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Best Tips to Clean Dairy Equipments

The annual milk production in India is around 60.6 billion kilograms. India is the second-largest dairy producer in the world. It exports milk products to its neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan. One of the most important things is to make sure all the dairy equipment is clean. Read the topic to know the top tips.

Dairy owners have to make sure every step in the dairy plant is done properly. The technology has made the machines and equipment top-notch which makes the entire working process easier. To have the maximum output it becomes essential to keep up with the services and maintenance. With regular maintenance, the build-up of dirt and dust will be prevented and dairy machinery will work effectively. Given below are the topmost tips shared by our dairy equipment manufacturers to clean the dairy machines & equipment:

  • Cleaning the Machinery

The foremost step is to clean the dairy equipment which includes rinsing the machines with lukewarm water. Before you start cleaning, make sure the residual exits from the system. Dairy equipment will have a layer of remaining milk solids or soil which contain organic as well as inorganic leftovers. This will serve as a ground for the micro-organisms and it will affect the dairy products.

Moreover, the soil will affect the cleaning flow and sanitizing solution will not flow through easily. The dairy equipment needs to be rinsed at 100 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit to remove the milk solids. Never re-circulate the water while cleaning the machines. Before you move ahead, discharge the water used in the first go. Do this process, until the water exits from the outlet pipes.

  • Wash it properly

After the rinsing is done, you need alkaline detergent. This is used to remove the residual butterfat present in the system to break the small droplets. The pH cleanser will range from 11 to 13 to get the desired results. For cleaning, keep the temperature between 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, the protein will break into small droplets, and then it is mixed with detergent water. Do this for around 10 minutes and then the temperature should not go down below 120 degree Fahrenheit. Once the washing is done, rinse the entire system with acidified water for around 5 minutes and the pH value should be between 3 and 5.

  • Sanitization

The last step is sanitization to clean the dairy equipment. You need to use chlorine-based sanitizers for this method. This will kill the germs present within the system. Once you are done you need to mix sanitizer along with water and run the entire system for around 5 minutes.

Make sure, once this step is done do not put any external solution in it, other than the milk. Different steps are included in cleaning the dairy equipment and machinery. By doing so, it will maintain the hygiene factor.

dairy equipments

Advantages of Homogenising Milk

Homogenization involves processing the milk so that the fat globules are reduced in the milk. This helps to prepare the milk of the best quality for the final consumer. Due to different reasons, the milk is homogenized. To understand the advantages of the homogenized milk you should read the topic in detail.

Given below are the advantages of homogenized milk:

  • Homogenized milk stay fresh for a long time

Homogenized milk contains fat cells with uniform size and this helps the milk to stay fresh for a long time as compared to the rest of the milk. The milk is received directly after getting it from the cows. With the homogenization, the cream is removed from the milk which appears on the top layer. Due to this reason, the milk stays fresh for a long time and you can enjoy the freshness in every sip.

The best part is that in the homogenizer plant all the latest dairy machines are used which helps to make it even better and effective.

  • Homogenization helps the milk to digest faster

Non-homogenized milk can lead to stomach problems for most of the people. This is the reason, it is advised for people to consume non-homogenized milk. In this milk type, the fat globules are broken down into smaller particles which make it easy for consumption. So, this milk is great as it does not lead to stomach issues.

  • Homogenized milk taste better

When the milk is homogenized it helps it to taste better and the color is also better. Additionally, it improves the complexion by making the color whiter. Moreover, this also makes the homogenized milk have a creamy taste and it’s fat content is also balanced which is essential for consumption.

  • Homogenized milk is great for cooking

No matter what type of food you want to cook homogenized milk is great for it. This makes the final product even better to taste as it contains fat globules in small amounts and hence it is smoother as compared to the rest of the milk. If you want something which makes the food creamier than this milk type is great to make the food taste better.

Homogenized milk is safe for consumption like other milk types. It has essential nutrients that are great for overall health. Like choosing between the reduced-fat, low-fat, whole, or fat-free milk. Homogenized milk is widely available and has become one of the most essential choices for the consumer.

If you want to learn more about dairy products or want to understand how you should set up your dairy plant then talk to our experts for better understanding. They have years of experience which will make it easy for you to make the right choice.

dairy equipments

Advantages of milking machine

Milk is one of the most consumed items in India among the age group of different individuals. The milk contains different essential nutrients and proteins which are essential for the body. With the advanced milking machines it becomes easy for the milk to be of the best quality. In this guide, we have mentioned the benefits of milking machines.


