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Dairy Plant Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers
Nk Dairy has been providing its services to dairy farm owners for many years. We also strive to provide nothing but the best. While setting up the dairy plant, the business owner needs to get hold of the best dairy equipment and machinery. Being the No. 1 dairy equipment manufacturer we have worked on different projects and provide the clients with the best solutions. It includes:
• Dairy Automation
• Ice Cream Processing Plants
• Paneer And Cheese Processing Plants
• Modernization of Process
• Liquid Milk Segment
• Clean In Place (CIP systems)
• Curd And Yoghurt Processing Plants
• Cream And Ghee Processing Plants
• Experts In Aseptic Dairy Processing

Dairy plant processing Equipment
Our dairy plant processing equipment will help the business owner to get moving in the right direction. All the equipment and machinery are made under the standards. This is done to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any level and the final product is of quality.

Paneer Processing Equipment
Our paneer processing equipment has undergone different testing methods which ensure the quality is 100%. Our team of professionals ensures that everything is best and the way it needs to work. Most importantly, it is made sure everything is finished or reaches the final stage which guarantees the best results. With our products, you can be sure that efficiency is at the utmost level and most importantly everything is available at an economical price. So, you can be sure that at every single level the quality is given utmost importance.

Cheese Processing Equipment
If you are planning to set up the cheese processing equipment, then we have a range of cheese equipment to move in the right direction. Most importantly, it is made from stainless steel which ensures the machinery works properly and the investment you are going to make will last for a long time. Most importantly, all the machinery has the set temperature to make the products. It means the final product will be delivered on time and quality won’t get hampered at any cost.

Best-in-class and modern machinery
Nk diary provides the authentic and best solutions to complete the project. We provide the best-in-class dairy machinery and equipment to ensure that your dairy plant is set up in the right space. This way all the processing steps will be carried out on time and smoothly. Our range of dairy machinery and equipment are designed to carry out the:
• Preparation
• Processing
• Slicing
These 3-steps are best to carry out for the cheese, ice cream, milk products, and much more. Moreover, our production line ensures the work is carried out in minimal time and at the same time the product quality is not hampered at any cost.

Our prime focus is given to productivity and quality, which is the reason we are trusted by thousands of clients. If you are planning to set up your dairy plant then get in touch with our team to get detailed information on what type of machinery & equipment you need.

Dairy Plants

How should the milking equipment be cleaned? What is its importance?

The cleaning of the dairy equipment is critical to ensure the hygiene of the product. Different equipment in the dairy plant has different specifications for the cleaning:

How should the milking equipment be cleaned?

By following the subsequent steps, one can efficiently clean the milking equipment:

  • Step 1: Pre Rinsing

First of all, just wash off the utensils with lukewarm.

  • Step 2: Scrubbing

Now, just scrub the utensils with a big brush and the lukewarm water.

  • Step 3: Scrub with the hot water

Now just increase the temperature of the water to 50 degrees celsius and scrub the utensils with this water. Use detergent at this stage.

  • Step 4: Wash with the cold water

To ensure the detergent is properly washed, the utensil is to be washed with cold water.

  • Step 5: Drain off the excess water

To make sure that the excessive water is completely drained, palace the washed utensils in the inverted position ( Put top at the bottom and vice versa).

  • Step 6: Sterilization

This stage is crucial to kill off the germs. At this stage, the water is heated at 85 degrees celsius and in that water, the utensil is immersed for an absolute 2o to 30 minutes.

Which are the variegated cleaning assessment methods?

Following cleaning assessment methods are taken into account:

  • Visual inspection

Visual inspection is that method of assessment by merely having a look at the utensil, the inspector determines whether the equipment is cleaned or not.

  • Rinse/Swab methods

Since the last few decades, the strictness regarding the inclusion of hygiene practices has been considered augmented. And because of this many dairy farmers are following the appropriate cleaning methods. The inspectors after assessing the cleanliness of the milking utensils score the plant.

