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What are the best career opportunities in the dairy farming sector?

India is known for its roots and old traditions. Rapidly the government is making changes and investing schemes that can benefit the individuals to live a better life. One of the major parts is villages in India 72% of the population accounts for rural and 60% prefer working in the agriculture sector. The Indian dairy sector provides livelihood to family families more than you can think of. It is evident from the fact of how many Dairy Plant is opened in India.

Moreover, the Milk plant has the best kind of machinery and equipment you can think of. If you think of purchasing dairy equipment or any machinery then the price is economical. Let’s say for the Milking machine price the starting cost is around Rs 20,000 and depending on what type of functionality you go with the price will vary.

Dairy farming contains different things

Dairy farming is also known as animal husbandry enterprise which includes processing and retail. It includes number of things to be performed in one day like:

  • Taking care of the milk yielding cattle

  • Procuring milk

  • Processing milk to form them into different products

You might not know this but 70% of the milk you get is from small or landless farmers. Indeed, dairy farming has helped to strengthen the Indian economy in a way that no one would have ever imagined.

Range of dairy products

When you plan to go to this sector, the best part is that you can choose anything as per your liking. There are different dairy products you can provide to the customers like:

  • Cheese

  • Ghee

  • Paneer

  • Butter

  • Condensed milk

  • Powdered milk

  • Yogurt

  • And much more

What about the dairy sector job prospect?

Whether you talk about government or non-government sectors you will find opportunities in both. The NBBD (National Dairy Development Brand) is helping the multi-local organization to:

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Finance

  • Support farmers

There is no doubt that employment opportunities have increased in this sector the way no one would have imagined. Both technology and the way work is done have evolved a lot. It is seen that the dairy production and marketing methods have improved with time which has been a game-changer for many businesses. The dairy processing industry has seen encouragement of the dairy equipment indigestion and there are 2 different types of job for the same which are:

  • Designing equipment & fabrication & plant design

  • Executing the project to take it to the final state

Provide the consultancy service to the dairy farms

We all need that guidance at some point in our lives and especially when we start. Once you gather all the experience in this field you can start the consultancy work. You can help others to understand the nitty-gritty of the way work should be done. You can help them scale down on what opportunities are likely to prove fruitful for them. They are an endless choice in the dairy sector and sometimes the business owner is not able to understand what is best for them, this is where you can be their helping hand.

Dairy Plants

What is the FSSAI registration process? How is it done for the milk chilling units?

Are you planning to start your dairy plant? You might have got the estimation of the Milking machine price. On an average, it can begin from Rs 20,000.

But, have you got your FSSAI registration done? If not, then read this blog in detail and understand why it is important to start your milk plant.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). It is the autonomous body that does the necessary task under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Under this registration, the aim is to protect and promote the health of the general public by including the necessary regulations and making sure the food is safe for final consumption.

What is FSSAI registration or license?

FSSAI registration is a 14-digit number for registration or to get the food licenses which are required to get printed on the necessary food packages. Through this 14 digit number, it allows getting information about the producer permit pr elements of the enrollment subtly along with the assembling state.

How FSSAI registration is done for the dairy unit & milk chilling units?

When we hear about the term dairy processing it means handling, processing, packing, manufacturing, storing, distributing, and milk transportation along with other milk products.

  • Under the FSSAI act (2006), without this license, no business can deal with milk and milk products.

  • The registration makes sure that the food quality is best, wholesome, and it is safe. The milk you will provide in your dairy plant will be as per the safety standards.

Every business owner dealing with a dairy business along with a milk chilling unit needs to have this license or registration. So, every business needs to make sure they get the registration, necessary dairy equipment, and accordingly set up the dairy plant to get the success.

What is the process to get the licenses for the FSSAI dairy unit?

  • The food business with a turnover of more than 12 lakhs needs to have this license.

Medium Food Business

State License

Large Food Business

Central License

  • Requirement of state license is needed when you are handling 500 to 50,000 liters of milk in one day.

  • Requirement of the central license is needed when you are handling 50,000 liters in one day.

What type of license is required?

Well! This depends on the business type you are operating. In case, your business is established just now only then do you need the FSSAI registration. In case, the business is old then you need to choose accordingly.

How much time does it take to get the FSSAI registration?

  • To get the basic FSSAI registration it will take around 7 to 10 days.

