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How are milk coolers the modern way to preserve milk in the best manner?

Milk Coolers: Modern method to preserve milk

Milk Coolers: Good health is extremely important and for that, we need to make sure that we eat the right kind of food. One of the important parts of the Indian diet is milk which provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and protein to the body. So, the one glass of milk which we add to our diet mustn’t be adulterated in any sense.

Although, the growing impurities and pollution in the environment have made it difficult to ensure the process is not affected.  Milk’s nutritional value mustn’t be affected and from the extraction to consumption, the process should go safely.


Milk Coolers (BMC): Modern format of doing work

To reduce the risk of adulteration and mishandling in dairy products, milk coolers (BMC) are the best choice. Their use in the dairy industry will be one-of-a-kind. Through their use, the nutrition and quality of milk will be maintained to perfection. In addition, the processing and packaging will be maintained. Through its use, there will be proper cooling and everything is stored in the right manner free from bacteria or anything harmful.


What are the necessary accessories of BMC?

To make sure a full-proof bulk milk cooling system is there, certain basic accessories are needed. All these things are necessary during the installation in the milk collection units or the dairy farm. Some of the important ones are mentioned below.


Data Loggers

Data loggers are a sensor-based state-of-the-art supervisory method that makes it easier to monitor everything. There is a need of:

  • Milk Volume
  • Milk Temperature
  • Agitation Status
  • CIP Status
  • Auxiliary Power Status
  • Milk Unloading Parameters

The sensors are attached to the output system and there are different power taps along with the display system or it can be installed depending on your needs. All the desired information can be obtained with the dashboard method and it can be viewed on any device which has the internet attached to it. In addition, there can be access control methods depending on the client’s need.


CIP method

CIP stands for Cleaning-in-Place system. These are an automated cleaning system which makes it easier to control the milk equipment and machinery. The human intervention is less which improves effectiveness. From pre-rinse to post-rinse, the cleaning is done with perfection and all the chemicals are washed away from the equipment. The errors are less and it makes it easier to operate it.



We all know there is a high risk of global warming all over the world. So, it is of utmost importance that we reduce wastage. With the use of HRU, all this can be done with ease. It will save additional energy which is needed to clean the milk cooling tanks. With these, the milk chilling methods are done in the best manner as everything is in line. All in all, it will increase the energy efficiency with these systems.


Simple, easy, and organized! All this is possible with BMC accessories. Through this, it makes it easier to store the milk in the right approach, and then it can be given to the final user which is safe for consumption.

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What is the difference b/w manual cleaning and machine cleaning?

The companies can only build a good rapport among their customers if they are providing them with promising and high-quality products. But one single flaw found in the product can spill your efforts in no time. Usually, such things are related to cleaning problems. If a single dirt particle or the contamination of the products is found in the material then it considerably affects the reputation of the business. So the need of the hour is to get the ideal system for cleaning the machines which are used to make the specific products.

Before talking about the cleaning machines, you should know what does the term cleaning means for the machines:

  • Physical cleanliness

When it is about physical cleanliness then we are considering the aesthetics at this point.

A noteworthy point

If you consider using a wet cloth in the initial stage of the cleaning, then the dirt or the dust particles may get stuck on the surface. This aspect is related to the visual cleaning factor.

  • Chemical cleanliness

When it is about chemical cleaning, then we are talking about the microscopic residues which need to be eliminated from the surface.

  • Bacteriological cleaning

To avoid any kind of infection from entering the products, bacterial cleaning is quintessentially important.

  • Sterile cleanliness

When it is about sterile cleanliness, then the microorganisms are to be destroyed which are hard to get rid of when they are on the surface.

  • Staff hygiene

It is to be noted here that the hygiene of the staff is also to be given due attention to. Since the ones who are operating the machine should also take all the cleanliness and hygienic measures into account.

So here are the reasons why should you turn to machine cleaning despite manual cleaning:


  • Cleanliness tracking

With the help of the tracking machines, the cleanliness data can be measured to make sure that the ultimate standards of hygiene are being met.

  • CIP Cleaning

No matter how many times you are using the machine to perform the cleaning cycles. Each time it will come out with a similar output since it offers you consistency in each cycle.

  • Ideal measurements for the deterrents

The detergent should neither be used less nor more. So in this condition, the machine is recommended in such a way that it can carry out the entire cleaning process with the right amount of detergent.

  • Fixed duration

If we compare this factor with the manual cleaning, then the duration for carrying out the entire cleaning thoroughly depends on the skill, experience and efficiency of the worker. But if we compare this with the automatic cleaning, then there is a fixed duration for each cycle of the cleaning.