  • Bioluminescence methods

This is the test that checks the presence of the bacteria in the milking equipment. The technology which is taken into account to check the same has been developing at a huge pace.

What is the importance of keeping the equipment clean?

  • Reputation building

As we know, there are regular visits by the sanitary and the hygiene inspectors who check whether the particular fairy plant is complying with the hygiene practices or not. If not, then the plants are sealed and the newspapers so get filled with such news which significantly affects the reputation of the plant.

  • The health of the consumer’s matters

If you are enjoying the profits in the business. It is because the consumers are appreciating your product and you should respect that. So your predominant aim is to think about the health of the consumers.

  • Long term use

The long term use of the products is only possible if they are cleaned regularly and with good hygiene methods.


So if you want to purchase equipment that is easy to clean and maintain, then please contact us. Our products are designed keeping in mind the convenience of our customers and clients. Also, the products are so affordable that you will not need to think twice about whether you should be purchasing them or not.

Dairy Plants

What are the initial requirements of opening up a profitable dairy plant?

To commence a dairy business or building up a dairy plant is not a cup of tea. Each measure has to be analysed to weigh the variegated pros and cons. For this reason, not even the dairy business, but all the business should follow the SWOT Approach, This approach is an acronym for the:

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

If a thorough analysis of all the factors is done at the initial stage, then the business will face reduced problems in the future.

  • Consider the basic questions

The basic questions include the following:

  • Will you be carrying out only milking and processing activities?
  • Will you be considering technological assistance?
  • What will be the capacity of your farm per day?
  • How many employees will you need to acquire the determined productivity?
  • How many cows, buffaloes or goats will you be domesticating?
  • How will you feed the cattle?
  • Will you transport the milk or are you taking into account the self-service?
  • Consult the experts

No matter, your father or grandfather have been in this business or the line for years. But time has changed and the era has transformed completely. So many progressions and technological advancements have already affected the milk industry. So sticking to the traditional techniques with the ancient approaches of milking will not be going to become profitable.

  • Feeding programs

The cattle can only benefit you with good quality milk if it is fed with nutritional meals. Here lies the importance of deliberating with the experts. The experts would help you with knowledge of how and when the cattle are to be fed.

  • Waste management plan

The excretion of cattle is considered useful for many purposes. In India, the cow dung is made with that which is customarily used in the traditional chulha. Besides, it can serve as the best substitute for fertilisers. Science has also emphasised the use of cow excretion as manure in place of chemical fertilisers.

It can be used in biogas plants.

  • Consider building the equity

Do you know what we mean by equity? The equity means the cattle which is the basis of your dairy business. More the cattle, more the business. You should gradually focus on purchasing additional cattle to make your business more profitable.

  • It’s more a biological system

Dairy farming is thoroughly dependent on the health of the cow. Because the ability of cows to provide milk determines the profit and success of our business. So keeping in mind that you should be pampering and taking care of your cattle as your children.

  • Every farm is different

You should be knowing that every farm is unique because all the producers do not think alike. So based on the specification and the requirements of the producers, all the dairy farmers are completely different.


Do not give anybody the responsibility of managing the farm as a whole. You should also be knowing of the activities going on on the farm.

Dairy Plants

How many years back did the milk-drinking business start? Where did it originate?


With the dairy farming business, the business of milk sugar lactose started in Central Europe. While setting up the dairy plant, you must take into account all the necessary factors.

Earlier, it was thought that the natural sectioned favored milk drinkers are only found in the northern regions. This is because the diet needed a high-level of Vitamin D in their diet. One of the studies was done to understand the level of lactose persistence and other food gathering practices properly. The model included the archaeological and genetic data with the new statistical methods.

Production of the enzyme lactase

Most adults do not produce the enzyme lactase and this makes it difficult to digest milk. Although the Europeans continue to produce lactase throughout their life and this is referred to as lactase persistence. Well! Different factors helped the European market to flourish with time and it has spread in different parts.

