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5 Minute Read Guide on – The Benefits of installing Khoya Making Machine

Since we know, it is the dairy industry that is gaining attention at a fast pace. The facility to make the choices in running a dairy business allows one to give wings to the business.

Did you know?

The dairy owners who are planning to commence with either the Khoya and the ghee plant are the ones who end up making the best choices of all the time to increase the profitability of the business.

Some knowledge about Mawa Plant

If the Mawa Making Machine is installed in the Mawa Plant, then the productivity of the plant is sure to increase. So it is to be made sure that the mawa making machine should be purchased from the right purchaser.

Here are some of our customer reviews about the mawa making machine.

Dinesh Pandey

Hey there! I am Dinesh. I stepped in the Dairy industry with the milk processing plants. When it came out to be extremely successful, then we decided to extend our business. And the result of that was the Khoya plant. All thanks to NK dairy whose employees are so professional that they always guide the customers the best.

When I went there for the first time and made them know that I am planning to commence with the khoya plant and I do need the machines for the same, they helped me out to know the traits of the machine present out there. Then I purchased the one which I figured out was the best. And trust me, it’s been 2 years since I have bought this, not even a single issue was encountered.

Why are people so happy and satisfied with the Boiler Based Mawa Making Machine?

It is because of the following benefits that people are full of praise for this kind of machine.

High Productivity

If you commence your business by buying mawa making machines from our equipment store, then you will find the profits gained from the high productivity overwhelming.


Not only the mawa making machine, but all the other equipment bought from us are highly cost-efficient tat our customers are not even required to think twice whether they should be investing on this. Trust me, the installation of the mawa making machine at your place is going to prove to be the asset and not the liability.

Guarantee and Warranty

With this, we are giving you one more chance to establish your faith in us. If you buy any kind of equipment from us, then be free-minded since we’ll issue you both the guarantee and the warranty cards so that it becomes easy for you to replace the same in case any issue comes up.

Repair and Maintenance Services

You do not have to go anywhere to get any repairs or replacements done. We’ll always be there for you in case you need either the repair or the maintenance services.

Final Comments!

If you are the one who wants to buy this, then please consult our professionals who will help you to choose the best kind of equipment. Also, you will get a guarantee and warranty as well.

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Nk Dairy Guide about milk production and its ever-increasing demand

Primary food option which has the increasing demand

Milk is known to be one of the complex food items which are filled with different nutrients and it is a vital option for the growing baby. With milk consumption, the body gets all the essential nutrients it needs and even protects the body to fight against any sort of infection. When you consume dairy and milk products the body will get the necessary magnesium, selenium, calcium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. This is the reason, the Nk Dairy team ensures that all the necessary machinery and equipment are installed correctly in the Milk Processing Plant when the customer reaches us to buy any sort of dairy machinery. So, whether you need something for the ghee plant or you want to install the khoya making machine in your plant, our team has all the possible options you are looking for.

Where did milk production originate?

In the present time, the animals are living in different altitudes and latitudes which is the major reason they have to stay in all sorts of weather conditions. In milk production, animals like goats, cows, sheep, and buffaloes are used, even during the present time. It is also important that they are kept in the right environment so that all the possible conditions are taken care of completely. Having the most sophisticated production system is the major key factor of doing the work in the right order and satisfying the increasing demand of the customers.

What about the nutritional qualities of milk?

The most vital milk minerals and vitamins are Vitamin D and iron. Although these are not present in enough amounts, the way should, so that the body gets the nutrition it needs. In the given below-table the milk composition of different animals are mentioned:






Whey protein






























What about the milking frequency?

Considering the labor patterns and working hours, the requirement of milking is needed 2 times a day. It is also seen that the practice of milking has been increased more than ever, specifically in the areas with high-yielding herds. Even the process of milking being increased to 3 times will boost milk production.

Although, it has been noted that milking is an important part of making animal welfare much better. Moreover, the high-yielding cows prefer milking at least 2 to 3 times, when they are given that choice.

