prices. The butter is expected to be 30 % dearer by the time we reach 2022.

The Lifestyle Changes Which Demand Milk Products

Dieting has become a way of life for many people. There are various kinds of diet fads going on in the world. Among them lies the Keto Diet. It is known to deliver fast and effective weight loss results. The diet is related to dairy products in a close way. It recommends the use of cheese and other products with fats. The people who are in a hurry to lose weight are one of the biggest dairy consumers, thanks to the Keto Diet wave. All said and done, the Indian dairy industry is all set to become a high grosser on a global level.