Lactase persistence

One of the studies stimulated lactase persistence and farming which started around 7500 years back. This was seen in people who are from the milk culture. It was also believed that the Vitamin D factor was required to be taken into consideration to check the lactase persistence.

Reasons to drink fresh milk

Endless reasons have been taken into account to understand why milk consumption is beneficial. If you drink milk then it can deal with the problem of sunlight and synthesis. Through milk, your body will be able to get all the essential nutrients, which are not possible through other sources.

South-Eastern Europe market has seen a huge demand

Different studies have shown that the South-Eastern Europe market has seen the farming business on a rise. Traces of fats also suggest that the farming business in England started around 6100 years back.

Initially, the milk is fermented to make butter, cheese, yogurt, and many other dairy items. It is important to understand that it is not drunk fresh. Roman people preferred the use of sheep and goat milk for boosting cheese production. The lactase persistence started in northwest Europe. Currently, the highest production is seen in Scandinavia and Ireland.

The demand for fresh milk

The fresh milk demand started from the Balkans across Europe. This also explains why the Europeans are lactase-persistent as their genes are the same. With time, the demand started expanding and after that, there was rapid coevolution which included dairy farming and milk tolerance. Although there are different gene variants and many of them still need to be found.

Quality matters over everything

Being a dairy business owner, it is important to not compromise the quality. To start your business, you should make sure to get quality machinery and equipment. If you are looking for machinery, then you need to take expert assistance for the right information.

At NK dairy, you will get precise information about the products and most importantly you will get them at a quality price. If you are unsure about something, then we are here to give you all the information you need.

Dairy Plants

Increase the profit of your dairy plant – list your loans and hit the targets

Opening up a dairy business is not a cup of tea. Because one has to consider a lot of specifications about the business before beginning with the same. But soon after you have stepped into this business, the question regarding how can the productivity of dairy plants be increased? becomes very popular. To answer that question we have gathered significant pieces of information which will help you to get the answer of the same:

  • List out your loan plans

If you are commencing with this business, then you should decide in advance what you expect to earn from the business because based on that you will add on the services to be performed in your list.

Like if your goal is just to serve the basic demands of the family along with some saving, then you can accomplish that purpose by incorporating only milk processing services. But if your goal is to pay the loans or expand your business to the next level, then you should also include the services like the following:

  • Cheese production
  • Curd production
  • Skimmed milk production
  • Hit the targets

The best way to run the business efficiently is to move forward by reaching the little goals. Like, first of all, you should hit a turnover of 25 lakh per annum. Gradually you can increase that and end up making your company reach the heights of success.

  • Do not go for the unnecessary spendings

First of all, one should learn how to cut back the costs. If you do not know then you can follow the subsequent measure:

You should get a nice feed for your cows. It is not necessary every time that the quality of the cow feed can be obtained by spending a lot on the same. Rather one can feed the cow with organic and hygienic grass. This could help the cow to gain the essential nutrients.

  • Shop wisely

Whether it is dairy equipment or cattle, you should choose everything wisely by weighing the pros and cons of the same. Alongside it is relevant to suggest you do not end up with the first best offer which you encounter. Rather go at the latest 3 to 4 quotes and after that choose which one is better for you.

  • Increase the quality and price

If you are contributing to the quality of the milk, then you should also think about giving a reasonable hike to your prices. Because this is the only way for you to increase your profits.

  • Purchase the right equipment

Dairy equipment plays a quintessential role in increasing the productivity of the plant. So it is mandatory to purchase the equipment from the right manufacturer like NK dairy. The professional staff suggests the dairy equipment with the appropriate equipment that will serve their purpose and make them feel content.


Besides, you should also pay attention to other factors like choosing the right kind of fertilizer that serves the cost and quality. Not only that you should also consider testing your soils after three years instead of the one.

Dairy Plants

What are the major reasons for the failure of modern dairy farms in India?

