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What are the major advantages of Stainless Steel Dairy Equipment?


For that, it becomes important for the dairy business owner to consider every single aspect.

To make sure you give your best and stay on the top, you need to have the latest and improved technology & dairy equipment. Let’s understand why it is important to have stainless steel dairy equipment.

 Major reasons to have stainless steel dairy equipment.

  • Better protection

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. With time, the dairy products can start to corrode the tank. It makes it easier for the bacteria to enter the corroded area that affects the final product.

Moreover, it also contains chromium in it that acts as a protective layer and slows down the corrosion process. However, you need to clean the machinery and equipment regularly, but it slows down the risk of bacterial build-up.

  • Increases sanitation

The dairy products need to be moved from one container to another during the making process. Every time there is a transfer, there is an increased risk of getting exposed to bacteria. Due to coronavirus, everyone wants to have safe and hygienic products.

Moreover, it is easier to clean, and it is resistant to wear and tear.

On the other hand, materials like plastic and aluminium can erode over time but stainless steel is smooth and makes the best option for the dairy business.

  • Highly durable

If you have a tank outside, then stainless steel can hold up against rain and different elements. It does not matter you have a tank outside or inside stainless steel machinery and equipment that offer protection to the business year-round. This means you do not have to worry about the cracks, abrasions, and scratches.

  • Increase lifetime

Investing in the dairy business means you need to spend a huge amount of money. This means you want the product to last for a long time. Buying stainless steel machinery is going to tick this box right away. A one-time investment will last for a long time. So, you do not have to worry about buying the equipment and machinery again and again.

  • Stainless steel helps the bottom line

Stainless steel is a key part of the dairy business. This material is highly durable and provides increased insulation. This means the product will remain fresh for a long time. Your product will not be wasted and the quality is improved with time.

It means everything works properly, and it gives your business the chance to grow rapidly.

Get the quality equipment from NKdiary

Stainless steel makes the best material for the dairy business or Milk Plant. You need to choose the option which is better in the long run.

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What are the topmost strategies you need to know for Marketing dairy business?

Are you the one who is planning to open a dairy farm? If your family member is in this business and you want to continue or you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. To open a dairy farm you need land, workers, animals, types of equipment, electricity, food for animals, etc. First, search a place where you can open and if you are buying land out of town then arrange transportation also for you through that you will deliver your products to the people.

This article will tell you about dairy equipment you need to run a smooth business. All you need to do is a good marketing strategy if you are having one then nobody will stop you from earning a profit and if not then don’t worry. 

Strategies you should keep in mind are:

  • Make groups

Make contact with shops like sweet, bakery, etc which will take milk directly from you and this technique will help you in earning more profit. You can make dairy products at your place and can sell them to the shops. You can also contact to houses which can take milk from you.

  • Social Media

Social media is a platform where you can do selling and buying of products without investing a lot of money. All you need to do is be aware of the people that you are doing such types of business and they will approach you. Easiest means of making contacts with a larger number of audience.

  • Advertisement

For any kind of business, you need an advertisement to meet the goals. These days diary business is touching the success rate with the right kind of online advertisement strategy.

  • Equipment

If you are new to this business then make sure buying different types of equipment is a long term investment so buy a good quality of equipment such as aluminium cans, glassware, test tubes, measuring cylinders, lactometer, etc.

  • Workers

You need 2 to 3 workers for cleaning the space and taking care of the animal from animal baths to feeding them. They will take care of it in front of you or your absence also. It will be difficult for you handling all the things on your own. So you need workers for your help.

  • Delivering on time

If any kind of orders you are getting make sure you will deliver it on time because it will help you in building your reputation in the market and building trust among your customers. Once you make it, nobody can stop you from expanding your dairy business.

  • Bundling

Bundling is based on discounts, customers pay less in buying a bundle rather than purchasing the product separately. You can also buy things needed in bulk so that you will get a discount and will pay less to the shopkeeper.

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Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Opening A Dairy Farm

Here we share the guide Opening A Dairy Farm From scratch and taking care of cows to clean their cow pies to handling the dairy equipment. It’s a hard working job. But don’t you worry. Here are the things you should know while opening a dairy farm.

  • Knowledge

While entering into a field you should be having enough knowledge about it. If someone is there in your family then go and spend some time on their farm. And if you are new to this, then consult people who work in the dairy farm or having their own and spend time with them. After spending time and watching all the things. Then decide whether you want this or not.