  • Be it state and central license then it will take around 30 days.

How long is the FSSAI registration valid for?

FSSAI license validity is for around 5 to 10 years. If you already have one then make sure to get renewed 30 days before the expiry date. In case of non-renewal, you need to pay a fine of Rs 100. Not getting done on time will lead to non-deactivation and you need to apply for it again.

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What are the topmost effective tips to set up your dairy plant?

The dairy industry is one of the most developed and comes under the major food enterprises. The best part is that it continues to rise and take the top spot. Eventually, this makes the safest and best choice to set up your dairy plant. As per the statistics, it is one of the sectors which has a growth of 3% to 5%. It is important to understand the market potential and do everything as the customer needs will ensure that your milk plant daily operations are done with ease. From choosing the best location to considering the milking machine price, different factors will help you set up your dairy business. To make you aware the price of the machine can start from Rs 27,000 but it can vary depending on the model you are using.

What are the necessary points to select the best location for a dairy plant?

  • The suitable site and right area

To set up your dairy plant, make sure that the location you are choosing is right and it should have that much area you want. Space should be enough that you can perform the daily operations with ease and proper parking space.

  • Freshwater

For any work you need water and that is extremely important when it comes to the dairy industry. If the water quality is not right then all the necessary operations will not be done in the way they should. The salt content and microbial content in the water should be right otherwise it can lead to several problems. So, this factor is extremely important in terms of health.

  • Nearby area

The nearby area of the dairy plant needs to be right. Make sure there is enough space to keep the waste material, food storage depots, and much more. Make sure that the place does not attract birds, insects, and rodents as it will affect the dairy plant working and product quality.

  • Proper treatment plan

Make sure there is proper space so that the wind and speed direction is right. The water or drain steam should be around the area so that the dirty water can be discharged off easily.

  • Access to the public transport

There should be enough space for public transport to move freely and you should be able to bring something if you want.

Get the different processing section

Just make sure that you get the different processing sections at your milk plant. Having the thought to start a business is easy but making sure it comes to life will take a lot of effort. From the perfect amount of raw material to following the quality control measures, everything is extremely important. So, when you plan to set up the plant you should check the intricacies and then take every step carefully. Do not do anything hastily, otherwise, it will affect the work process and you won’t get to see the results you want.

Dairy Plants

Which are the predominant designs or models used to carry out the milking process?

Where and How does the milk come from?

As we all know that the milk comes from cows, many of us even used to think in our childhood that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Jokes Apart! The method to obtain the milk is different from one dairy plant to another. Milking machine prices are increasing in the market day by day because of the increasing popularity of these machines.

As you might have guessed, we are going to talk about the designs, which dairy plants are incorporating for the obtaining of the milk.


This way of milking the cow hardly takes 10 minutes. In this method, all the cows seemed parallel to each other. This way the milker will be facilitated with the one endpoint for milking the cows. In such a process, milking does not begin until all the cows are standing in a parallel position.


This is the most common design of the parlour and this design is particularly used when the farmers have to deal with the smaller herds. When the herringbone design is being considered, then the cows are supposed to be standing at a 45 degrees angle. With this, the milker is benefited from the different access points for reaching out to the users, unlike the parallel or tandem design models. The predominant benefit of this kind of design is that it allows different equipment to be used for the milking of the cows.


This could be the favourite style of the cows in the dairy parlours. In this design, the cows are arranged in a carousel set. And the milking stalls are arranged in a large circle on a platform that is supposed to be rotating slowly. Cows in this setting can walk in and within a very little time, the milking process s all done. The Rotary design helps the milker to save the physical capacities. If this design is not to be used, then the milk will have to move around and milk the cow. But with this design, the milker just has to stand in one place and wait for the next cows to come.


Some people used to think that the cows are supposed to be giving milk 24/7. But this is not so. The cows are no doubt milked daily. These are milk for about 7 to 15 minutes, a couple of times a day.

Please note it

Certain things need to be carried out irrespective of the design or the model. The udder of the cos should be cleaned before and after each milking process. It should always be made sure that the milk after being obtained from the udder should not come in contact with human contact.

Bottom Line

There are certain pros and cons of each design and model. If you want to know which design or model will be best for you, then please let us know. Our professional team will help you to choose the right option.

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How can you make the Paneer Business Successful? Which are the crucial Tips?

