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Why is planning & outlining the principles of dairy plant design important?

As we all know, the predominant function of dairy plants is to process the milk and manufacturer variegated products from the milk. But it is quintessential to outline an efficient plan for a dairy plant. The planning of dairy principles majorly depends on the following indispensable factors:

Which dairy products are to be manufactured in a particular plant?

  • What is the actual capacity of the dairy plant?
  • What is the average supply of raw milk?
  • Is there an easier availability of the following:
  • Manpower
  • Transportation
  • Source of water
  • Disposal of effluent

Categories of processing plants

The dairy plants which carry out the function of the processing of milk are divided into the following mentioned categories:

  • Fluid milk processing plants

These plants are supposed to involve the following:

  • Pasteurization
  • Flavoured & Buttermilk
  • Dahi & Paneer
  • Composite product plant

Composite product plant are customarily involved in the processing of milk and they are supposed to manufacture variegated dairy products like the following:

  • Cheese
  • Milk powders
  • Butter
  • Frozen Products

Important Facets of dairy industry

The sundry aspects of dairy processing are transforming or modified at a high pace. With the introduction of new and advanced technologies, the dairy industry is getting revolutionised because of the subsequent:

  • With the invention of new techniques and machines, the dairy industry is approaching full automation.
  • It is an evident and obvious fact that machines are supposed to obtain more productivity as compared to manual labour.
  • The manufacturing of products that contain a significant value in the market.
  • The technologies which are being used are highly cost-efficient, energy-efficient & this helps to conserve energy.

Bonus points

Advantages of the effective planning along with the principles of dairy plant designing are as mentioned below:

  • Hygiene

We cannot ignore the indispensability of hygiene in dairy plants because hygiene is the preponderant aspect that determines the health factor of the milk.

  • Minimum losses

If an effective planning strategy will have been laid out, then it would help the dairy owners to cope up with even the minor loss. So efficient planning is required to escalate the levels of profit and build up the plans to minimise the losses if they are encountered owing to any situation.

  • Future Goals

The dairy industry is an evolving industry that keeps on ameliorating each day. So it becomes vital to keep in mind that there would arise a strong need in the future to get equipped with modern technological advancements. So the role of planning is aggravated at this point because it does not only assist you to cope up with the present condition, but it also helps you to be prepared for the future.

  • Allayed Production Cost

If we make use of the techniques which are not only advanced in nature but are built with the motive to generate quintessentially higher output, then the revenue generated will be much more than the cost incurred and the owner will experience higher profitable rates


Efficient utilization & movement, High energy saving, Ameliorated space utilization and ensured the safety of the employees working in the dairy plant are some of the other benefits of the dairy plants.

Dairy Plants

6 things that are imperative to understand before you set up the dairy farm

Being a dairy business owner you must get things started in the right manner. To set up your dairy plant you need to be extra careful about different things. If you are planning to open one, then read this topic to take the right steps. Here we will enlighten you with the top 8 tips which should be considered before you set up the dairy farm.

1st Tip: Make a business plan along with SWOT analysis
No matter what business you are running, it is important that it is being developed in the right manner. Make sure that the business plan is developed by considering all the details. Along with that do the SWOT analysis which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. All these factors are important to consider the success of the business. Consider the important questions like:
• From where the milk will be marketed
• Do you need to hire employees?
• How much money do you need once the dairy bills are paid?

2nd tip: Talk to the experts
No matter you have understood how you need to grow the business, it is better that you take advice from the experts. With their assistance, you will develop a plan which is going with proper management. This will give you insight into what necessary steps you need to take.

3rd tip: Getting a feeding and cropping program
For dairy cattle, there is a need for certain nutrients so that they support themselves and grow a calf. You should talk to the experts and then develop the rations to get everything done correctly.
If you are going to raise your feed then it needs time along with all the necessary equipment to get the work done.

4th tip Get the waste management plan
Daily, there will be a lot of manure that is going to be produced. This is often categorized as waste. It becomes important that it is managed effectively and in that way, it can be of a great source to the farm. For the farm, there is a need to get the manure management plan. But, make sure it is in regards to the nutrient management plan so that everything is managed effectively.

5th tip: Dairy farming is a biological system
The dairy farm is dependent on the cow’s ability and making sure they live a healthy life. This is the way the milk is produced is of the best quality and your dairy farm will be benefited to the maximum. When you get planned everything it will make your dairy business successful the way you have always wanted.