  • Collect Money

You need money to open a farm. Collect funds from people, take a loan from a bank, ask if you’re known to invest, etc. Opening a farm requires land, farm equipment, construction, cows, buffaloes, etc. Then only you can start your business.

  • Location

Finding a location is the biggest task. If you own land. Then you don’t have to worry. But if you don’t then think about the location which will come under your budget. Make sure the location should not be far from town. Otherwise, it will cost more to go to town and sell your products.

  • Electricity

You have to dig a well from where you can get electricity. How you will be able to give water to the grass. What if lights go frequently. You need a generator also for running a motor.

  • Construction

Start construction according to the buffaloes you are going to buy. You need sheds for them as well as a room for your workers and one for yourself. Do the construction accordingly. Consult a contractor who can build for you the way you want.

  • Buy Machinery

You need a sharp cutter, brush cutter, a generator for power cuts and many more things for the farm. Make sure while buying. Go for the best one. This is a long term investment. You are not going to buy it on a daily basis.

  • Make Contacts

Make contacts with the shops, hotels which will buy your milk. Direct selling the milk will help you in earning profit. Tie-up with people who will help you in selling your milk. Tell them to do word of mouth. All these will help you in earning profit.

  • Hire People

You won’t be able to do all the work all alone. You need people who will help you in doing all the stuff. They will take care of animals when you are not around. They will help you in keeping the place clean.

  • Buy Animals

Without animals how will you start your dairy farm? Be careful with the place from where you are buying the animals. Visit different places and then buy. don’t rely on one.

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What are the things you need to consider for choosing milking machines?

How to use a milking machine

To start the milking machine you need to start it and use the valve on the claw to seal the vacuum till the time it is built to 15 psi. The patients need to use the best quality of dairy machinery. After that, you need to get down behind the cow and then the valve is released and the teat cup is put on the teat which causes the vacuum to release till the time the teat cup is sealed.

After that, the cups are put on the teats and the vacuum will hold them in place to remove the milk. The milk flow and udder are watched until the time enough milk is taken. The valves are used to seal the vacuum and all the cups are removed with ease in one go. After that vacuum is released and the machine is turned off.

 How to select a milking machine?

Milking machines are costlier. Just make sure to get in touch with the experts and they can suggest to you better on what type or model you need to get. With the expert’s understanding, you will be able to compare the different options available in the market. Given below are some of the things which you need to consider:


These machines can clean quickly and easily after the milking is done.

     Durability and material quality

The machine needs to be of the best quality so that they can last for a long time and your business can be managed effectively.

     Moving parts and spare parts

Generally moving parts are not able to last for a long time. Additionally, you can get spare parts. You can replace the individual items which can be worn easily. If you are not sure what to use and how you can manage the machinery then get in touch with experts.

     Noise levels

With the milking machines, the electric motors are used on the motor vacuum pump. It means there is a need for electricity and it makes loud noises. Not every model is the same so you need to use the machinery effectively.

     Types of vacuum pump

Different system models come with different pumps. It is important the pump which is used should take out the required amount from the vacuum. The ideal choice is to get in touch with the manufacturer. Keep in mind cheap options are not going to work reliably and they fail.


You should consider the warranty period to make sure the machinery you are using is effective for a longer time. Ask the manufacturer whether it will cover all the parts or not.

dairy equipments Dairy Plants

Everything about different Machinery and Equipment Used in Dairy Farming

Dairy farming equipment includes pasteurizers, vaccination buckets, automatic milkers, and more. The dairy farm’s main function is milk production. It is a capital intensive venture which needs long term investment and proper management. Farms generally stock the same breed with a history of high milk production.

How to select Dairy Farming Equipment?

The number of cattle will determine the milking system. Selecting the best quality dairy machinery is extremely important for your business to grow. Equipment which cut down the operational cost, labor, and time should be considered.

Look for options like space, range of features, automated, quicker output, or manual. You need to make sure the equipment has spare parts for easy replacement. From pasteurization to storage everything needs to be done correctly.

Dairy Farming Equipment

Basic milk processing equipment is pasteurizers, separators, homogenizers, and tanks. The primary equipment is milking machines. There are different designs, specifications, and functionality.


The milk harvested from cattle contains bacteria or harmful agents. The milk heating process is to neutralize the bacterial presence. The milk is heated for 16 seconds at 72 degrees.


This machine is used to separate cream and skimmed milk. Used to produce milk products and all these components are made from plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Homogenizers and Tanks

The tanks are used for storing the products. The homogenizers are machinery that separates the immiscible liquids into the emulsion. More equipment includes housing and refrigeration.