Paneer Making Business is one of the best businesses in the world as it comes with huge profits. In almost all western countries, paneer is being used as a savoury item. It is consumed in almost every house. Earlier the dairy plants were being benefited from the milking machines. The milking machine prices were different as per the additional features. But now the cheese-making machines are getting popular and the dairy plants are incorporating three cheese-making machines in their business to make sure the business is climbing the heights of the business.

So following are the things which you need to consider when you are going to start with the paneer making business.

  • You have to beat the already existing brands

Nestle and Amul are selling the paneer in the giant portion of the market. When you are looking to start your business on the large scale, then you have to properly strategize the plan as you have to beat the already profitable brands to make your business shine in the market.

  • The production capacity of the paneer

Based on the scale at which you are thinking of establishing your business, you should plan about productivity per day. But make sure that you are not getting paneer wasted. You should think about efficient packaging beforehand.

  • The Reputation building

As far as the success of the business is concerned, then the reputation has to be built. And if it is particularly about the edible items, then reputation is the important part.

What if you are new?

In case you are new to the dairy business, then you must consider the promotion done by the reputed digital marketing company. Digital marketing companies can help you quintessentially gain popularity in the business. When you will become popular then you will naturally experience an escalation in sales.

  • Licensing

To run the dairy plant, you must have the proper license. In case you do not have one you should apply for it. Otherwise, you may be at risk of getting raided.

  • Refrigeration system

The paneer business can not be run successfully if you do not have a refrigeration system. The refrigeration system ensures that the paneer is being prepared in a good atmosphere. Also if you are producing it on a large scale, then packaging of such a large quantity will take time. In that case, the paneer needs to be preserved.

  • Permissions

Along with the licensing, the individual needs to get certain permissions from the authorities. It is indispensable to let the people know that they are not consuming paneer which is prepared in the illegal dairy plant.

  • Hygiene Standards

Before commencing with the Paneer Business, you should know that the hygiene standards are being met. Hygiene is a crucial part of the dairy business.

Bottom Line

If you are opening a dairy business, then you have to follow all the above-mentioned points to make it successful as you want it to be.

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Modern equipment is the future of dairy processing and cattle management

The use of technology is in every sector. No matter which business or area you talk about, technological advancement has left its footprint there. Dairy processing and cattle practices also benefited from smart and modern dairy equipment.

As technology keeps on changing, so does the way work is carried out in dairy farming. The dairy producers are at ease managing and operating the dairy farm with these technological advancements. The dairy industry does get the same attention as this sector is also advancing and seeing growth in a different approach. Let’s see what the future holds for dairy processing.

Robotic milking methods

Robotic milking equipment will continue to be in demand as they have helped the way dairy farmers do the work. It has changed the dairy industry for the better. Robotic technology has brought automated milking machines to the rotary parlors which have improved the effectiveness in every sense. In addition, these are installed at the milking parlor as well.


Automated post-dipping

One of the areas which will see a great amount of growth and advancement is automated post-dipping. Through this, the concept of automation was brought to life. This concept is available today and it will become common in the next 5 years. The use of post-dipped automatic lining will become popular with time. Automated technology is the most effective labor-reducing tool which makes it easier to manage the entire place, keep it clean, and milk quality will be best.

Automated Cow logistics

After that, comes the method of automated cow logistics. Many people are not fully aware of it but gradually this method will be effective and every dairy parlor will make the most out of it. Whatever will be done by the process of automated functioning.

Accurate and timely work

Through the automated machines, the work will be done with ease and in an accurate manner. You need to simply give the necessary instructions and the work will be done on its own. There is no need to go again and again & set the machine. Once the work is done for the specific batch it will give you the signal and you can continue with the next batch. In the time being, you can do other work which needs your more attention. So, through automated systems and milking equipment, there will be much ease and comfort.

Nk dairy – Get the quality equipment and machinery

If you are looking to update your dairy plant or want to get something modern & advanced, NK dairy equipments has everything for you. We assure you to give only what is best and available at the best price.

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Why is grooming brush important for the cows? Do they enjoy the process?

To run a dairy business, a lot of responsibilities are there on the shoulders of the dairy farmer. From making sure the workflow is right to ensuring the cow’s health is stable, there are endless things that need to be done by them. It is essential to make sure the cows are comfortable and their health is right at all costs. Cow grooming brush is one of the best options for itchy cows.