6th tip: One size does not fit all
For all the dairy farms, the need for the products is different. It means they have different requirements. Multiple systems are going to be profitable but you need to select the one which is worth your business. Consider all your needs and then you should get started.

Dairy Plants

Which factors should be considered before commencing a dairy business?

Nowadays, dairy owners are earning more money than any other business. So that has become the reason for the escalation of the dairy plants. Before starting a dairy plant, you need to know certain essential things which are quintessential to know before you have started a dairy business.

  • Strategy

To initiate any business, one needs to have a full-fledged business plan. So how can we let this aspect forego in the dairy businesses? You must have set your goals and decisions about what is your target to achieve the goals. Apart from that, you should also take into account the following quintessential features:

  • Which sum of investment you are ready to invest initially?
  • How many cows do you want to purchase?
  • Have you thought of hiring employees?
  • How much will you be offering to pay the potential employees?
  • Will your business be restricted with the selling of mil only, or you will consider the manufacturing of other milk products as well?
  • Do you have a property to carry out the business or you want to take the same on rent?
  • Expert knowledge

Consultation with expert faculty in this regard is of high importance. No matter, your father and grandfather have spent their whole lives in the fields and they have the required knowledge. But we cannot ignore the fact that dairy farming is an evolutionary field in which new equipment and techniques keep on coming daily. So it is quintessentially indispensable to consult with the dairy farming experts on how the cows should be fed? And various other likely factors.

The state and central government have taken up initiative in this regard by opening up the platforms where variegated dairy farmers will attend their farming classes which are customarily known as the field days.

  • Have you taken into account the feeding programme?

The feeding programme is of high significance in the dairy industries. Many farmers rely on feeding the cattle with mixed ration while others consider grazing as of high significance. But as a matter of fact, you should deliberate with an experienced nutritionist who will guide you in the right direction about how the cows should be fed in a way that they attain the maximum nutrition. Apart from that, the nutritionist always suggests nutrition based on what is the body requirement of the lactating cattle.

  • Waste management plan

Having opened a dairy farm will consequently lead you to deliberate waste management. The dairy cattle are acclaimed to produce a lot of manure daily. It is used as a fertilizer by many farmers in the fields. Besides, the cow-dungs can also be prepared from the waste. The point here is that the farmers do not want manure in so much quantity, so there is a need to look for an effective waste management plan.

Final Thoughts

Before opening up a dairy plant, you should research each aspect on a large scale. Because we cannot let the business face adverse results at the initial phase itself.

Dairy Plants

What all do you need to know about the milk boiler machine for the dairy plant?

Milk is considered one of the main ingredients of the Indian household. With time, the packaging of milk has changed a lot. You can get it in bottles and packets. But have you ever given the thought of how the milk is nutritious and delicious, even after multiple methods?

Well! All this is because of the Milk Boiler Machine as it is beneficial in different ways. If you are looking for one, then our professionals can give you different designs and configurations. Their usage in the food industry is beneficial in different ways. Moreover, the customers even get the option of the power source of milk boiling machine-like fuel-powered, electric powdered, and many more. At one time, you can boil the milk in high quantities for a definite amount of time. Whether you need a milk pasteurizer machine or any other dairy equipment, the professionals will help you get the premium quality machine.

Milk Boiler Machine

It is also known by the name of milk warmer, milk pasteurization machine, or milk boiler machine. Pasteurization is an important method to increase the milk shelf life and it helps you to get products that are of better quality. Whether you have paneer, cheese, cream, or any other dairy product it is all because the dairy business owner uses the best machinery and equipment.

Our team has years of experience in serving the customers with the best design and they create the improved design which offers the best results. With the improved technology, it has been possible to create the milk boiler which helps in saving energy and time. One of the best features of a machine is it’s easy to clean feature. In all, it will help you save a lot of time. The vessel is insulated which helps in saving energy, preserving milk quality, and prevents burning. There is a slow speed agitator that ensures heat transfer is uniform and mixing is done with ease. The professionals use quality grade stainless steel 304 to manufacture the milk boiler. This option is difficult to break, resistant to rust, and its sturdiness makes it the best.

Availability in different sizes

You can get the milk boiler is different sizes like:

  • 100 liters
  • 200 liters
  • 500 liters
  • 1000 liters

Depending on what the customer needs, it can be manufactured. When you hire professionals, you can rest assured that you have got the best type of product.

What are the special features of milk boilers?

  • Hygienic process

With this option, the milk is processed most hygienically.