  • Reduced cost of operation

Relying on the machine level cleaning does not only help you with the effective cleaning but it considerably helps you to lower the costs. These costs usually come into existence when the salary to the cleaning workers is to be given. But considering a machine for cleaning is best since it is a one-time and long-term investment.

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Which equipment can help you to bring about energy efficiency in your dairy farm?

The farmers have experienced energy savings of up to 60% with the installation of the following:

  • Speed milk
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Heat recovery systems

Check your knowledge

Usually, the dairy farms are responsible for carrying out the following works:

Cooling milk

Carrying out the milk processes

So in today’s article, we shall be discussing the energy-efficient milking systems

  • Variable speed vacuum pumps

The traditional vacuum pumps used to operate at standard speeds. But that should not be happening as the speed requirements keep on getting changed. The predominant advantage of using the variable speed drivers is that considerably insignificant energy is being provided to the motor which leads to the reduction of the operation speed.

The production of the necessary amounts of airflow can help to reduce the costs. Not only is it beneficial from the energy effective point of view. It is rather similarly advantageous as far as the noise level is concerned.

  • Milk cooling

The highest cost is incurred on cooling the milk. This is the costliest process. It is because the temperature of the milk has to be reduced to three degrees. (The temperature of the heated milk is 35 to 37 degrees). Fowling is some of the options by which we can cool the milk through the following:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Variable Speed milk pumps
  • Heat exchangers

The mechanism of these heat exchangers is to transfer the heat to the water which is considered as the intermediary cooling fluid. Installation of the heat exchangers can also help to make your milking system as efficient as it could be.

  • Variable speed milk pumps

The pumping of the plate coolers at a constant speed can be maintained through the milk pumps. These help in the efficient installation of the system which can provide greater milk cooling. Not only this, but the one more impressive benefit behind this is the reduction in the energy in the demand for the energy.

  • Heat Recovery Units

As we know the process of cooling milk, the heat is supposed to get rejected from the refrigeration system which involves the condenser coil. Its recovery is possible if the hot refrigeration gets immersed in the water. This technique can also help to achieve a water temperature of more than 50 degrees.

Which tips are recommended for energy saving on dairy farms?

Following are some of the helpful and the beneficial top by which you can save a quintessential amount of energy:

  • The usage is recorded at the various intervals
  • If possible, then try to switch to the better tariffs
  • Try to use the cheap electricity for eight hours and that particularly for water heating purposes.
  • The loss of heat can be minimised to the significant extents by insulating the water heaters and the pipeworks.

Bottom Line

You can not do everything on your own. Try to make your staff understand how important it is to carry out energy-efficient techniques.

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Which tips should you follow for the maintenance of dairy equipment?

If the dairy equipment maintenance is carried out with precision, then you can expect your business to run extremely smooth. So you might be wondering which are the important tips that you can follow to stay positioned at the top of the dairy equipment maintenance. Do not worry! We are here to help you with some of such tips which can help you to keep your dairy equipment maintained.

  • Schedule your maintenance sessions

Have you ever considered building a maintenance schedule beneficial? If not, then you must consider having a spreadsheet on which you can track the maintenance. Make sure you are keeping the recommendations of the manufacturer in account while planning for regular maintenance.

Important fact

Many of the manufacturers consider keeping the track of how many days the machine has worked. But that’s the wrong tracking method. Instead of that, you should track how many hours the machine was being used.

  • Cleanliness is the key

You should keep your machine clean. The accumulation of dust particles and debris usually make the components of the machines stuck. You would not be willing to compromise the productivity of the machine because of the stucking. Apart from checking the dirt, you should also check if there is any source of leakage.

Beneficial tip

For the regular checking and the maintenance of the dairy equipment, you should hire an employee who will be solely responsible for these functions.

  • Maintenance should be your priority

Because of the increasing need for modernization in the milk industries, business owners are highly relying on the installation of dairy equipment. No sooner the lockdown is going to be over, than the spike in demand for such equipment is going to make your business profitable. To satisfy the customer or the client with your equipment, it is needed that you keep the equipment maintained. If you deem maintenance as your priority, only then you are going to experience the benefits.

  • Be acute with the maintenance records

You are required to keep an accurate track of all the maintenance measures which may include the checking of the electrical systems and the lubrication of the variegated gearboxes. If you do not keep them on the proper track, then there are high chances that you may not be able to efficiently maintain the equipment.