Why is it important to groom the cows?
A cow grooming brush is one of the best options to fulfill all the needs of the cattle. It is important to follow that to protect their health and keep them in a hygienic condition. Like we groom ourselves daily, the same needs to be done for cows. Grooming the cows daily will keep the coat clean and shiny. This way, the germs, and parasites are reduced. Moreover, it will reduce their stress and they will bond with other cows easily.

What are the features of a cow grooming brush?
Presently, the dairy industry is making use of the automated system. The dairy farm owners are using the cow grooming brush. The cow grooming brush has automated functioning which makes it easier to use them. Here’s how it work:
• The grooming brush has a soft bristle brush on the roller which rotates at a normal speed. The brush has a high-quality motor attached to it along with torque.
• Due to its flexibility, it can be tilted easily depending on the cow’s need.
• The grooming brush is constructed with strong material and no matter how the cows use it, it won’t break.
• It does not produce noise and the brush can rotate in different directions.
• The brush bristles are made of soft nylon which does not irritate the cow’s skin. It is easy to store due to its flexibility.

Do cows enjoy groping brush?
The grooming brush has soft bristles which makes it attractive. Due to easy rotation in any direction, the cows can scratch themselves in those areas where they cannot reach on their own.

How much time do cows spend on grooming brushes?
On average, the cow’s brush takes 8 to 10 minutes, on the back and neck. Studies have shown that grooming brush is important to keep their health right and stable. Moreover, the cows who have regular brushing can pull more heavyweights as compared to those who cannot.

Do cow grooming brushes increase enrichment?
A cow’s social and physical environment must be right. If you give your cows the right kind of environment they will function better. With the regular grooming brushing, all their needs are taken care of and the chances of destructive & abnormal behavior are less. In case, your cow is extremely stressed, then milk production will get less and they will be lazy all the time.

Can it reduce the chances of diseases?
You might not know this but, cow grooming brush reduces the chances of deadly diseases like mastitis. Moreover, the one who uses the brush has a 30% reduced level of disease as compared to those who do not get it. During the summer month, it will keep them cool as unwanted debris is taken away. So, it is important to make the most out of it.

Invest in quality and economical cow grooming brush
It is clear that investing in this option is worth every penny and it will make your cow’s life comfortable. You need to invest in this tool and benefit their lives & make your business successful. Once you get these, it will make you understand why you need them for your cows at the dairy farm.

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What all you should know about the Indian dairy export market and strategies?

India is the largest consumer of milk and dairy products

India is the largest consumer of milk and dairy products. The studies have shown that milk production is expected to increase with time. Not only in India but its demand is expected to increase all over the globe. Do you know milk production and selling is important for the livelihood of around 600 million people?

Moreover, preference is given to multilateral trading systems as per the WTO. With this, people are going to get more opportunities to trade with others and they are likely to become popular worldwide. Be it production or exports, the milk will make the best business. If you want to start your dairy business, then make sure that proper analysis is done about the market.

Market analysis is important

India’s market is on a global edge and the international trades are important to be analyzed carefully. In addition, the right type of promoting exports should be done. With the dairy industry, becoming global there is a shift in the international dairy market. This is the reason, it is important to work accordingly how much is the demand

Dairy Sector has the highest gross value

There is no doubt that the dairy sector has the highest gross values as compared to any other sector. With the increased value of milk production, it is important to invest in the right choices, and this way the local dairy industry will benefit. It is possible that the world dairy trade can get impacted due to milk production, economic development, and demand patterns in the international market.

Increased opportunities in International Trade

It is believed that the international trade market is going to increase and import is going to decline. The expected growth is going to increase in the consumption and production of dairy food items in developing countries and the global milk production is expected to increase by 2% to 6%. In addition, the international trade volumes are expected to increase 2.4% per year. It makes it clear why the increased demand in international trade is going to rapid each year.

Global milk production and India

No doubt, different research is being done to understand the impact on the global market. On average, it is expected that there will be an increase of 1.8% in the coming 10 years. You can say that world milk production is expected to increase by 164 million tons and additional milk production will increase by 74%. If alone, we consider then the global gains will account for around 29%.