  • Quality process

Automatic control is done which helps the milk to be processed in the best manner and ensures the quality is best.

  • Uniform heating

The feature of uniform heating allows continuous agitation that allows the quality to be even in every manner.

  • Uniform color

The gentle agitation allows the flavor & color distribution to be even.

If large volumes need to be processed then its use is beneficial in several ways. Reach out to NKDairy to get the premium quality product at an affordable price.

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Why is pasteurization so important for the money and health market?

After the early 80s, processed milk has acquired its position in the market. Manufacturing of food products made up of milk are in high demand for which processed milk becomes a key ingredient like:

  • Cheese
  • Curd
  • Butter
  • Cream

For the making of dairy products and processing of milk, dairy equipment has become a necessity. The rise of dairy product demand has given a substantial rise to the jobs relating to dairy industries like hiring of employees who could operate the machinery in a paneer plant. It has created a labor force demand in the market. As the advent of machines is taking place related to processing and making, the cost of production is reducing.

What is the role of pasteurizing division?
The pasteurizing division equipment include the following:

  • Pasteurizers
  • Homogenizers
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Separators, Evaporators & Dryers
  • Membrane filtration equipment

Since 2017 the market is ruled by the pasteurizing division. As the pasteurizing industry is growing, various appliances used in the process of pasteurization are climbing in high demand. It is deemed to be a very indispensable process that kills all the impurities and microorganisms which may bring many food-borne diseases. Pasteurization has been playing an important role in the market because it helps to alleviate the service life (shelf life) of food products. The process of pasteurization helps the shopkeepers to retain the milk for a long time so that the whole of the milk is sold without incurring any kind of losses.

 Into how many parts , the operation segment of pasteurization is divided?

There are two kinds of operating segments:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

 Ultra Pasteurization process

In ultra-high pasteurization, there is an incorporation process of heating either milk or cream to almost 138 degrees to 150 degrees for merely one to two seconds. If the product on which the ultra-high pasteurization process is performed is kept in sterile and properly sealed containers or packets, they are fit for consumption for months. Sometimes because of less rigid packaging, there is a need to refrigerate it. After refrigeration, its shelf life is increased to 3 to 4 months.

There is also a pasteurization process known by the name of radiation pasteurization. In this process food items are exposed to beta or gamma rays that involve mild heat treatment and their storage time is considerably alleviated.

Bottom Line

Pasteurization is very important for the destruction of pathogens (micro organisms). If the microorganisms are not destroyed and are drunk as it is, they can lead us to the cage of many diseases that could weaken our immune system and may cause some serious allergies and infections. Moreover, pasteurization is quite essential to prevent the staling effect on the milk. In this century where everything is done to gain money, it becomes too difficult when the cost of production does not equalize with the revenue. To avoid that, there was an advent of the process which has now achieved considerable heights in the money and health market.

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What are the topmost advantages of skimmed milk for your well-being?

What is skimmed milk?

Skimmed milk is fat-free as the fat content is only 5%. In the milk plant, it is virtually impossible to get rid of fat completely so some of it is present in skimmed milk. Let’s have an understanding of the fat content:

  • Whole milk contains 3.5% fat.
  • Skimmed milk contains 0-0.5% fat (it’s mostly around 0.1%).
  • Low-fat milk contains 1-2% fat.

It can also be termed as skim, low-fat, fat-free, skimmed, or non-fat milk. The dairy business owner makes sure that the best dairy equipment is used to carry out the work in the right fashion.


What are the topmost benefits of skimmed milk?

Low-fat milk does not have the presence of harmful chemicals. Here we are going to discuss in detail the benefits of having skimmed milk.

  • After all fat is not bad for every person

Different studies have shown that fat is not bad for everyone the way they think. Fat is crucial for the body as it allows us to dissolve & absorb vitamins. It has been a major source for the human body to get power.

Also, people with cardiovascular diseases should consume less amount as the cholesterol level increases. This is why skimmed milk makes the best option for people who want to have dairy items.

  • Skimmed milk is loaded with essential protein

Whole milk around 200ml contains 7 grams of the macronutrient, and the same amount of skimmed milk contains 7.3 grams of protein. Even the 0.3 difference is huge for the body. Studies have shown that this much level of protein helps in building muscles. These acids are important for the body and help in maintaining lean muscles.