Dairy businesses have seen a huge rise in the last few years. With the rise in modern technology and design, the dairy plant prefers to use those methods. Moreover, 50% of the dairy farms are operational. While you set up your dairy business, it becomes important that you find the reasons for the failure of dairy farms, so that you can consider those things and do not make those mistakes.

Reasons for failure of modern dairy farm
• Started with people who did not know about farming
If the modern dairy farm is started by a person who did not have any knowledge of dairy farming then it can greatly affect productivity and other important aspects of the business. It is important to understand if you come from a background of software professionals, local groups, NRIs, unemployed educated youth, or any other person without enough knowledge of farming then it becomes difficult to move in the right direction. No doubt, you might have good intentions but to set up the business proper information is needed.

• People get into dairy farming for money
If your sole motive to get into dairy farming is just profits then there will be a difficulty. To run this business, it is necessary to have passion. Families who are running this business for years have knowledge and lots of patience. With time, they started using modern methods to work effectively. So, if your focus is not merely money then you are good to go.

• Going with the Big Band formula
Many farms go in the direction of the big bang formula. It means they brought too many animals and constructed huge sheds. Due to this, there was difficulty in managing the work, and productivity was affected to a great extent.

• Not focusing on the reproductive cycle
The new farmers most of the time focused on milking. But they were not aware of how to detect heat and the farms had a large number of lactating buffaloes & they did not have bulls on the farm.

• Improper management of fodder and feed
The new dairy farms might try to provide good fodder and feed in the starting phase. After 5 to 6 months, they try to reduce the fodder and feed. By doing so, the animals were half the size. In the dry months, the feed can cut down but not to a great extent. If the nutritional balance is not correct then it can greatly affect the health of the animal and it can give rise to reproductive problems.

• Depending on others
Many dairy farm owners are dependent on others to take care of their farms as they do not have enough understanding of dairy farming. It is true that to run the business effectively it needs 24 hours of attention and 365 days. If you are not able to do so, then it is not the right business for you.
All in all, dairy farming is the business for those who are passionate about it and want to serve the customers with good dairy products.

Dairy Plants

Dairy processing plants – Transportation of milk and processing techniques

Dairy processing is a field that carries out the procurement and the processing of milk from milk-producing animals. The processing of dairy milk requires a variety of important equipment that not only helps to increase the shelf life of the milk but also help to kill the harmful pathogens from the milk. For this reason, a dairy plant requires the services of the best dairy equipment provider that provides a quality product with a guarantee.

Many of the dairy processing plants do not have cattle to obtain milk from. Rather they count on the individual who has domesticated the cattle at their homes and does transport the milk to the dairy processing plants daily.

Who transports the milk to the dairy processing plants?

Following are accountable to provide the dairy plants with the milk to process:

  • Individuals

In India, usually, the cattle are milked twice a day. So do these individuals transport the milk either each time the cattle is milked or both times.

  • Contractors

Contractors which are also known as middlemen or intermediaries do hold the accountability to make the milk reach the dairy processing plants. But there is a risk that these contractors would charge both the parties with the high commission which would cut the benefit of the dairy farmers.

  • Co-operative organisations

The individuals who do transport the milk to the dairy plants form an organisation who divide the transportation charges with an equal amount of shares.

How is milk processed at the dairy processing plants?

By the use of the following methods, the milk is processed:

  • Skimming

As we know, raw milk is full of impurities, so to bring about the healthy form of milk by doing away with the debris and the harmful sediments present in the milk, the milk is made to pass through the clarifier. And with the use of the separator, the cream is produced by eliminating the heavier milk fat by heating it at the required temperature.

  • Fortifying

This is a nitrifying stage in which Vitamin A and Vitamin D are incorporated in the skimmed milk.

  • Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a quintessential process that assists in getting rid of the harmful bacteria and pathogens that enters the stomach can cause a variety of digestion related problems like food poisoning and many more.

  • Homogenizing

It is a technique that assists in mitigating the size of the fat particles from the milk.