Machinery and Equipment for Dairy Farm

The machinery type depends on the operation size. If you are going to start with a small setup then you need to make the changes accordingly and get the machinery accordingly. The machinery can be manual, automated, and semi-automated. Temperature control is important and for that utility vehicle is needed for supplies. For running a smaller farm, then feed grinder, loader tractor, and milking cans are needed

Farm Equipment

Fodder truck

Tractor implements

Fodder compacting press

Fodder block machine

Administrative office equipment

Milking equipment

Mud pump


Pressure washer

Fodder mill




Moveable fence

Fodder harvester


Feed basket

Loader tractor

Feed grinder

Milk cans

Borewell with motor

Electric fencing

Semen container


Types of Milking Process

Different types of machinery and equipment are there to have the profit you are looking for. Common processes are fully automated, hand milking, and robotic milking. There is the pipeline included which makes the entire functioning of the milking process smoother and the vacuum bucket milking system is effective.

 Different Types of Milking Processes

  • Hand milking
  • Fully automated robotic milking
  • Rotary parlors
  • Automated milker take-off system
  • Parallel parlors
  • Milking pipeline system
  • Vacuum bucket milking system

The Fully Automated Robotic System

With an automotive milking system, the working of the entire milking process will be done smoothly. This is great for increasing production and helps your business to get the benefits they are looking for.

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What are the various methods to improve Dairy Process Efficiency

Here, at our NK dairy Equipments, you will find the quality products and we offer milk plant for your dairy business. We also provide you dairy process efficiency and mechanical processes directly in order to increase process performance, and are ready for disruption utilizing Industry 4.0 technology.

Here you can see the main processes adding importance to raw milk:

That of these procedures needs machines and facilities that are labor expensive which both include a certain sort of packing line to stock which plans for shipping the finished product. Through the method of processing raw milk products provides the possibility of enhancing process performance with our Analytics software such as Worximity.

Unloading whole milk

When raw milk is obtained from the dairy, any tanker truck is usually removed from the carrier. The unloading cycle requires a generator, usually a constructive rubber device. Upon unloading the car is sprayed into the nozzle installed up to the top of the tank by pumping hot water and sanitizing water which directs water on the entire inner side of the tank. As the trucks from farms that take raw milk are enclosed and not cooled, unloading is important when necessary.

Despite product degradation, you can not get trucks lined up in the yard for longer hours. These trucks appear to be big, and any prolonged pause in waste raw materials will contribute to substantial costs. For vehicles to reach the plant and liquid milk to become tanks or processing processes, the reliability of the truck loading bay is important.

Clarification and cooling of milk

Raw milk is also sent to eliminate particulate contaminants via a centrifuge for Clarification to be cooled by a heat exchanger as it is collected or eventually refined. The manufacturing of milk goods also faces one challenge: heat exchangers are also foul. The energy to transfer liquid through the heat exchanger rises, flow declines prolongs the cycle period, eliminates operations, and lowers the performance of the device as the heat exchanger is squeezed. It ensures the heat exchanger systems will become causes of bottlenecks as they have to be washed due to sluggish processings or downtimes.


The milk is typically ‘standardized’ to normalize the fat and nonfat components as required in order to better refine the finished product. Milk is typically divided by a centrifugal separator into skims and cream goods. The milk should be measured and the fat is then separated to accomplish the intended goal, and the milk can be divided into the two elements.

Pasteurization, Steam Generation & Co-Generation

‘Pasteurized’ is used as a heat treatment method for the bulk of milk items. Pumps are used to transfer the commodity and heat exchangers are used again in this processing step.

Certain other processes to improve efficiency.

  • Homogenization

  • Cooking and Fermentation

  • Mechanical Work

  • Freezing, Hardening & Evaporation

  • Packaging

  • Cleaning

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Dairy Processing and Packaging Solutions & Machines

If you are running a dairy plant, then you need to keep various things in your mind related to the packaging of milk products. If you are unable to gather all the information, then you need to get help from experts and you can also grab knowledge about packaging solutions as well as dairy processing units from the given article.

Since NK dairy manufactured India’s first indigenous milk pouch packing system almost four decades ago, the dairy business started growing fastly. Now, several people are manufacturing certain machines for the dairy business, but not everyone knows the considerations. So, you have to choose the best one, who knows the value of your efforts, time, and money as well.