Milking machine is one of the most essential parts of the dairy business. It is used for harvesting milk from the cows. The dairy machinery is further divided into 2 parts which include milking machines and fixed milking machines. For the dairy farm, these machines are extremely important and demanding for the business. This helps to make the complication less and the entire work is done effectively. Given below are some of the advantages of the milking machines for the dairy farm:


  • Material is of great quality

The machines are a very important part of the dairy business. They are made of high-quality material which is stainless steel. The machine is designed for the dairy farmers so that they can carry out the work of milking the cows easily.

  • Improved milk Quality

The machines are helpful to produce better quality milk. This way it helps the dairy farmers to earn the money they are looking for. The end-user gets quality milk which helps to increase the business in the long run.

  • Reduce labor cost

One of the major benefits of this machinery is reduced manpower, the machines work automatically which helps to reduce the need for the labor. The entire process of milking is done without the need of the person.

  • Pollution-free machinery

Another benefit of this machinery is they do not create much pollution. This is the main reason the dairy farm owners prefer to buy them to get better quality products.

  • Reduced time

As we have mentioned-above the machinery is automatic so the entire work is done on time. You simply need to set the time and the entire work is carried out in a pattern. The milk processing will be done step by step. However, with manual work, there are high chances that something can get missed while doing the work.

  • Improved dairy production

With time, the machines are working effectively and they made the working even better. The machines make the work of the dairy farm smooth. If you are looking to increase dairy production then these machines are the perfect choice for your business.

If you are looking to set-up your dairy farm or want to increase the milk production, then get these latest machineries with improved technology. For more information, you can talk to our team and they will give you the best quality product which helps your business to run smoothly.

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Everything About Milking Machine for Dairy Farms

Milk contains several essential nutrients that are great for the development and growth of bones. Milk is consumed in excess all over the world. The dairy farmers who are planning to set up a dairy farm need to make sure that they choose the best milking machines. Read the guide to learn more.


Milk is consumed in high-demand in India. This is true that milk consumption is great for overall health because it contains essential nutrients. Earlier the milking process was done manually which took a lot of time and effort. Moreover, there are high chances that the work can get wrong or not done effectively.

In that case, the milking machine is the best choice as they have the latest features and technology which makes everything even better. The installation of the dairy machinery in your dairy farm will make everything easy and effective.

Effective and Reliable Milking machines

Milking machines are capable of milking the cows with ease. The best part is that this process takes less time as compared to when it is done manually. The latest machinery comes with a teat cup, shells, liners, vacuum tank, regulator, vacuum pump, pulsator, and milk receptacle. The whole process of milk removal and then transporting the milk to the storage vessel becomes easy.

With the automatic milking machines, the milking process is done with automation. The work is done through the special herd management software which helps to monitor the health of the status.

What are the functions performed by milking machines?

  • Milking machine has a partial vacuum which opens the steak canal and it allows milk to flow out from the teat cistern and then to the receiving container.
  • It massages the teat which prevents blood congestion and lymph.

The machines will make the process easy and the entire process is done in a hygienic manner.

Features of Milking Machine

  • Results in increased milk frequency and this increases the milk yield per cow.
  • Consistent milk process due to modern methods of pulsation rate and vacuum level based on the flow of milk.
  • Milking machines reduce the efforts of the labor and this will make the entire process of milking in the right way.
  • It provides a lower stress environment for the animals because the milking routines are followed and this increases the milk quality.
  • The entire process of milking is done to help the entire process to be done with a flow.

If you are planning to set up your dairy farm then you should contact our experts. They will give you the best machinery for your dairy farm which will help your business to run smoothly. This is a great way to increase milk production and fulfill the demand of the user.

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Tips to select a milking machine for dairy farm

Dairy industry is one of the major sectors in India for generating revenue. No doubt, the consumption of milk and other dairy products is very large. While setting up the dairy plant, it is very essential to select the right kind of milking machine. Read the given guide to learn the tips to select the premium quality milking machines.

What is the need of milking machines?

In dairy farming, milking or milk harvesting is an essential activity that needs to be done properly to have the best quality dairy products. If milking is done with the hand it will take time and the productivity will not be up to the mark. This is why the need for a milking machine is extremely essential. Given below are some of the ways to select the right kind of dairy machinery:

Increases productivity

Manual milk harvesting needs practice and experience to extract the milk. But, it does need time and often it is considered as unhygienic. When it comes to milking it is essential to choose something which cuts down the extra cost. So, doing the milk harvesting with the machinery is considered faster and it will also increase the dairy farm productivity.           

Milking process need to be Hygienic   

With manual milking, the process of pressing and squeezing the teats is done with hands. There are high chances of contamination and this way of milking is not considered the best. The milking process needs to be done in a closed and hygienic environment so that unwanted particles do not get into the milk.