  • Packaging

The eventual stage of milk processing is known as packaging. As the name itself suggests, that the processed milk is aimed to be asked at this stage by having a stamped claim of the date of manufacturing.

Other productions in the dairy plants

Dairy plants are not only restricted by the processing of milk. Rather these are also accountable for producing other dairy items as well like:

  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Curd
  • Milk Powder


For the effective functioning of the dairy plant, it is required to lay out the appropriate plan for the same to experience the flawless operation of the plant without any hindrance in quality production.

Dairy Plants

Which important points to focus on before inaugurating a dairy business?

The dairy sector is accountable for contributing a great share in the GDP. The dairy business in India is considered a very profitable business. It is because of the fact that there are modicum chances to incur any kind of loss. For example: if the milk by some means got spoiled, it will not let the dairy owner incur the loss because there is another way by which they can use the spoiled milk and that is cheese production. So in this way, a dairy plant is not limited to the processing of milk, but they also take into account providing the customers with organic cheese, curd and other dairy products. So in the ensuing information, you will get to encounter some of the important points which are necessary to take into account before opening a dairy plant.

  • Consider the important points

Your main motive to open a dairy plant is to meet the ongoing demand. If you try to create demand for your specialised product, then you will not only be at high risk but you will also encounter the loss in the beginning.

Besides, when opening a dairy plant, you should consider the demand for milk in your locality. Because some people like cow milk while others prefer buffalo milk. Do not try to perceive the one whose demand is not there in the area.

  • What is the importance of the breed in the dairy plant?

The breed is considered an important point with which people can take into account whether they should buy milk from you or not. The milk produced by the Indian breed cows is considered the best milk after the mother’s milk. But the milk of foreign cows lacks in the A2 Beta casein. For this reason, Indian dairy plants use the cows of the following breeds:

  • Gir
  • Sahiwal
  • Red Sindhi
  • Worship factor

We do know that Indian cows are called mothers. So while you are obtaining milk from them, you should respect them. Because if any disrespecting activity comes into existence, people on a collective level will boycott you.

  • How to buy cattle?

It is vital to buy cattle by considering some important factors as mentioned below:

  • Do not buy a cow until you have tried to obtain milk from it at least 3 to 4 times.
  • Do not buy the cow if it is producing milk less than 16 to 17 litres and 13 to 15 litres in the case of the buffaloes.

Important tip:

Do not buy the cattle from one distributor all at once. If you are intending to buy from the same person then you should buy at the interval of 2 months.

  • Taking care of your cattle

Purchasing cattle is not only the point which you should focus on. You must take into account the following factors as well:

  • Is the cow getting the nutritional fodder to eat?
  • Is the cow’s disease-free?
  • Are the cows happy?
  • Are the cows vaccinated?


If you have domesticated cattle, then you should take care of the hygiene because it is the one factor that can make your customers ‘ regular customers’ or ‘one time customers’.

Dairy Plants

What revolution of automation can be seen in advanced dairy plants?

In ancient times, the farmers would milk the cows manually and would process the milk and the variegated milk-based products by themselves. But those days are gone and have stepped into the advanced era in which automation techniques are used to milk the cow and process the milk. It depends on the capacity of the dairy plant to choose which dairy-based items it likes to produce and sell.

  • Evolution of Milking techniques

If one wants to set up a huge milk business then to thoroughly count on the manual efforts whether it is related to milking the cows or it is related to manufacturing variegated dairy products is not an act of wiseness. One should take into account the automation techniques which are the prominent reason for the success of the dairy planets that are functioning in foreign countries.

We have encountered a question many times, whether cows will feel comfortable if the machine is issued for milking. Then we want to mention here that the milking system which we use to milk the cows is made up of both soft rubber and silicon which makes it convenient for cows to be milked with the machine.

To milk a cow with the help of the machine, the maximum time of approx 6 to 9 minutes is taken.

For the facilitation of the dairy owners, NK dairy has also introduced rotary parlours. These parlours are a source of convenience for the dairy owners because these do provide great assistance and it is right to say that these take up the whole of the work of milking, cleaning and feeding the cow.