Taking proper care of milk quality and animal health

Cows productivity is boosted to a great extent when there are around 3 lactations. With high yield the quality of milk gets better than ever and they don’t even suffer from any disease. One of the common concerns is mastitis and if the farmer has proper knowledge it is much easier for them to detect the same.

Cow comfort is an important concern

Ideally, when the animal is in the right state, the milk quality gets better than ever and it even increases their comfort to produce milk in more amounts. Here are the 5 factors which are imperative to include when we talk about the cow’s comfort:

  • The cows should not face any sort of discomfort

  • The cows should not suffer from any pain, disease, and injury

  • The cows should not have any kind of distress and fear

  • The cows should get the food and water on time

All in all, managing their health to ensure they get all sorts of right things is important for the dairy farmer to have the maximum milk production.

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What are the different stages included in milk making and processing?

Milk making process with advanced technology

Are you intrigued by the process of making milk or do you want to set up your Milk Processing Plant? No doubt, the dairy farming business is lucrative in different ways and it also gives you the chance of setting up your Ghee Plant in the future. One thing which is imperative to keep in mind at all costs is that to get the Mawa making machine, paneer making, milk-making, or any sort of other dairy business, you need to get the machinery from the best place like the Nk Dairy team.

Milk making process

  • Pasteurization

During pasteurization, milk is heated for around 15 seconds at 72°C. Following that it is cooled and if there is any bacteria present it is destroyed. Doing so helps to increase its shelf life.

  • Homogenization

During homogenization, milk is put through nozzles which helps to take away the fat presence. It allows the cream to get separated and then it gets to the top which makes the taste the best.

  • Centrifugal separation

During centrifugal separation, the cream is removed from the reduced fat, skim milk, and low-fat milk. Through this, the milk solids are added which makes the texture & taste better. By doing so, the calcium, and protein are increased in the body.

  • Ultrafiltration

During ultrafiltration, the milk is put under moderate pressure which allows the fat globules, protein, and calcium to be in the right amount. Through this, calcium and protein will be in the right amount. The best part is that it allows the fat to be adjusted as per the consumer preference.

  • Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is kind of the same as ultrafiltration which keeps the milk solid in it and only the water is taken out. Doing so will make any difference in the flavor.

  • Ultra osmosis

The above-mentioned 2 methods are used in milk processing. The milk solids are kept in place & through this step salt and water will pass easily.

  • Spray drying

From the milk water is removed which allows to easily make the powdered milk products. In this, the nutritional value is in the right amount.

  • Permeate

The milk standardization, ultrafiltration is the best choice. Technology is the reason that elements are separated. Indeed! Filtration is the reason which makes the milk product better.

Better machinery and better results

No doubt! Milk is the most consumed item in India and most of the milk produced in India is consumed by Indians only. If you plan to set up your milk plant, then you need to choose the best kind of machinery and equipment to better manage the process. If you are looking for the advanced and modern state of machinery for your dairy plant, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team for the best and most effective type of machinery. You will only get the cost-effective and advanced types that will make your dairy plant run smoothly & the final product is best for human consumption.

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How are ghee and mawa made from milk? How is milk processed?

We all know that milk is a nutritious food that makes our bones strong and body active. Since it has a short life, there is a need to carefully preserve it. For this reason, when the demand for milk increases, the number of milk processing plants also increases.

Apart from this, it is super beneficial from a business point of view. It is the milk only from which ghee and mawa can be prepared. These two are also products that are in great demand because of their health benefits.

How is Ghee made from Milk?

The cream which forms on the upper layer of the milk is separated. From that cream, butter is made, with the help of a blender. Once the butter is made, then it is heated at a low flame until the milk solids and the liquid fat is not getting separated. Since people are liking to use it so much, the ghee plants are also increasing in numbers, which produce the ghee in great quantities.

What is mawa and how is it made?

Mawa is also known as the khoya. It is made by heating the milk on a simmered flame until the moisture from the milk evaporates and the solids are not coming out in the kadhai. Since it is the base of all Indian sweets, it has to be produced in large quantities, so mawa making machines are being used.


Which techniques are being used by the milk processing plants?