Improved efficiency

With the latest milking machines the negative pressure is extracted from the milk udder. Milk machines create a perfect environment so that the milking is done in the right manner. The use of pulse modulation reduces the total time needed and this also increases the extraction rate as compared to the manual milking.        

Total milk collected in the bucket

The machine comes with a container that is made of stainless steel. The containers are available in different capacities like 10 to 60 liters. You can also get the machines with single and double buckets. According to the amount of milk collected in the milk you can increase the number of cattle on your farm.

Capacity of Vacuum pump

Vacuum power is extremely essential in milking. With its use, the efficiency and speed of the milking machines can be decided. As per your need or preference you can get them in manual or automatic working. 

Pulsation and teat cups

Teat cups are attached to the end of the machines and they come in different materials like silicone, EPDM or similar kinds of rubber. The common one is EPDM and it is according to the food safety standards.

Pulsating is another effect which needs to be kept in mind and it helps to increase the working cycle.

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Profit Boosting Tips for Dairy business

Dairy and dairy products are the staple source of essential nutrients and vitamins. No doubt, the consumption of milk and milk products is in high demand in India. If you are looking start-up your own business then read this topic thoroughly as our experts have shared tips for boosting dairy business.


Dairy business is very important for every farmer and they make sure to put every small effort which helps to improve the profitability of their business. The dairy farmers are making sure they give the best services by producing quality products.

With the modern and latest technology dairy machines, it has helped to increase the production of the dairy business. If you are looking to start your dairy farm, then given are some of the essential tips to increase business profitability:


  • Use of latest machinery and technique


The technological advancement has made it possible to use dairy machinery with advanced and improved working. With their installation, on the premises will help to improve the business productivity which you have never even thought of.


  • Keep the milk price right


You need to be very careful while keeping the milk cost because it is very vital. You should take advantage of all the bonus factors present in the dairy sector. This way not only milk production is benefited but the entire dairy production will boost up.


  • Get the grazing done correctly


If the grazing is not perfect, you still need to make sure to do it correctly. Firstly, fertilize it and within one month it will revolve back. Additionally, late cuts need to be checked again. So, make sure to get the dry bales properly built to cut off the unwanted expenses.


  • Keep up with the current changes


Dairy farmers need to understand how important it is to know the important changes being made in the dairy business. Practically implementing these changes can make a significant improvement in the dairy business. So, it is best to go with the current situation and keep on moving further so that your business can reach where you want to be in the next 6 months.


  • Keep a check on the cash flow


Cash flow is a very important demand which should be checked for the upcoming months. It means you need to prepare yourself for the difficult time and make sure you are open to new strategies.

No doubt, with time a lot of things have changed and there has been continuous development. To make sure all your business goals are fulfilled start with the right approach.

If you are in doubt, what you can do or what type of machinery you need for your dairy business then you should contact our dairy experts for all the latest information.

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Packaging machines that can improve your dairy business

Dairy business is growing at a fast pace to meet the user demand. Well, it is also important the end product is delivered to the consumer in the right packaging so that its shelf-life is not affected. In this topic, we are going to share an insight into packaging machines that improve the dairy business.


In this modern era, every business sector is using technology to its best use. Well, in that case, the dairy business owner is making use of advanced techniques to improve business productivity. No doubt these modern dairy machines and equipment have improved the dairy standards drastically. All in all, it is not only beneficial to the business but the workers are also benefited from its use.

Improved and effective packing machines

In the dairy plant, the packaging is important because after that it is delivered to the end-user. Given below are some of the top packing machines which every business user needs to have.


  • Pouch Filling Machines


With the advent of the pouch filling machines, the packing pouches are made of the best quality material. In the market, the good quality pouches resist odor, gas, light, and moisture.

Nowadays, the modern cup filling machines are user-friendly and the quality is also improved. With their use, liquid and cold food can be packed easily. The business users can get better forming, sealing, filling, and opening.


  • Pure Packing machine


Many companies are using these for pack shaping and filling. The filling type is great for packaging containers. Mostly it is best for packing high-quality fluid, powder, and granule. There is a need for an automatic process that will complete the packing method.


  • Vacuum packing machines


Vacuum packing machines have also become very popular. This is great as it works on improving the packing standard. Along with that, it improves the production effectiveness and if there is any product that has an error it is removed right away. The benefit of using this packing machine is reduced labor strength.


  • Automatic bottle packing machines


The automatic bottle packing is also great because of the increased level of effectiveness it provides. With the newest technology, it has made it easy for the product to get shipped all over the world.