In reality, we provide automated packaging machines and optimized packaging systems for a broad range of dairy as well as milk products including-:

  • Viscous such as ghee, vanaspati, curd

  • Powders like milk whiteners and milk powder

  • Liquids.

Some common advantages of our dairy packaging machines and systems are-:

  • Compact

  • Maintenance-friendly construction

  • High-speed performance

  • Required hygiene standards

  • Precise filling and sealing.

Let’s have a look at various packaging machines.

VFFS Packaging Machines

The range includes

Filpack Servo 6 K-: This lightweight Plain Dairy products, Flavored Dairy products or milk, Lassi, etc. packing unit is a heavy-duty product, producing accurate and well packed CSPP pouches at a pace of 6000 packs/hour.

Filpack Servo 12 K-: With a speed of 12,000 packs/hour, this machine is the fastest milk pouch packaging machine. It can pack 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml CSPP pouches with equivalent ease and precision. Independent balancing tanks provide flexibility for the simultaneous handling of single or different products.

Filpack Servo Universal: The next Dairy packing option, covers numerous uses in both free-flowing liquids such as milk & buttermilk and viscous like ghee, kefir, cream, and mayonnaise. It’s also available in a Double Head Hybrid Filler configuration that enables consumers to fill liquids on one head and viscous goods on the other.

Filpack CMD Alpha-: Constructed substantially shorter than conventional machines, it does occupy much space and requires no side opening. It provides twin heads so that at the same time you can carry two separate items. Maintenance can even be done on one track while the other one is in operation.

HFFS Packaging Machines

We have the latest wave of Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal devices, which are versatile, and can be used to pack powder, liquid, and viscous. These machines offer a variety of pouch formats with superior pouch aesthetics, as well as a single and perforated pouch chain with quick and easy switching. Higher-output duplex models are available.

Integrated Solutions

We offer unrivalled strengths for Project Integration and complete packaging lines with its in-depth understanding of the dairy industry and knowledge of virtually all process steps taking care of product, output, and regulations.

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What is milk pasteurization and How Milk Pasteurization is helpful to keep milk fresh & healthy?

With advanced technology, the dairy business is growing day by day. Milk plants are able to produce quality milk as well as milk products so that people can simply consume them for a healthy life. Let’s talk about the freshness of the milk in this article and how milk pasteurizers are helpful to keep milk products fresh all the time.

Milk contains three main ingredients such as Vitamin A and D as well as milk. Not only these, Milk often contains gases, around 10 percent, and these include carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. Dispersed and dissolved chemicals are a major concern in milk production and will fire on to heating surfaces if too much gas is stored there. However, safety must be considered before consuming milk as with other natural products. This is where the milk pasteurization comes in.

What is Milk pasteurization?

Pasteurization of milk is a water heat treatment procedure for certain processed and unpackaged products, including milk that is used to destroy any harmful/bad microorganisms, such as pathogens, microbes, and viruses. This whole process is done in a dairy plant because it includes all the necessary machines to keep milk fresh all the time.

Some dairy farmers ask us about the history of milk pasteurization, how this process starts, and beneficial for human health. Here is the history of milk pasteurization. History offers the benefits of pasteurization, as the method of boiling or heating milk to remove health issues has been known since the early 1800s and first introduced in the late 1800s to decrease foodborne illness and mortality of babies.

As civilization grew throughout the 20th century, expanded development and consumption of milk contributed to outbreaks of milk-borne diseases such as-:

  • Typhoid fever

  • Scarlet fever

  • Septic sore throat

  • Diphtheria

  • Diarrheal diseases.

Such diseases were removed in addition to better management methods on dairy farms, with the widespread introduction of Pasteurization. Established initially by Louis Pasteur in 1864 to prevent spoiling of wines, this method is now widely used around the world to keep milk fresh as well as healthy all the time to reduce the risk of health problems.

The process of milk pasteurization includes-:

  • Flash Heating

  • Flash Cooling

  • Homogenization

  • Aseptic Packaging

The Power of Pasteurization

Pasteurization by heating method kills potentially dangerous pathogens from the milk. It is a simple operation, so it does not attach any additives to the milk. Protecting humans from deadly foodborne pathogens is an important phase in the food protection program.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) recommends that raw milk be avoided because it can result in food poisoning due to certain bacteria in it.  UHT is the term, also defined as Ultra-Heat Therapy. The manufacturing dairy machinery for ultra-heat treatment is mainly used in milk development.

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Why is Turmeric Milk Essential in Everyday Diet?