Focusing on improving milk quality and quantity

As the product needs to be consumed by the consumer, it is of utmost importance that milk quality and milk quantity is right. The quality part cannot be compromised in this regard. The milk production growth is expected to increase by the rate of 2.5% per year and with the developing countries, it is expected to increase by 1%. In addition, the increase in demand will be beneficial for the people to have increased income and the employment opportunities will increase with time. It is also noted that the Indian dairy industry has seen notable progress in the past few years

Growing concern about the health

With time, more focus is given to health and nutrition, to make sure that whatever the consumer chooses needs to be best. This is the reason, there are increased challenges and opportunities. When the milk production is done correctly, it will make sure that the presence of bacteria is less in any of the milk and milk products.

With this, the marketing opportunities are going to be tremendous and one of a kind, which is only going to add value to the dairy stuff. More people are demanding cheese and butter as they can be easily blended with other things. In addition, the dairy industry works as per the industry regulations, specifically of the international market which can make a huge change in the industry.

Emerging trends work go faster

India’s international dairy trade is booming and world production is expected to increase by 15%. This is the reason why income levels are expected to rise. Moreover, India has been the trade importer of dairy products. The products like sweetened coconut, or cream concentrated will have the highest share in the market.

Advanced technology and techniques

Aside from anything, the use of technology and technique has improved a lot. This is the reason, the workflow in the dairy industry is done in a better manner. Moreover, the work is done much faster as compared to earlier.

The techniques and technology are automated which means only the commands need to be given and the dairy products will be done with ease. The benefit is not merely of the advanced technology but the product shelf-life has also increased. To build global trends, the way work must be done needs to be right. This way, the dairy business owner will get the benefits they are looking for.

Work as per the global trends

If you want to start your dairy farm, then you must get the work done as per the global trends. It is important that you get the work done correctly and this way you will be benefited. So, the scope of the dairy industry is very huge, and working in the best manner will benefit you to a great extent.

Get the best quality machinery

You must choose the right kind of dairy equipment and tools to get the work done. If you are already looking for one, then we will provide you with that. Most importantly, these are made from improved techniques and you will get them at an economical price. We make sure that what you will get is the best and nothing less in terms of quality. If you have any concerns, then get in touch with our team.

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Which equipment can help you to bring about energy efficiency in your dairy farm?

The farmers have experienced energy savings of up to 60% with the installation of the following:

  • Speed milk
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Heat recovery systems

Check your knowledge

Usually, the dairy farms are responsible for carrying out the following works:

Cooling milk

Carrying out the milk processes

So in today’s article, we shall be discussing the energy-efficient milking systems

  • Variable speed vacuum pumps

The traditional vacuum pumps used to operate at standard speeds. But that should not be happening as the speed requirements keep on getting changed. The predominant advantage of using the variable speed drivers is that considerably insignificant energy is being provided to the motor which leads to the reduction of the operation speed.

The production of the necessary amounts of airflow can help to reduce the costs. Not only is it beneficial from the energy effective point of view. It is rather similarly advantageous as far as the noise level is concerned.

  • Milk cooling

The highest cost is incurred on cooling the milk. This is the costliest process. It is because the temperature of the milk has to be reduced to three degrees. (The temperature of the heated milk is 35 to 37 degrees). Fowling is some of the options by which we can cool the milk through the following:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Variable Speed milk pumps
  • Heat exchangers

The mechanism of these heat exchangers is to transfer the heat to the water which is considered as the intermediary cooling fluid. Installation of the heat exchangers can also help to make your milking system as efficient as it could be.

  • Variable speed milk pumps

The pumping of the plate coolers at a constant speed can be maintained through the milk pumps. These help in the efficient installation of the system which can provide greater milk cooling. Not only this, but the one more impressive benefit behind this is the reduction in the energy in the demand for the energy.

  • Heat Recovery Units

As we know the process of cooling milk, the heat is supposed to get rejected from the refrigeration system which involves the condenser coil. Its recovery is possible if the hot refrigeration gets immersed in the water. This technique can also help to achieve a water temperature of more than 50 degrees.

Which tips are recommended for energy saving on dairy farms?

Following are some of the helpful and the beneficial top by which you can save a quintessential amount of energy:

  • The usage is recorded at the various intervals
  • If possible, then try to switch to the better tariffs
  • Try to use the cheap electricity for eight hours and that particularly for water heating purposes.
  • The loss of heat can be minimised to the significant extents by insulating the water heaters and the pipeworks.

