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Why is grooming brush important for the cows? Do they enjoy the process?

To run a dairy business, a lot of responsibilities are there on the shoulders of the dairy farmer. From making sure the workflow is right to ensuring the cow’s health is stable, there are endless things that need to be done by them. It is essential to make sure the cows are comfortable and their health is right at all costs. Cow grooming brush is one of the best options for itchy cows.

Why is it important to groom the cows?
A cow grooming brush is one of the best options to fulfill all the needs of the cattle. It is important to follow that to protect their health and keep them in a hygienic condition. Like we groom ourselves daily, the same needs to be done for cows. Grooming the cows daily will keep the coat clean and shiny. This way, the germs, and parasites are reduced. Moreover, it will reduce their stress and they will bond with other cows easily.

What are the features of a cow grooming brush?
Presently, the dairy industry is making use of the automated system. The dairy farm owners are using the cow grooming brush. The cow grooming brush has automated functioning which makes it easier to use them. Here’s how it work:
• The grooming brush has a soft bristle brush on the roller which rotates at a normal speed. The brush has a high-quality motor attached to it along with torque.
• Due to its flexibility, it can be tilted easily depending on the cow’s need.
• The grooming brush is constructed with strong material and no matter how the cows use it, it won’t break.
• It does not produce noise and the brush can rotate in different directions.
• The brush bristles are made of soft nylon which does not irritate the cow’s skin. It is easy to store due to its flexibility.

Do cows enjoy groping brush?
The grooming brush has soft bristles which makes it attractive. Due to easy rotation in any direction, the cows can scratch themselves in those areas where they cannot reach on their own.

How much time do cows spend on grooming brushes?
On average, the cow’s brush takes 8 to 10 minutes, on the back and neck. Studies have shown that grooming brush is important to keep their health right and stable. Moreover, the cows who have regular brushing can pull more heavyweights as compared to those who cannot.

Do cow grooming brushes increase enrichment?
A cow’s social and physical environment must be right. If you give your cows the right kind of environment they will function better. With the regular grooming brushing, all their needs are taken care of and the chances of destructive & abnormal behavior are less. In case, your cow is extremely stressed, then milk production will get less and they will be lazy all the time.

Can it reduce the chances of diseases?
You might not know this but, cow grooming brush reduces the chances of deadly diseases like mastitis. Moreover, the one who uses the brush has a 30% reduced level of disease as compared to those who do not get it. During the summer month, it will keep them cool as unwanted debris is taken away. So, it is important to make the most out of it.

Invest in quality and economical cow grooming brush
It is clear that investing in this option is worth every penny and it will make your cow’s life comfortable. You need to invest in this tool and benefit their lives & make your business successful. Once you get these, it will make you understand why you need them for your cows at the dairy farm.

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What all you should know about the Indian dairy export market and strategies?

India is the largest consumer of milk and dairy products

India is the largest consumer of milk and dairy products. The studies have shown that milk production is expected to increase with time. Not only in India but its demand is expected to increase all over the globe. Do you know milk production and selling is important for the livelihood of around 600 million people?

Moreover, preference is given to multilateral trading systems as per the WTO. With this, people are going to get more opportunities to trade with others and they are likely to become popular worldwide. Be it production or exports, the milk will make the best business. If you want to start your dairy business, then make sure that proper analysis is done about the market.

Market analysis is important

India’s market is on a global edge and the international trades are important to be analyzed carefully. In addition, the right type of promoting exports should be done. With the dairy industry, becoming global there is a shift in the international dairy market. This is the reason, it is important to work accordingly how much is the demand

Dairy Sector has the highest gross value

There is no doubt that the dairy sector has the highest gross values as compared to any other sector. With the increased value of milk production, it is important to invest in the right choices, and this way the local dairy industry will benefit. It is possible that the world dairy trade can get impacted due to milk production, economic development, and demand patterns in the international market.

Increased opportunities in International Trade

It is believed that the international trade market is going to increase and import is going to decline. The expected growth is going to increase in the consumption and production of dairy food items in developing countries and the global milk production is expected to increase by 2% to 6%. In addition, the international trade volumes are expected to increase 2.4% per year. It makes it clear why the increased demand in international trade is going to rapid each year.

Global milk production and India

No doubt, different research is being done to understand the impact on the global market. On average, it is expected that there will be an increase of 1.8% in the coming 10 years. You can say that world milk production is expected to increase by 164 million tons and additional milk production will increase by 74%. If alone, we consider then the global gains will account for around 29%.