The milk processing plants make use of those techniques that can help to increase the shelf life of the milk, so that it can be preserved for some more days, like:

  • Cooling
  • Fermentation

What is pasteurization? Is this process helpful?

It is one of the processes that require heat treatment for extending the usable life of the milk. This process aims at reducing the pathogenic microorganism so that they cannot emerge as a hazard for health in any way

How does milk processing benefit the small scale dairy producers?

With milk processing, such airy producers can earn great incomes by selling raw milk and offering greater opportunities for accessing the regional and urban markets.

Did you know?

Since milk processing has emerged as a requirement, the number of jobs in the milk processing sector is also increasing. The off-farm milk jobs such as the following are giantly increasing:

  • Milk Collection
  • MIlk Processing
  • Milk Transportation
  • Milk Marketing

Final Comments!

Milk Processing has become a need of today’s era. People are finding their lives very difficult without milk. So the need arose to have a stock of milk stored so that people are getting the adequate amount as per their needs. Storing milk was not enough, as it can get deteriorated. So there is the need to process it. Milk processing has solved a lot of problems. It does not only help the dairy producers to prevent encountering losses, but it helps them to make giant profits.

If you are interested in buying any equipment, concerning milk processing, mawa making or ghee making, then please give us a chance to serve you.

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What are the small-scale milk processing equipments for dairy farm business?

Milk is the most consumed beverage in India which provides leverage to the small dairy farms to serve the customers. To set up your Milk Processing Plant you don’t have to get the entire setup as there is small-scale dairy equipment that you can choose from. Once you have set up that successfully you can opt for the Ghee Plant to make your business worth it in every sense. The choices are endless once you have been successful in the first step and have managed everything like you can install the Mawa making machine at your dairy farm.

What are the products which can be obtained through milk processing?

With the small-scale milk processing business, you can get numerous products like:

  • Cream

  • Butter

  • Fluid milk

  • Buttermilk

  • Pasteurized milk

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

  • Ice cream

  • And other products

 What is the milk processing equipment for small-scale dairy farms?

Here is the list of the small-scale dairy farm equipment which you opt for:

  • Milk tanks

Milk tanks, interim tanks, pre-stack tanks are best suited for storing liquid dairy items which also allows them to keep them fresh for a long time. This is the best choice for milk processing as it helps to get fresh, safe, and quality products.

  • Pasteurizers

Pasteurizers are an important part of the milk processing process. With the installation of these units, the milk is heated and is kept at the right temperature for the given time, and then cooked down, so that future processing & storing can be done.

  • Cream separators

Cream separators are another great choice to get skin milk and low-fat milk. With this equipment, you will get 2 different products: Milk and cream & depending on the work time there is the benefit to get different fat percentages.

  • Butter churns

Butter churns is another great choice to churn the milk into butter before it gives you 2 different products like buttermilk and butter. Buttermilk is the best choice as it can be sold right away or it can be fermented which helps to add more nutrients to it.

  • Cheese presses

Cheese presses are known for applying pressure on the cheese curds which makes it easier to squeeze out the cheese form and all the liquid. One of the best dairy products and if you have this equipment it can do wonders for your business.

  • Homogenizers

Homogenizers are another great choice to add to the dairy farm business. With these, the taste and texture of milk will improve. With the machine, the milk is squeezed from the small holes by making the pressure which makes it easier to break them apart, and then the process of homogenization is done. For the milk quality, this is an important piece of equipment.

What are the benefits of a small-scale dairy farm?

  • You will get products of better quality

  • Machines can work for a long time

  • Automated process, take away all the hassle

  • Machines are much easier to clean

If you are looking for any small-scale dairy equipment to set up your business, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to get the best and at an affordable price.

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Everything you need to about the best khoya making machine

With the dairy business on the rise, everything the way business is done has improved a lot. The use of advanced machinery and equipment has helped the dairy business owners to make their business profitable in every sense. For say, you are running a ghee plant and now you are planning to try your hands on the khoya making, then you have to make sure you get the entire process done correctly.

With that said, the dairy business owner is choosing to install the mawa making machine at their milk processing plant. In the end, it’s all about going for the right choice and making sure that the machinery you opt for is affordable, easy to operate, and requires low maintenance.