With the automatic bottle packing the process of bottled capping and automatic filling products is made easy and efficient.


  • Packing tube machines


This type of packing machine is great for packing tube products. So, its use has also increased the growth of the tube industry.

Technological advancements have made a great contribution to increase the dairy sector. In a few minutes, the work is done smoothly and effectively. If you are not sure which one to buy then contact our team for detailed information.

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Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing Milk Equipments

Dairy business is growing a lot in India because of the increase in dairy products. No doubt, it is important that the final product should be delivered to the customer which is properly clean and sanitized. In this guide, we are going to tell you everything about the cleaning and sanitizing milk equipment.

In the dairy business, there is a need for different milk equipment. When the dairy machines are used they come in contact with the dirt and germs. Due to this, the milk can get harmful and not fit for consumption. 2 processes that are important in the dairy farm for the milking machinery: cleaning and sanitizing.


  • Cleaning Process


The cleaning process means the milk soils are taken out and minerals solids which are present in the equipment surface.


  • Sanitizing process


In the sanitizing process, the harmful microorganisms are killed which are present on the bottom of the dairy machines.

Both these processes are essential so that there are no bacteria present in the milk and other processing equipment surface. Some of the additional things which are important in this process are:

Procedure for cleaning and sanitizing

  • Every dairy owner wants that the end dairy product delivered to the end-user is proper and fit for consumption. For every manufacturer, there are set guidelines for the milking equipment so that proper attention is given to the quantity and attention is given to managing the temperature. There should be the use of proper cleaning solutions and making sure the surface is properly cleaned.
  • Additionally, the right amount of water is used in the cleaning phase. The soil particles are removed by using the cleaning agents. These can also be removed with the help of mechanical agents like distribution cleaning and method of brushing.
  • But, it is important to keep in mind that the method of cleaning is not going to remove all the microbes. It is important to ensure that the sanitizing agents are used with proper strength and sanitizing should be done very carefully.

What are the safety factors in cleaning and sanitizing?

  • The cleaning guidelines should handle all the types of milking equipment like separators, milk tanks, pipelines, homogenizers, and pasteurizers. You must use the washing process and sanitize it for cleaning.
  • Along with that, the cleaning directions should be followed by using the right temperature, water, and chemical quantity.
  • When these processes are used there is the use of some chemical so it becomes important that you use them safely. Make sure it does not get in direct contact. While using them wear gloves, eye protection gear, and face shield so that when you mix the chemicals your body does not get affected.

If you are planning to buy milking equipment then talk to the professionals to get a reliable product.

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Why is packaging by packaging machines in dairy business better than traditional packaging?

The dairy sector in India is the fastest-growing sector because the demand for milk and other dairy products is the highest. In that case, it is also important that they are delivered to the customers in the right way. Here we will discuss the importance of packaging machines as compared to traditional packaging.

With the advent of the modern and latest technology, various business sectors have improved business productivity. This goes for the packaging industry also as it includes a range of functions like storage, transportation, and many more which have improved a lot. To make sure the product is delivered to the customer perfectly and durably then top packaging solution is important. Given below are some of the prominent reasons which will help you understand why to choose the packaging machinery over the traditional packaging for the dairy farm.

Difference: Packaging Machine Vs Traditional Packaging

Well, there are various reasons to upgrade your dairy machinery to the latest & new technology in every part of the dairy farm to better quality products.


  • Increased Capacity


In the market, you get the latest machines for packaging which include pure pack packing machines, cup filling machines, and other machines. Moreover, it also helps in handling the orders even in a limited area which is not possible with the traditional system.


  • Decreased Labor Costs


With traditional packaging, the need for manual labor is more which means increased labor costs. To avoid, the labor cost you should get the packing machines which are trustworthy and reliable option in every possible solution.


  • Increased packing speed


With the use of packing machines the packing speed with increase. This way, the distribution work will improve drastically. You just need to set the time and everything will be done in order and on time. Once, everything is done you can deliver the stuff for transportation.

On the other hand, the traditional packaging takes time so the product packaging will take time.


  • Long-time support


The packaging manufacturers have a huge team of experts who support them all the time. This means you can get the support and service to do the quality work all day long. The entire process is completed by following each step in the right manner.

Opting for a reliable choice for Packaging

In the dairy farm, different products need to be packed. The business owners can choose packaging tube machines, pouch filling machines, bottle packing machines, and vacuum packing machines. The automation technology has proved that productivity is improved drastically as compared to traditional packaging. To meet the present demand use of the advanced system is ideal in every manner. So, use the machines which give you top packaging solutions which mean effectiveness and faster results.