  • The increased amount of calcium

The amount of calcium in skimmed milk is around 260 mg. Calcium is important for the proper functioning of the teeth, bones, and blood flow. With this, muscle functioning is much easier. Having low-fat milk in your daily diet is going to make a lot of difference.

  • Fewer calories

Skimmed milk contains 71kcal in around 200ml. If you are trying to keep the calorie intake in control then include skimmed milk in your daily diet as compared to whole milk.

  • An increased amount of vitamins, potassium, and phosphorus

Skimmed milk (200 ml) contains potassium and phosphorus in around (200mg and 337mg). Potassium is important as it helps to keep the nervous system and muscle functioning properly. Phosphorus is great for having strong teeth and bone by transforming food into energy. Skimmed milk contains vitamins such as A and D. Therefore, the consumption of low-fat milk is beneficial in terms of vitamins and minerals.


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How can you increase the value as well as leveraging trends in the dairy market?

Running a milk plant business then it is not an easy task at all. Every sector is having its challenges to face. There is an increase in butter and milk among consumers according to one of the researches. So the person should purchase the dairy equipment according to that.

How can you increase the value of the product?

There are numerous dairy shops so it will be difficult for you because of how you can make your products different from others right. You should purchase high-quality dairy equipment which will help you in increasing the product quality. You can purchase high- quality processors, separating equipment because clarification and separation play an important role in making the product best. Do you know your membrane will not be able to work properly if you are having a problem with clarification and separation?

How to manage the bacteria level in dairy products?

The person should observe the bacteria level in dairy products very carefully. This plays a crucial role because dairy ingredients should be seen in formulated products like nutritional and baby formula. Let us make you understand with a cheese market example. Processors should function properly. If you are experiencing the problem of slicing the product then removal of bacteria is a great option to ensure that the cheese has gone through a full maturation cycle. It is found out that while making the cheese in large quantities, the tearing can create a problem. If you need a thinner slice of cheese which means an increase in growth of bacteria means tearing and other problems come on the way.

How to increase shelf life?

Every customer wants to buy fresh dairy products from the shop. Through bacteria and spores, shelf life can be affected. Earlier, people used to sterilize or pasteurize the dairy product. But with the advancement of technology, there are new processors available which allow dairy products to get longer shelf life for the products like milk and also help you in getting the desired results. It also removes bacteria with the help of physical property i.e. g-force.

How have changes been done in milk and butter consumption?

Increases in the shelf life of the dairy product also help the dairy sector in handling the challenges that come on the way. The people are considering approaches mentioned below:

  • Smaller formats
  • Flavoured products
  • Value-added products
  • Functional milk
  • Aseptic packaging

The trend of consumption of dairy products is increasing the consumption of butter due to dietary trends. Latest researches found out that dairy products are good for health that due to following things mentioned below:

  • It decreases the risk for diabetes
  • It also decreases the risk of heart disease.
  • It helps the person in gaining the curb weight.



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What are the necessary steps to start a dairy milk plant in India?

It is a fact we cannot imagine lives without dairy. Dairy items are an integral part of all our daily lives. With the change in technology and time, the dairy industry trends are getting better. Milk is an important part of human food and it helps the person to get the essential nutrients the body needs. To set up the dairy milk plant, you must take the necessary steps and get every step done with precision. The dairy business owner needs to make sure to use the latest dairy equipment and machinery to get quality milk and dairy products.

The dairy industry is working excessively to make improvements

Despite the economical difficulties, the dairy industry is grappling and getting the benefit they need. No doubt, there are many challenges faced by dairy owners daily.

Milk producers are continuously making improvements to ensure the entire process is done in a better and effective manner.

Applying the changes which are continuously happening in the dairy industry will make the business get the profit and they can fulfill the increasing demand. The government has made different dairy programs to increase cattle productivity and milk production.

Increased profits

Your business can have a great number of profits with the use of the right tools. The Indian government has introduced different schemes and initiatives which aim towards the development in the dairy sector.

Terrorizing Indian Dairy Quality Situation

As per the FSSAI sample survey, 68% to 70% of the milk is found adulterated, which is not safe for consumption and it is not allowed to be exported. This is the reason, the dairy sector is focusing on getting the latest and best technology for milk production.

Factors influence on quality production

Food safety

  • It is important to have quality medicines that are about the regulatory framework.
  • The bacteria count needs to be reduced and product shelf-life should increase.
  • Milk should not be adulterated with sugar, urea, vegetable, mineral oils, and salt.


  • The milk needs to be cooled down at the right temperature before processing and consumption.
  • The milk should reach the customers on time.