Focusing on improving milk quality and quantity

As the product needs to be consumed by the consumer, it is of utmost importance that milk quality and milk quantity is right. The quality part cannot be compromised in this regard. The milk production growth is expected to increase by the rate of 2.5% per year and with the developing countries, it is expected to increase by 1%. In addition, the increase in demand will be beneficial for the people to have increased income and the employment opportunities will increase with time. It is also noted that the Indian dairy industry has seen notable progress in the past few years

Growing concern about the health

With time, more focus is given to health and nutrition, to make sure that whatever the consumer chooses needs to be best. This is the reason, there are increased challenges and opportunities. When the milk production is done correctly, it will make sure that the presence of bacteria is less in any of the milk and milk products.

With this, the marketing opportunities are going to be tremendous and one of a kind, which is only going to add value to the dairy stuff. More people are demanding cheese and butter as they can be easily blended with other things. In addition, the dairy industry works as per the industry regulations, specifically of the international market which can make a huge change in the industry.

Emerging trends work go faster

India’s international dairy trade is booming and world production is expected to increase by 15%. This is the reason why income levels are expected to rise. Moreover, India has been the trade importer of dairy products. The products like sweetened coconut, or cream concentrated will have the highest share in the market.

Advanced technology and techniques

Aside from anything, the use of technology and technique has improved a lot. This is the reason, the workflow in the dairy industry is done in a better manner. Moreover, the work is done much faster as compared to earlier.

The techniques and technology are automated which means only the commands need to be given and the dairy products will be done with ease. The benefit is not merely of the advanced technology but the product shelf-life has also increased. To build global trends, the way work must be done needs to be right. This way, the dairy business owner will get the benefits they are looking for.

Work as per the global trends

If you want to start your dairy farm, then you must get the work done as per the global trends. It is important that you get the work done correctly and this way you will be benefited. So, the scope of the dairy industry is very huge, and working in the best manner will benefit you to a great extent.

Get the best quality machinery

You must choose the right kind of dairy equipment and tools to get the work done. If you are already looking for one, then we will provide you with that. Most importantly, these are made from improved techniques and you will get them at an economical price. We make sure that what you will get is the best and nothing less in terms of quality. If you have any concerns, then get in touch with our team.

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Which equipment can help you to bring about energy efficiency in your dairy farm?

The farmers have experienced energy savings of up to 60% with the installation of the following:

  • Speed milk
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Heat recovery systems

Check your knowledge

Usually, the dairy farms are responsible for carrying out the following works:

Cooling milk

Carrying out the milk processes

So in today’s article, we shall be discussing the energy-efficient milking systems

  • Variable speed vacuum pumps

The traditional vacuum pumps used to operate at standard speeds. But that should not be happening as the speed requirements keep on getting changed. The predominant advantage of using the variable speed drivers is that considerably insignificant energy is being provided to the motor which leads to the reduction of the operation speed.

The production of the necessary amounts of airflow can help to reduce the costs. Not only is it beneficial from the energy effective point of view. It is rather similarly advantageous as far as the noise level is concerned.

  • Milk cooling

The highest cost is incurred on cooling the milk. This is the costliest process. It is because the temperature of the milk has to be reduced to three degrees. (The temperature of the heated milk is 35 to 37 degrees). Fowling is some of the options by which we can cool the milk through the following:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Variable Speed milk pumps
  • Heat exchangers

The mechanism of these heat exchangers is to transfer the heat to the water which is considered as the intermediary cooling fluid. Installation of the heat exchangers can also help to make your milking system as efficient as it could be.

  • Variable speed milk pumps

The pumping of the plate coolers at a constant speed can be maintained through the milk pumps. These help in the efficient installation of the system which can provide greater milk cooling. Not only this, but the one more impressive benefit behind this is the reduction in the energy in the demand for the energy.

  • Heat Recovery Units

As we know the process of cooling milk, the heat is supposed to get rejected from the refrigeration system which involves the condenser coil. Its recovery is possible if the hot refrigeration gets immersed in the water. This technique can also help to achieve a water temperature of more than 50 degrees.

Which tips are recommended for energy saving on dairy farms?

Following are some of the helpful and the beneficial top by which you can save a quintessential amount of energy:

  • The usage is recorded at the various intervals
  • If possible, then try to switch to the better tariffs
  • Try to use the cheap electricity for eight hours and that particularly for water heating purposes.
  • The loss of heat can be minimised to the significant extents by insulating the water heaters and the pipeworks.