  • Build relations with the equipment supplier

As we all know that none can know the product as good as the one who sells it. So in that regard, you are advised to maintain healthy relations with the equipment provider. If you pick the right manufacturer for buying the dairy equipment. Then you are going to be heavily benefitted from the same since you are purchasing a good quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

Bottom Line

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips for maintenance, then you can never stay behind in the league since you are having an up-to-date and greatly maintained equipment.

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Why should you use software-oriented equipment in your dairy plant?

The dairy industry has stepped towards automation. But the world never stops as far as advancements are concerned. Each dairy plant has installed machinery in the plants. Some operate manually while others make use of the installed software for their work. I guess….Software installation is the best thing that the machines can provide the dairy owners.

Benefits of incorporating the software in the machines

  • Enhanced productivity

Productivity is what matters to the dairy plants. The importance of productivity lies in the underlined fact:

If a dairy plant has committed to providing the milk and cheese to the particular manufacturer and the quality of its production depends upon your supply of raw material. If you do not supply the milk and the cheese on time, then obviously, he will encounter loss. The dairy owner can also encounter loss if the client gets upset and makes a decision to terminate the contract.

Such things can only happen if the machines do not include the software. Having software incorporated into the dairy equipment can save you from the fear of completing the order on time.

  • Ameliorated capabilities

The capabilities of the dairy plant can significantly be affected as far as the following are concerned:

  • Better Support
  • Route reconciliation particularly with the salesperson
  • Supply chains
  • Warehouse management
  • Voice Picking
  • Route Optimization
  • Maximisation of the route efficiency
  • Only relevant technologies are targeted

We should be knowing this fact that we can enjoy the benefits of automation without particularly investing in the following:

  • Expensive IT infrastructures
  • Expertise
  • Maintenance
  • Software switching
  • Reduced costs

The costs can be reduced with the help of the software. Since efficiency always leads to the mitigation of the costs. If the costs are lower than the revenue generated, then you can incur the profits.

  • Detection of contamination at once

The software ensures that you are not finding yourself in the problem where you fail to detect the contamination of the products. It will help you to maintain the reputation that you provide the people with hygienic and high-quality products.

It will also make you get rid of the fear of license termination which happens when any fault in the edible products are found.

  • Expansion of the business

The software helps you to expand the business. Since the costs which were earlier incurred on paying the salaries of the employees are now getting saved. You can use that amount in the expansion of your business.

From where can I get such equipment?

Are you asking that question….?

You can order such equipment from the NK Dairy equipment. We are the known manufacturers of dairy equipment. We have satisfied many of our clients with the quality equipment. Not only this, the professional help provided by us is what is admired by the people the most.

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Nk dairy is the manufacturer of top-rated dairy processing equipment

Dairy Plant Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers
Nk Dairy has been providing its services to dairy farm owners for many years. We also strive to provide nothing but the best. While setting up the dairy plant, the business owner needs to get hold of the best dairy equipment and machinery. Being the No. 1 dairy equipment manufacturer we have worked on different projects and provide the clients with the best solutions. It includes:
• Dairy Automation
• Ice Cream Processing Plants
• Paneer And Cheese Processing Plants
• Modernization of Process
• Liquid Milk Segment
• Clean In Place (CIP systems)
• Curd And Yoghurt Processing Plants
• Cream And Ghee Processing Plants
• Experts In Aseptic Dairy Processing

Dairy plant processing Equipment
Our dairy plant processing equipment will help the business owner to get moving in the right direction. All the equipment and machinery are made under the standards. This is done to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any level and the final product is of quality.

Paneer Processing Equipment
Our paneer processing equipment has undergone different testing methods which ensure the quality is 100%. Our team of professionals ensures that everything is best and the way it needs to work. Most importantly, it is made sure everything is finished or reaches the final stage which guarantees the best results. With our products, you can be sure that efficiency is at the utmost level and most importantly everything is available at an economical price. So, you can be sure that at every single level the quality is given utmost importance.

Cheese Processing Equipment
If you are planning to set up the cheese processing equipment, then we have a range of cheese equipment to move in the right direction. Most importantly, it is made from stainless steel which ensures the machinery works properly and the investment you are going to make will last for a long time. Most importantly, all the machinery has the set temperature to make the products. It means the final product will be delivered on time and quality won’t get hampered at any cost.