Khoya making machine revolutionized the dairy business

Indeed! The dairy business is revolutionized in a way that no one expected it to be. With these machines, the natural taste is still there and all the features. It means that the milk nutrients are not going to get lost even if the machines are used. The machines perform the multipurpose function as they can be used to make different sweets like cashew nut, basundi, penda, burfi, and many other items on the large scale.

Best kind of dairy equipment

When you grab your hands on the khoya-making machine, the dairy equipment is one of a kind. No doubt, the effective working of the machines has made it easier to build trust among the clients and get their work done in a better manner. At NK dairy we consider the need of the customers and accordingly get the work done. Be it khoya making machine or any other kind of dairy equipment it is made as per the dairy industry standards which allows the production to be done in the right manner.

Khoya making machine manufacturers

Well! The list of benefits is endless as these machines provide energy-saving options because they consume less fuel and their performance is just impeccable. The best kind of service is what makes a lot of difference to make them install at the dairy plant. Depending on what all are your requirements you can tell our team and they will give you the same product. We are here to make sure that everything is done as per the customer’s convenience.

The best model of khoya making machine

We all know khoya is an important part of Indian sweets as it is the base of most of them. Without this, the sweets won’t get the same test that you expected it to be. So, make sure that when you choose to get any dairy equipment or machinery for your place it is of the best quality and comes with all the advanced features which can make a huge difference.

Get in touch with NK Dairy

If you are looking for any kind of dairy machinery or equipment for your dairy business, then get in touch with our team to get the best product at the best service. Expect nothing but the best.

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What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of “Mawa Making Machine”?

The cream on the top of the milk is so beneficial for the owners of the dairy and the milk processing plants, as they can make a large variety of things from it. Ghee and Mawa are the most common among them all.

Rising Popularity Of Ghee and Mawa

The demand for the Ghee (Clarified Butter) has been so much in these times, that the ghee plants continuously seek for productivity enhancements to cope up with the rising demands.

The importance of Mawa is majorly explained in the sweet dish sector. There may be one or two varieties of the sweet dish in which mawa is not incorporated, otherwise, the sweet dish without mawa is like Bat without a ball and husband without a wife.

For this reason, the dairy owners are placing the orders for the mawa making machine.

Did you know?

There were times when the demand was exceeding the supply (availability ) of the khoya making machine. But somehow, we fulfilled the demand of each dairy owner because we did not want to make any of them get disappointed.

Why Is Khoya Making Machine So Popular?

The reason behind the popularity of the khoya making machine is the following mentioned features:

  • Stainless Steel

We always use the choicest material in the manufacturing of the khoya making machine. After considering all the aspects of the different kinds of material, we deemed the use of stainless steel as the most convenient and beneficial. It is because of this material that we are receiving so many positive reviews about the machine.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the biggest concerns of our clients. For this reason, we have worked so hard on this aspect. And the result of that is we have presented the mawa making machine whose capacity lies in the following range:

50 Litres to 350 Litres

Fuel Type

After studying the different versions of the mawa making machine manufactured and presented by the different dairy equipment providers, we felt the need to make it flexible as far as the fuel aspect is concerned. So if you are purchasing the mawa making machine from NK dairy equipment providers, you can expect the following to be used as fuel in it (particularly for your convenience)

  • LPG

  • Diesel

  • Electric

Total Time

It is time-efficient as it will take only 30 minutes to convert the malai into the khoya. Time efficiency, as we know, is directly proportional to productivity.

Easy operation

So many high-class features will never let you go crazy to understand the mechanism. The operation is so simple that you just need to give 10 minutes with full concentration and after that, you’ll find yourself a pro in operating the machine.

Final Comments!

If you are convinced enough with the features of the khoya making machine and want to order it from us. Then please book your appointment with our professionals to place your order right away.

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Why should you purchase a mawa making machine from NK Dairy Equipment?