Bottom Line

You can not do everything on your own. Try to make your staff understand how important it is to carry out energy-efficient techniques.

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Ultimate Guide: What is a Butter Churner? How does a butter churn work?


Butter is a perfect way to make your food taste even better. What’s even better is that it can be paired with anything to increase the flavors. Homemade butter in India is one of the preferred options. To make your own healthy and tasty butter at home Butter churner India is one of the best options.

What is a butter churn?

A butter churn is a device that allows you to convert cream into butter. Through the device, the cream is churned to the state that buttermilk and butter are separated. It is believed that butter has been in existence since 2000BC and butter churn was created in 600 BC. No doubt, the process took a lot of time to get precise results. Technological advancement has made it possible to use electric butter churns to make delicious products with minimal effort.

How does a butter churn work?

The science behind butter churn is quite simple. During the process, the cream is stirred at a high speed continuously. The rigorous process breaks down the fat molecules and clumps them in one place. Moreover, the process will create air bubbles that take the liquid and generate foam by separating one substance from another. The butter is the one which is clumped fat and buttermilk is the liquid separated in the process. Before making butter, it is essential to have cream. Ideally, it should be done by using the milk separator.

What are the types of butter churns?

Well! There are different types of churns and they have slight differences which are mentioned below:

  • Plunger churn

Plunger churn is one of the most effective types out there. It has a wooden barrel with a stick & a disc with a hole. The person will add milk/cream into the barrel and then the stick is moved up & down for 60 to 90 minutes to produce butter. Because of the time it takes, this method is not that much used. There might be some people who prefer this method at home because of the traditional approach it is.

  • Barrel churn

Barrel churn is also a very old method. Initially, it was used in Europe. It has a barrel in which you need to add cream or milk. The handle is attached to one side of the barrel. Although, this option is still in use in many factories to make tasty butter for consumers.

  • Paddle churn

Paddle churn is the most used method for homemade butter. It is in the shape of a container along with paddles. You need to rotate them to churn cream which will turn into butter. Paddles can be electric or mechanical.

With mechanical one, there is a hand crank that needs to be roasted through the hands. On the other hand, the automatic one is used with the electricity. In this case, you need to pour the milk or cream and then wait for the process to be done.

How much temperature should you keep?

Ideally, the temperature to turn cream into butter is 13 to 15℃. Although, room temperature can also help to do the entire process. If you are using the cold cream just taken out from the fridge then it will take a long time to reach the final stage.

Cream ripening

The cream ripening takes around 5 to 7 hours to make butter. Under this method, you need to leave milk in one container and put it in the fridge so that its taste does not get affected.

Churning time

Usually, it does not take that long to churn butter. Approximately, you need 30 minutes to get a smooth and delectable spread.

How much should be the fat content in the cream?

For whole milk, which is on the top is best to make butter. On the other hand, if you want to use store-bought cream then get the one that has at least 25% fat. This much fat content is necessary to get the best butter.

How much should be the fat content in butter?

On a whole, butter contains around 86% fat and this depends on which type of cream is used. But that does not mean that you should avoid butter consumption if you are trying to opt for healthier options. One of the studies has pointed out that 10 grams of butter daily will benefit your digestive system.

So, if you like to make homemade butter or even buy store-made butter then you should have it with your meal. Moreover, many people love to experiment with it and add different spices. See what will work the best for you as per your taste preference.

Will cow or goat milk make any difference?

Butter is made from cow’s milk and one of the reasons being it is cost-effective. It takes effort to collect cream from goat’s milk because the globules are small. Getting that thick layer of cream on the milk surface will take a lot of time. Although, whether you have goat milk or cow milk, both of the options are extremely good. Most people do not love the taste of goat dairy products and this is the reason they prefer to have cow milk & then butter from it. Moreover, there is not much difference in its nutritional value also.

What is the difference between raw and pasteurized milk?

People do not prefer to make homemade butter with raw milk as there is a presence of bacteria that is not safe for human consumption. On the other hand, with whole milk the pasteurization is done which makes the taste perfect.

Final word

Now you know that butter churning is a very fun and interesting task to do. If you want to open your dairy plant and have a butter churner, then NK Dairy can offer you a wide variety of different dairy equipment. We make sure to provide you quality and cost-effective options. Get in touch with our team to know more about dairy equipment and machinery.