Best-in-class and modern machinery
Nk diary provides the authentic and best solutions to complete the project. We provide the best-in-class dairy machinery and equipment to ensure that your dairy plant is set up in the right space. This way all the processing steps will be carried out on time and smoothly. Our range of dairy machinery and equipment are designed to carry out the:
• Preparation
• Processing
• Slicing
These 3-steps are best to carry out for the cheese, ice cream, milk products, and much more. Moreover, our production line ensures the work is carried out in minimal time and at the same time the product quality is not hampered at any cost.

Our prime focus is given to productivity and quality, which is the reason we are trusted by thousands of clients. If you are planning to set up your dairy plant then get in touch with our team to get detailed information on what type of machinery & equipment you need.

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What are the various transforming dynamics in the milk and dairy industry?

When it is about the revolution in the field of the dairy industry, the following aspects are always the ones that click in mind instantly:

Let us throw light on each of the above-mentioned aspects

  • Milk and food machinery

After a considerable period of time, there has been a significant transformation in the techniques and machinery used to obtain variegated dairy food items.

Milk tanks are an indispensable element in milk processing plants. The main functionality of these tanks is to contain the following:

  • Raw milk
  • Interim milk
  • Skimmed milk
  • Cream

There is also the availability of another kind of tanks which are also used to obtain the good quality of milk:

  • Pre-Stack tanks
  • Milk tanks
  • Interim tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Pasteurizers

Pasteurizers are also used to eliminate the harmful and disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms. The main operation of these is to produce sufficient heat that can kill the bacteria.

  • Cheesemaking equipment

The dynamics which are noteworthy in the dairy industry are the evolution of cheese-making equipment. This kind of equipment has not only helped to reduce the manual efforts but has also contributed a lot in making available certain dairy food items in bulk or required quantity.

  • Food adulteration

In these times, where people are merely focusing on how to make a huge sum of money from the business, it is vital to ensure whether the dairy food which you are consuming is of significant quality or not. Food adulteration is rising at a high pace these days. But the clients of NK dairy are highly cautious of making adequate quality dairy food items available to their customers. The milk which is processed and the cheese, butter vs clarified butter which is obtained from the milk are also of high quality.

Most of the reported cases of the adulteration in milk industry has been observed making use of the following items to make milk available in abundance:

  • Chalk Powder
  • Urea
  • Soap Water
  • Unhygienic and unfiltered water
  • Hydrogen peroxide

NK dairy is committed to making the equipment that maintains the nutritional content of the milk to a significant level. Even though the machinery which is used for the processing activities is double-checked before use to ensure whether there is an element that can damage the nutritional content of the milk.

  • Food processing

Food processing is necessary for every food industry. There are predominantly three kinds of food processing available:

  • Primary food processing

Primary food processing is a vital process that is accountable for processing edible items.

For example, When wheat is harvested, we can not eat it instantly unless we get it thoroughly ground wheat powder. This is what explains the primary processing.

  • Secondary food processing

The secondary process is nothing but making the innards ready to eat after using various cooking techniques.

  • Tertiary food processing

Tertiary food processing is explained as those edible items which are processed in the way that they are ready to eat as soon as they are taken out of the refrigerators.



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How are automation and various technologies helping dairy plants to achieve success?

This era is approaching success in every possible field. So how could the dairy industry lag? The dairy industry is putting its steps forth in the direction of automation and a technology-driven atmosphere. A Dairy Plant is now a place where milk is processed and various dairy products are produced using high-tech automation techniques. Now every machine that helps to satisfy the dairy work comes under the category of dairy equipment. Let us discuss some of the quintessential points about automation in the dairy industry.

 ●     Accuracy and error free

Once the milk is reached the factory. Every machine gets excited to process it. Numerous machines support the processing of milk and help to obtain curd, cheese, or cream from that. All the processes need complete control of over-temperature conditions. These are done in a highly effective way when automation takes up the charge.

For example: Humans are prone to mistakes but machines work on commands. In many of our daily life activities, it takes place that the manual effort of doing something with less care ends up destroying the item. But if the machine is commanded to heat the milk at 45 degrees celsius for about 10 min. Then it will heat only up to 45 degrees celsius. Not one degree above nor below. 10 min means 10 min. It will stop functioning after the specified time. But human efforts in this regard will be appreciable but will be prone to many mistakes and blunders.

●     Reduction in human efforts

Automating manual tasks will reduce human efforts. It does not imply that human labor will not at all be needed. Of Course, it will be required. If human labor will not be present then who will operate and determine the functioning of the machines.

For Instance: When human labor was deployed for carrying out the work of churning the cream, then this work would take 1 hour for 5 kg of cream but when this work is done with the automation techniques, it would take half the time.