 Demand drives and growth environment:

India rural liveliness

  • The dairy sector is focusing on increasing milk production.
  • The educational and research institutes are making the best efforts.
  • In different parts of India, the cooperative movements are becoming successful.


What is the Indian dairy prospect?

The focus is on increasing the rural market gap so that it can make the Indian economy to do better. Additionally, the quantity of available milk is increased which is best with processing methods. India has also seen a change in lifestyle for milk products and milk. The youngsters and adults prefer milk and milk products which are healthy.

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What are the major advantages of Stainless Steel Dairy Equipment?


For that, it becomes important for the dairy business owner to consider every single aspect.

To make sure you give your best and stay on the top, you need to have the latest and improved technology & dairy equipment. Let’s understand why it is important to have stainless steel dairy equipment.

 Major reasons to have stainless steel dairy equipment.

  • Better protection

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. With time, the dairy products can start to corrode the tank. It makes it easier for the bacteria to enter the corroded area that affects the final product.

Moreover, it also contains chromium in it that acts as a protective layer and slows down the corrosion process. However, you need to clean the machinery and equipment regularly, but it slows down the risk of bacterial build-up.

  • Increases sanitation

The dairy products need to be moved from one container to another during the making process. Every time there is a transfer, there is an increased risk of getting exposed to bacteria. Due to coronavirus, everyone wants to have safe and hygienic products.

Moreover, it is easier to clean, and it is resistant to wear and tear.

On the other hand, materials like plastic and aluminium can erode over time but stainless steel is smooth and makes the best option for the dairy business.

  • Highly durable

If you have a tank outside, then stainless steel can hold up against rain and different elements. It does not matter you have a tank outside or inside stainless steel machinery and equipment that offer protection to the business year-round. This means you do not have to worry about the cracks, abrasions, and scratches.

  • Increase lifetime

Investing in the dairy business means you need to spend a huge amount of money. This means you want the product to last for a long time. Buying stainless steel machinery is going to tick this box right away. A one-time investment will last for a long time. So, you do not have to worry about buying the equipment and machinery again and again.

  • Stainless steel helps the bottom line

Stainless steel is a key part of the dairy business. This material is highly durable and provides increased insulation. This means the product will remain fresh for a long time. Your product will not be wasted and the quality is improved with time.

It means everything works properly, and it gives your business the chance to grow rapidly.

Get the quality equipment from NKdiary

Stainless steel makes the best material for the dairy business or Milk Plant. You need to choose the option which is better in the long run.

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What are the topmost strategies you need to know for Marketing dairy business?

Are you the one who is planning to open a dairy farm? If your family member is in this business and you want to continue or you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. To open a dairy farm you need land, workers, animals, types of equipment, electricity, food for animals, etc. First, search a place where you can open and if you are buying land out of town then arrange transportation also for you through that you will deliver your products to the people.

This article will tell you about dairy equipment you need to run a smooth business. All you need to do is a good marketing strategy if you are having one then nobody will stop you from earning a profit and if not then don’t worry. 

Strategies you should keep in mind are:

  • Make groups

Make contact with shops like sweet, bakery, etc which will take milk directly from you and this technique will help you in earning more profit. You can make dairy products at your place and can sell them to the shops. You can also contact to houses which can take milk from you.

  • Social Media

Social media is a platform where you can do selling and buying of products without investing a lot of money. All you need to do is be aware of the people that you are doing such types of business and they will approach you. Easiest means of making contacts with a larger number of audience.

  • Advertisement

For any kind of business, you need an advertisement to meet the goals. These days diary business is touching the success rate with the right kind of online advertisement strategy.

  • Equipment

If you are new to this business then make sure buying different types of equipment is a long term investment so buy a good quality of equipment such as aluminium cans, glassware, test tubes, measuring cylinders, lactometer, etc.

  • Workers

You need 2 to 3 workers for cleaning the space and taking care of the animal from animal baths to feeding them. They will take care of it in front of you or your absence also. It will be difficult for you handling all the things on your own. So you need workers for your help.

  • Delivering on time

If any kind of orders you are getting make sure you will deliver it on time because it will help you in building your reputation in the market and building trust among your customers. Once you make it, nobody can stop you from expanding your dairy business.

  • Bundling

Bundling is based on discounts, customers pay less in buying a bundle rather than purchasing the product separately. You can also buy things needed in bulk so that you will get a discount and will pay less to the shopkeeper.