Bottom Line

You can not do everything on your own. Try to make your staff understand how important it is to carry out energy-efficient techniques.

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Ultimate Guide: What is a Butter Churner? How does a butter churn work?


Butter is a perfect way to make your food taste even better. What’s even better is that it can be paired with anything to increase the flavors. Homemade butter in India is one of the preferred options. To make your own healthy and tasty butter at home Butter churner India is one of the best options.

What is a butter churn?

A butter churn is a device that allows you to convert cream into butter. Through the device, the cream is churned to the state that buttermilk and butter are separated. It is believed that butter has been in existence since 2000BC and butter churn was created in 600 BC. No doubt, the process took a lot of time to get precise results. Technological advancement has made it possible to use electric butter churns to make delicious products with minimal effort.

How does a butter churn work?

The science behind butter churn is quite simple. During the process, the cream is stirred at a high speed continuously. The rigorous process breaks down the fat molecules and clumps them in one place. Moreover, the process will create air bubbles that take the liquid and generate foam by separating one substance from another. The butter is the one which is clumped fat and buttermilk is the liquid separated in the process. Before making butter, it is essential to have cream. Ideally, it should be done by using the milk separator.

What are the types of butter churns?

Well! There are different types of churns and they have slight differences which are mentioned below:

  • Plunger churn

Plunger churn is one of the most effective types out there. It has a wooden barrel with a stick & a disc with a hole. The person will add milk/cream into the barrel and then the stick is moved up & down for 60 to 90 minutes to produce butter. Because of the time it takes, this method is not that much used. There might be some people who prefer this method at home because of the traditional approach it is.

  • Barrel churn

Barrel churn is also a very old method. Initially, it was used in Europe. It has a barrel in which you need to add cream or milk. The handle is attached to one side of the barrel. Although, this option is still in use in many factories to make tasty butter for consumers.

  • Paddle churn

Paddle churn is the most used method for homemade butter. It is in the shape of a container along with paddles. You need to rotate them to churn cream which will turn into butter. Paddles can be electric or mechanical.

With mechanical one, there is a hand crank that needs to be roasted through the hands. On the other hand, the automatic one is used with the electricity. In this case, you need to pour the milk or cream and then wait for the process to be done.

How much temperature should you keep?

Ideally, the temperature to turn cream into butter is 13 to 15℃. Although, room temperature can also help to do the entire process. If you are using the cold cream just taken out from the fridge then it will take a long time to reach the final stage.

Cream ripening

The cream ripening takes around 5 to 7 hours to make butter. Under this method, you need to leave milk in one container and put it in the fridge so that its taste does not get affected.

Churning time

Usually, it does not take that long to churn butter. Approximately, you need 30 minutes to get a smooth and delectable spread.

How much should be the fat content in the cream?

For whole milk, which is on the top is best to make butter. On the other hand, if you want to use store-bought cream then get the one that has at least 25% fat. This much fat content is necessary to get the best butter.

How much should be the fat content in butter?

On a whole, butter contains around 86% fat and this depends on which type of cream is used. But that does not mean that you should avoid butter consumption if you are trying to opt for healthier options. One of the studies has pointed out that 10 grams of butter daily will benefit your digestive system.

So, if you like to make homemade butter or even buy store-made butter then you should have it with your meal. Moreover, many people love to experiment with it and add different spices. See what will work the best for you as per your taste preference.

Will cow or goat milk make any difference?

Butter is made from cow’s milk and one of the reasons being it is cost-effective. It takes effort to collect cream from goat’s milk because the globules are small. Getting that thick layer of cream on the milk surface will take a lot of time. Although, whether you have goat milk or cow milk, both of the options are extremely good. Most people do not love the taste of goat dairy products and this is the reason they prefer to have cow milk & then butter from it. Moreover, there is not much difference in its nutritional value also.

What is the difference between raw and pasteurized milk?

People do not prefer to make homemade butter with raw milk as there is a presence of bacteria that is not safe for human consumption. On the other hand, with whole milk the pasteurization is done which makes the taste perfect.

Final word

Now you know that butter churning is a very fun and interesting task to do. If you want to open your dairy plant and have a butter churner, then NK Dairy can offer you a wide variety of different dairy equipment. We make sure to provide you quality and cost-effective options. Get in touch with our team to know more about dairy equipment and machinery.

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What should we know about the basic construction of the milking machine?

If we talk about the fundamental layout, then it is the same with all the milking machines. A pump, a vacuum regulator and a container are found almost in all the milking machines. But milking machine prices may vary from shop to shop and from company to company.