  • Hire the relevant employees

If one is focusing on heading to the industry fully and wholly automation-driven, then it is of utmost significance that you must hire the employees who are really suitable for your industry. They should be the people who have full know-how of every aspect of your machinery and techniques. Machinery is not the same with every industry.

Bottom Line

Once in a while it may happen, some human may fall ill and he is still working. That will spread the harmful toxins and bacteria in the milk and other products.

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What are the common mistakes you need to avoid while launching the dairy product?

While looking for dairy products it can be confusing for the customers what they should get. Well, there are so many dairy brands and each of them comes with different advantages. Some of the products are high in protein, gluten-free, and low in sugar. So, how do you make sure when you get the new product it should stand out and it should translate to sales. For the business owner, it is essential to have the best dairy equipment and machinery which ensures the product is of good quality.

 Avoiding to take a position

It is difficult to believe but the food producers do not believe that their food tastes the best, and it needs to be the healthiest. Well, there is no doubt that the best dairy brands produce quality food. But, they do not focus on creating a brand voice.


If your business does not pay attention then there are high chances that the person above you will get the benefit. Your business should give the customers a reason to opt for your product as compared to others.

If your brand is offering tasty and healthy ice-cream and has the proper evidence, then your product is going to be noticed by the customers. So, make a difference and your business will be on the top.


  • The packaging is not in regards to the brand value

The customers are going to look at the packaging and their decision will depend on whether to buy the product or not. Once you have created an impact on the customers, you need to focus on creativity.


You need to choose the best design elements so that your product packaging looks great. Make sure it is not all confusing, otherwise the customer won’t be able to make the final choice.


Do not go with the low-print packaging sheets as the customers will not feel the urge to buy the product. To get success on the launch, make sure you put a slight portion of the marketing to have innovative packaging. Studies have shown that striking packaging helps the product line to be better and it creates a different impact on the customers.


  • Not using market research to increase brand value

Most of the time, business owners say that their product is different and the customers are going to love it. But, when they are told to point the finger at that one particular thing they are not able to do it. This is where market research is important. It is important to research in-depth what the customers think about the product. This way the business can include a strategy that benefits the business. Doing market research will give you ideas on what to change or how to make the product unique.


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What are the tips that will help you in operating a smooth dairy business?


Planning to open a milk plant business? Then make sure you are contacting the best dairy equipment manufacturer that will provide you high-quality dairy machines for your business. In this blog, we will tell you why getting in touch with NK dairy equipment manufacturers is beneficial for your business.

Services provide by us:

  • Production support
  • Marketing support
  • After-sales service & maintenance
  • Training during installation and commissioning
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Consumables

What are the top tips that will help you in setting up a dairy processing plant?

  • Quantity of milk

Before setting up the business, you should be aware of the quantity of milk you need to process per day. Through this, you will not waste milk daily.

  • Processing hours

You should plan process hours that will help you in running a smooth business.

  • Solution

From the concept of commissioning, you should select a vendor for the total solution.

  • Site selection

Do not forget to check the availability of milk, water, power availability, proximity to the market, and disposal of waste.

  • Consider the equipment layout

Before the construction of a civil structure, you should consider all the aspects of equipment layout.

  • Future expansion

While planning about power load & utilities, the business owner should also think about the expansion of the business. If you will not plan according to that, then there are chances you might experience difficulty in expanding the business.

  • Power- backup

Never forget to install a power backup. It will help you in operating the business with ease.

  • Contact architect and dairy engineer

You should conduct a meeting with an architect as well as with a dairy engineer. They will help you in setting up your dairy equipment with ease.

  • Cooling of raw milk

You should keep your milk cool down as it will decrease the risk of growing natural bacteria in the milk. But make sure you are keeping your milk for cooling as early as possible. Do not let your milk wait for two to three hours.

  • Ventilation

In the milk plant, you should ensure that proper ventilation is taking place. It will help you in keeping your surroundings free from any kind of smell.

  • Drainage facility

Make sure you are having a drainage facility. There should not be any stagnation in drains.

  • Appoint technical & experienced staff

You should hire knowledgeable as well as experienced professionals who know how to use the latest technology with ease. They should support you in earning profits because teamwork plays a crucial role in the growth of the business.

  • Optimization

Capacity optimization is important. It will tell you whether you will be able to get the best end product or increase operational cost.

  • Setting up a lab

You should set up a lab where you can manage the quality of raw material as well as the end product.

  • Selection of source

Source selection plays a vital role in providing the best quality of dairy products to the customers.