Not everyone is aware of the benefits of having turmeric milk. This blog is specially written for those, who want to treat certain health issues by consuming turmeric milk. So, you have to read it properly at the end to get detailed information about turmeric milk.

These days, several farmers are running dairy plants businesses due to the high demand for milk products. You can simply produce tons of milk and other dairy products with the help of a milk plant. These milk plants are valuable to produce quality products so that everyone can enjoy them properly. In this blog, we are going to tell you the benefits of turmeric in everyday diet.

Turmeric offers you antibiotic effects and includes a chemical compound named as curcumin. This compound has the capacity of being ingested into the fat and tissues of our body. When you mix it into the milk, it provides an ideal medium in which curcumin passes easily to the fats and tissues, allowing its absorption easier.

By adding turmeric into milk, you can treat several health problems. Here are some of the health benefits of consuming Turmeric Milk every day:

Purify the Blood

One of the key advantages of turmeric milk is the purification of the body. This milk is helpful to boost the circulation of the blood as well as cleanse the blood vessels.

Prevents a Disease

Curcumin in turmeric has been shown to be effective in destroying cancer cells and reducing their capacity to propagate and destroy DNA. Turmeric milk can help prevent cancer growth in the early stages on a regular basis.

Promotes digestion

Anti-inflammatory properties present in turmeric milk help to manage digestive problems by promoting digestion, preventing stomach ulcers, and diarrhea. You can also get rid of heartburn, Bloat, nausea, and other stomach diseases.

Combat respiratory issues

You can get rid of any pathogens or infectious agents from the respiratory system with the help of turmeric milk. This is an Antimicrobial that prevents bacterial and viral pathogens. This is an important treatment for allergies, bronchitis, which also offers immediate relief from sinus lung inflammation.

Aids Lack of Weight

Yeah, turmeric milk helps to lose weight. As turmeric contains dietary fiber, and these are valuable to prevent weight gain, also you can get rid of extra fat deposited in your body.

Promoting Good Sleep

Promoting healthy sleep is another well-known safety advantage of consuming turmeric milk every day. It creates amino acid-tryptophan and you must consume it every night before bed makes you relax, settle the mood, and thus encourages undisturbed sleep all night. You can also get rid of cold and cough by consuming turmeric milk.

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Benefits of Skimmed Milk

Looking for a milk option which is low-fat and low-calorie. In that case, skim milk is the best option. Skim milk demand has increased all over the world because of the way it is made and the various benefits it provides. Read the given topic, the understand the benefits of skimmed milk.


Skimmed milk is a low-calorie and low-fat version of traditional full-fat milk. Many people think that the nutrients are taken away from skimmed milk. But, this is not true. The skin milk is prepared with the centrifugal separation process in which the fat molecules are taken out of the milk.

The benefits it provides have increased its demand all over the world. This is the reason, more dairy plants are preparing skim milk to fulfill the increased demand.

How skin milk is beneficial?

Given below are some of the topmost benefits of skin milk to consume it daily:

  • Enriched with protein

Skim milk is loaded with 9 essential amino acids which helps the muscles to become strong. Consumption of skim milk will build muscles quickly and also help them to maintain it. Moreover, the protein it contains is very easy to digest. So, consumption of skim milk is beneficial for your overall health and it is safe as it is loaded with essential proteins.

  • Great source of Calcium

Milk is a great source of calcium and that goes for the skim milk. But, skim milk provides more calcium as compared to other whole milk variants.

Our body contains various tissues which need calcium to function. Consumption of one glass skim milk will provide you 30 percent of calcium your body needs.

  • Helps in weight loss

Skimmed milk is prepared by skimming the cream which has fat and this makes it low-fat. Due to the low-fat content, it helps the person to prevent weight gains and gives the same benefit as the whole milk. So, if you are looking for a weight loss option then skimmed milk.

  • Enriched in Minerals

Skimmed milk is loaded with essential minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and selenium. With these minerals, it improves the blood pressure and ensures the heart function is proper. Additionally, the calcium presence in the milk is great to build strong teeth and bones.

  • Low in Cholesterol

Increased levels of cholesterol can lead to heart issues. If you are one of them who is facing issues to maintain the cholesterol level, then you should switch to the option of skim milk.

Important Note

Skim milk is not safe for the consumption of people under the age of 2 because the fat content is extremely low. Infants need more fat which they cannot get from skim milk. If you are planning to prepare the skim milk at your dairy plant, then get the machinery and equipment from Nkdairy.