Let’s get to know about the basic construction of the milking machine first

The machine is so well designed for the extraction of the milk. The functioning involves the application of the vacuum to the teats with periodic squeezes. The pipework of the milking machine involves the joining of the various elements in a way that there is no hindrance in the flowing of the air and the milk paths. The diversification of the milking machine has come to origin owing to the development. From the bucket, the milk is transferred to the milk tubes.

Relation of vacuum and milk flow

The raising of the milk to the pipeline helps in the reduction of the vacuum at the teats. For the good functioning of the vacuum, the pump is responsible for the extraction of the air through compression that can be discharged to the atmosphere.

What should we know about vacuum measurement?

As we all know that vacuum is the pressure that is below the atmospheric pressure. The measurement can be done by taking pressure difference into account with the mercury manometer. There are a variety of units that can be measured with the vacuum.

What is the action of the milking machine in each of the pulsation cycles?

The pulsator is responsible for the connection of the vacuum with the pulsation chamber. The predominant function of the pulsator is the connection of the pulsation chamber to the atmosphere.

What about the milking rate?

The flow of the milk increases by taking the following into account:

  • If we increase the vacuum, the strippings will also increase.
  • An increment of the pulsation rate also increases the air that is ought to be pumped from the machine.
  • The widening of the pulsation ratio also helps in the opening of the liner collapse time.

What are vacuum fluctuations?

There are two types of fluctuations that are responsible for causing the significant impact on mastitis and the milk flow:

  • Irregular fluctuations

Whenever the liner of the teacup gets displaced then the air is supposed to enter when the milking units are being changed carelessly.

  • Cyclic fluctuations

Each pulsation cycle involves different cyclic movements. Sometimes these movements get increased while other times, these get decreased.

What should we know about vacuum pumps?

  • Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pumps are accountable for drawing the air through the inlet port. After being compressed, it is ejected into the atmosphere.

  • Interceptor

The trap which is fitted in the vacuum line is able to prevent the liquid and dust that is being sucked into the vacuum pump.

Final Thoughts

So if you are willing to purchase the milking machine, then you can contact us. We provide the best machinery and our customers never encounter the equipment sold by us.

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Everything about the Mini Dairy Plant Manufacturer & Processing Machine

Technology has taken the world by storm and this is noticed in different business sectors. For the betterment of society for increased business growth, it is important to make most of the use of it.

Well! This also goes for dairy farm business owners. Whether you have just started or planning to grow your dairy plant, you need to use the best manufacturing and processing machine. But have you ever wondered that you can set up your mini dairy plant in 2021? Let’s make you understand its features:

  • Stringent quality control

Quality control makes a lot of difference and every dairy farm owner makes sure to follow these, at every step of the processing. Be it a small device or machine, everything must be working in the right manner. The end product delivered should be safe and this is the reason quality control is a key factor.

  • Easy installation

Installation does not take much of your time and this is the reason, more dairy farm owners are putting in efforts to set up the mini dairy farm in 2021. If you have any confusion about the installation of a certain machine, then you should take assistance from the experts.

  • Robust built

All the machines and processing units have a robust built. This is because the right kind of material is selected for each of the machinery which makes the entire unit as a whole stronger than ever.

  • Minimal maintenance

One of the key points is minimal maintenance. It means you don’t have to make too much of an effort to clean them. If any part needs to be cleaned it is easy to remove, without assembling the entire unit. This way, you can clean off the specific part and once done, put it back in its place. It is fairly easy and less time-consuming than most people think of it.

  • Leakage proof

Well! The problem of leakage will not be there anymore with these mini dairy plant. This is because the material is highly strong and provides different features because of the improved technology. So, the problem of leakage will be solved with these.

  • User-friendly

You need to give the instructions to the machine and equipment & they will function on their own. This way you can focus on other necessary stuff which requires more attention. Once, the given set of commands are done, simply give further instructions and work will flow like normal. In all, it is best for increasing the work productivity at your dairy farm and fulfill the demands of individuals.

  • Long shelf-life

On the whole, the final product made through these dairy processing machines and equipment will provide dairy products with a long shelf-life. This is what every business owner aims for and through modern and mini plants, these are easier to achieve within less time.

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Why should you use software-oriented equipment in your dairy plant?

The dairy industry has stepped towards automation. But the world never stops as far as advancements are concerned. Each dairy plant has installed machinery in the plants. Some operate manually while others make use of the installed software for their work. I guess….Software installation is the best thing that the machines can provide the dairy owners.