The milk needs to be preserved at an adequate temperature which is customarily 4-degree celsius. So whenever the transportation trucks transport the milk to the processing plants, then it becomes quintessential to regularly check and monitor the temperature. For this, we have also a piece of well-recognized equipment that is TTR (Time-temperature recorder)

  • Herd fitness & Cow Comfort

To obtain milk of good quality, it is quintessential to make sure that the cows are living in comfortable conditions. To ensure the health, fitness and comfort of the cows, the following types of equipment are offered by NK Diary

  • RFID

This is the acronym for the radio frequency identification device. As we all know it is indispensable to know the origin of the cow, so it helps to know which breed of the cow it is. It also assists in tracking the whereabouts of the cow.

  • Pedometers

These help to track the fitness and the feeding activities of the cows to ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle which is vital to obtain a good quality of milk.

  • Sustainability

It is relevant to mention here that setting up a dairy plant is full of benefits and profits because despite earning profits by selling the milk and the milk-based products, one can also sell and even use by oneself the waste excreted by the cows which are considered as the natural fertilisers for the soil.


If you are also interested in stepping towards automation and making your herd health a matter of supreme priority, then we would like to represent ourselves to serve you with the advanced technologies.

Dairy Plants

Why is planning & outlining the principles of dairy plant design important?

As we all know, the predominant function of dairy plants is to process the milk and manufacturer variegated products from the milk. But it is quintessential to outline an efficient plan for a dairy plant. The planning of dairy principles majorly depends on the following indispensable factors:

Which dairy products are to be manufactured in a particular plant?

  • What is the actual capacity of the dairy plant?
  • What is the average supply of raw milk?
  • Is there an easier availability of the following:
  • Manpower
  • Transportation
  • Source of water
  • Disposal of effluent

Categories of processing plants

The dairy plants which carry out the function of the processing of milk are divided into the following mentioned categories:

  • Fluid milk processing plants

These plants are supposed to involve the following:

  • Pasteurization
  • Flavoured & Buttermilk
  • Dahi & Paneer
  • Composite product plant

Composite product plant are customarily involved in the processing of milk and they are supposed to manufacture variegated dairy products like the following:

  • Cheese
  • Milk powders
  • Butter
  • Frozen Products

Important Facets of dairy industry

The sundry aspects of dairy processing are transforming or modified at a high pace. With the introduction of new and advanced technologies, the dairy industry is getting revolutionised because of the subsequent:

  • With the invention of new techniques and machines, the dairy industry is approaching full automation.
  • It is an evident and obvious fact that machines are supposed to obtain more productivity as compared to manual labour.
  • The manufacturing of products that contain a significant value in the market.
  • The technologies which are being used are highly cost-efficient, energy-efficient & this helps to conserve energy.

Bonus points

Advantages of the effective planning along with the principles of dairy plant designing are as mentioned below:

  • Hygiene

We cannot ignore the indispensability of hygiene in dairy plants because hygiene is the preponderant aspect that determines the health factor of the milk.

  • Minimum losses

If an effective planning strategy will have been laid out, then it would help the dairy owners to cope up with even the minor loss. So efficient planning is required to escalate the levels of profit and build up the plans to minimise the losses if they are encountered owing to any situation.

  • Future Goals

The dairy industry is an evolving industry that keeps on ameliorating each day. So it becomes vital to keep in mind that there would arise a strong need in the future to get equipped with modern technological advancements. So the role of planning is aggravated at this point because it does not only assist you to cope up with the present condition, but it also helps you to be prepared for the future.

  • Allayed Production Cost

If we make use of the techniques which are not only advanced in nature but are built with the motive to generate quintessentially higher output, then the revenue generated will be much more than the cost incurred and the owner will experience higher profitable rates


Efficient utilization & movement, High energy saving, Ameliorated space utilization and ensured the safety of the employees working in the dairy plant are some of the other benefits of the dairy plants.