Benefits of incorporating the software in the machines

  • Enhanced productivity

Productivity is what matters to the dairy plants. The importance of productivity lies in the underlined fact:

If a dairy plant has committed to providing the milk and cheese to the particular manufacturer and the quality of its production depends upon your supply of raw material. If you do not supply the milk and the cheese on time, then obviously, he will encounter loss. The dairy owner can also encounter loss if the client gets upset and makes a decision to terminate the contract.

Such things can only happen if the machines do not include the software. Having software incorporated into the dairy equipment can save you from the fear of completing the order on time.

  • Ameliorated capabilities

The capabilities of the dairy plant can significantly be affected as far as the following are concerned:

  • Better Support
  • Route reconciliation particularly with the salesperson
  • Supply chains
  • Warehouse management
  • Voice Picking
  • Route Optimization
  • Maximisation of the route efficiency
  • Only relevant technologies are targeted

We should be knowing this fact that we can enjoy the benefits of automation without particularly investing in the following:

  • Expensive IT infrastructures
  • Expertise
  • Maintenance
  • Software switching
  • Reduced costs

The costs can be reduced with the help of the software. Since efficiency always leads to the mitigation of the costs. If the costs are lower than the revenue generated, then you can incur the profits.

  • Detection of contamination at once

The software ensures that you are not finding yourself in the problem where you fail to detect the contamination of the products. It will help you to maintain the reputation that you provide the people with hygienic and high-quality products.

It will also make you get rid of the fear of license termination which happens when any fault in the edible products are found.

  • Expansion of the business

The software helps you to expand the business. Since the costs which were earlier incurred on paying the salaries of the employees are now getting saved. You can use that amount in the expansion of your business.

From where can I get such equipment?

Are you asking that question….?

You can order such equipment from the NK Dairy equipment. We are the known manufacturers of dairy equipment. We have satisfied many of our clients with the quality equipment. Not only this, the professional help provided by us is what is admired by the people the most.

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Everything you need to know about Manufacturing Costs Of Dairy Products

Determining the exact cost required to run a dairy plant will ensure the work is done in a flow. In a dairy plant, these services are included:

  • Steam production.
  • Cold production (for cooling specific areas or producing chilled water).
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Power transformer station
  • Maintenance shop
  • Site development.
  • Staff areas

Steam production centre

Steam production station is the single cost centre and sometimes it is broken down into 2 parts:

  • Steam production
  • Boiler water treatment

Steam produced

Daily fuel consumption is checked to a certain average for daily consumption. In addition, the specific weight field and lowest calorific value is checked. All the specifications are fulfilled by the supplier and then checked at the plant.

Water consumption

Recycled water can make a lot of difference and through this real consumption can be determined easily. When no counter is available, the following methods are checked to consider the amount of water to be recycled.

  1. Measuring the water in the condensing tray;
  2. Checking the operating time of the condensed water pump;
  3. Theoretical calculation

Structural cost centres

Structural costs can be broken down into two categories:

  1. Specific structural costs for a specific function of the plant. It includes the following sections:
  • Planning department.
  • Technical supervision plus secretarial and bookkeeping staff.
  • Division handling relations with milk producers.
  • Invoicing
  • Analytical laboratory.

General plant-wide structural costs: general administration.

The processing cost is determined as it is different among the centres. General structure cost will be different among the plant centres. Structural cost is likely to rise with plant size, and the considerable amount is included in the cost price and then it will be looked at carefully.

The laboratory

Depending on the plant, you are running the functions performed by it will vary a lot. The different work needs to be done at the laboratory and this includes the following:

  • Analysis of dairy products.
  • Quality control of dairy products.
  • Analysis of producer’s milk for quality-graded milk payment.
  • Control and supervision of data needed for stock accounting.
  • Marketing service, analysis of competitors’ products.
  • Role of the research and development program for new products.
  • Provision of services to all plant sections.

General structural costs.

Indirect labour costs
Chemical reagents (testing)
Cleaning agents
Administrative costs (forms, office materials, etc.)
Direct labour costs

Storage section

The storage section at your dairy plant needs to be managed correctly so that all the dairy products and items are in the right manner. In addition, the use of the various packaging materials will make a lot of difference.

Get the quality product

When you plan to set up your dairy business, make sure that you choose the quality material in terms of the equipment and tools. This is the only way when you can make profits and your dairy business will flourish.

Nk dairy has a lot to offer you to set up your dairy business through inventive and uptodate technologies. Get in touch with us for further details!

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Can the introduction of automation increase productivity in dairy plants?

As we all know how machines have affected our lives to the largest extent. Earlier when mobile phones were not there, we used to take the help of the letters that usually take more than a 1 week or even month in case of the far off places to reach. But with mobile phones, we can convey messages speedily. The same is the case with the dairy industry. The productivity of a dairy plant can be increased from 70 to 80% with the help of machines and automation.

So let us get to know some of the advantages which dairy industry is experiencing due to the introduction of machines and automation:

  • Increment in the productivity

AS we all know the productivity of the plant is greatly impacted if the machines are introduced to replace the manual labor. It is accepted that the productivity of manual labor keeps on fluctuating as human energy cannot be the same all the time. Besides, manual labor is known to take leaves which adversely impacts the output.

  • Replace the manual labor

We do accept the fact that the replacement of manual labor with machines will increase the unemployment rate of the country. But the aim of bringing about automation in the dairy industry is to use manual labor for the right purpose.

For example, labor was earlier employed for the work that the machines are doing. But now the labor will be hired for operating the machines.

  • Systematic carrying out of the process

As we know, there are so many procedures that are carried out in dairy plants. Each of the procedures has to be carried out with the ultimate precision. And that can only be carried out with the help of the machines.

  • Increment in the turnover of the farm or the plant

If the constant productivity will be assured without the dairy in the output, then the turnover is sure to get increased.

  • Required for future

As we all know, today or someday we all have to step towards digitization and automation. So if we skip or neglect this today, then no doubt, the future situations will somehow compel us to do the needy.

  • No fluctuations in the productivity

Human beings cannot work with the same strength and energy all the time. Sometimes they are very high and while other times they are very low. So the productivity and the output fluctuated accordingly.

But if we talk about the machines then these can assure that the productivity never fluctuates. No doubt the dairy equipment also feels the need for repairs. Nevertheless, the output is never affected to a huge extent.

  • Change in the scale

If we talk about the scale, if it is about manual labor, then it can not be changed. Change of scale requires the change in the methods and techniques.


IF you are aiming to increase the scale of the dairy plants, then please count on the NK dairy equipment, which is cost-effective, and the productivity enhancers simultaneously.

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Nk dairy is the manufacturer of top-rated dairy processing equipment

Dairy Plant Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers
Nk Dairy has been providing its services to dairy farm owners for many years. We also strive to provide nothing but the best. While setting up the dairy plant, the business owner needs to get hold of the best dairy equipment and machinery. Being the No. 1 dairy equipment manufacturer we have worked on different projects and provide the clients with the best solutions. It includes:
• Dairy Automation
• Ice Cream Processing Plants
• Paneer And Cheese Processing Plants
• Modernization of Process
• Liquid Milk Segment
• Clean In Place (CIP systems)
• Curd And Yoghurt Processing Plants
• Cream And Ghee Processing Plants
• Experts In Aseptic Dairy Processing

Dairy plant processing Equipment
Our dairy plant processing equipment will help the business owner to get moving in the right direction. All the equipment and machinery are made under the standards. This is done to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any level and the final product is of quality.

Paneer Processing Equipment
Our paneer processing equipment has undergone different testing methods which ensure the quality is 100%. Our team of professionals ensures that everything is best and the way it needs to work. Most importantly, it is made sure everything is finished or reaches the final stage which guarantees the best results. With our products, you can be sure that efficiency is at the utmost level and most importantly everything is available at an economical price. So, you can be sure that at every single level the quality is given utmost importance.

Cheese Processing Equipment
If you are planning to set up the cheese processing equipment, then we have a range of cheese equipment to move in the right direction. Most importantly, it is made from stainless steel which ensures the machinery works properly and the investment you are going to make will last for a long time. Most importantly, all the machinery has the set temperature to make the products. It means the final product will be delivered on time and quality won’t get hampered at any cost.

Best-in-class and modern machinery
Nk diary provides the authentic and best solutions to complete the project. We provide the best-in-class dairy machinery and equipment to ensure that your dairy plant is set up in the right space. This way all the processing steps will be carried out on time and smoothly. Our range of dairy machinery and equipment are designed to carry out the:
• Preparation
• Processing
• Slicing
These 3-steps are best to carry out for the cheese, ice cream, milk products, and much more. Moreover, our production line ensures the work is carried out in minimal time and at the same time the product quality is not hampered at any cost.

Our prime focus is given to productivity and quality, which is the reason we are trusted by thousands of clients. If you are planning to set up your dairy plant then get in touch with our team to get detailed information on what type of machinery & equipment you need.