Mawa making machines are sure to be found in each of the ghee plants and the Milk processing plant. It helps in the production of the mawa in huge amounts. Mawa is also known as khoya. In English, people call it dried evaporated milk solids. First of all, the milk is left to be simmered in the large iron cauldron, until all the moisture gets evaporated and the milk is reduced to only solids. In India, this is the customary item that is sure to be added to all the sweets.

So, for the sweet-makers, it becomes essentially important to get equipped with the mawa making machine. If you do not know where you can purchase it, then please give us a chance. We at NK Dairy equipment have a great stock of such machines.

Which benefits are sure to be enjoyed by the owner of the mawa making machine?

It can retain the temperature

The temperature plays a crucial role in the making of the khoya. So it is always vital on the part of the machine to resist the temperature. So you can surely expect such things from this machine.


As the khoya or the mawa making machine is made up of stainless steel, it becomes quite easy for the workers to get it cleaned before each use. You need to use a clean cloth for the external cleaning. For effective maintenance or cleaning measures, our professionals will guide you, when you’ll see us at the appointed time.

It is aesthetically pleasing

When it is the matter of the food, the equipment or the vessels in which it is getting made has to be ultimately presentable and aesthetically pleasing. No matter how clean the machine is from the inside, but if it does not look good, people will assume that the khoya is not getting made in the hygienic atmosphere.

To make sure that your reputation does not get stained, we have paid great attention to the aesthetics aspect.

You’ll not get a chance to complain about corrosion like issues

If it is about corrosion like issues, then we promise you, khoya making machines purchased from NK dairy equipment will not give you a chance to complain. The material which we have used n the manufacturing of the machine does not only withstand the temperature and the pressure, but it is also beneficial as it stands strong against the following:

  • Corrosion

  • Rust

  • Water Stains

You’ll not feel guilty for hurting the environment

Being humans, we owe to the earth. It is our responsibility to take effective measures to save our environment and not to use the things which are responsible for deteriorating it. The manufacturing of the khoya making machine involves the usage of stainless steel, which is a completely recyclable material and does not let you feel the guilt of harming the atmosphere.

Final Comments!

So what have you decided after reading the above-mentioned information? If you have decided to purchase it and make your sweets business grow by purchasing the khoya making machine, then what are you waiting for? We are always available to take your orders.

Book your appointment with our professionals, at the earliest!

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Modern equipment is the future of dairy processing and cattle management

The use of technology is in every sector. No matter which business or area you talk about, technological advancement has left its footprint there. Dairy processing and cattle practices also benefited from smart and modern dairy equipment.

As technology keeps on changing, so does the way work is carried out in dairy farming. The dairy producers are at ease managing and operating the dairy farm with these technological advancements. The dairy industry does get the same attention as this sector is also advancing and seeing growth in a different approach. Let’s see what the future holds for dairy processing.

Robotic milking methods

Robotic milking equipment will continue to be in demand as they have helped the way dairy farmers do the work. It has changed the dairy industry for the better. Robotic technology has brought automated milking machines to the rotary parlors which have improved the effectiveness in every sense. In addition, these are installed at the milking parlor as well.


Automated post-dipping

One of the areas which will see a great amount of growth and advancement is automated post-dipping. Through this, the concept of automation was brought to life. This concept is available today and it will become common in the next 5 years. The use of post-dipped automatic lining will become popular with time. Automated technology is the most effective labor-reducing tool which makes it easier to manage the entire place, keep it clean, and milk quality will be best.

Automated Cow logistics

After that, comes the method of automated cow logistics. Many people are not fully aware of it but gradually this method will be effective and every dairy parlor will make the most out of it. Whatever will be done by the process of automated functioning.

Accurate and timely work

Through the automated machines, the work will be done with ease and in an accurate manner. You need to simply give the necessary instructions and the work will be done on its own. There is no need to go again and again & set the machine. Once the work is done for the specific batch it will give you the signal and you can continue with the next batch. In the time being, you can do other work which needs your more attention. So, through automated systems and milking equipment, there will be much ease and comfort.

Nk dairy – Get the quality equipment and machinery

If you are looking to update your dairy plant or want to get something modern & advanced, NK dairy equipments has everything for you. We assure you to give only what is best and available at the best price.

bulk milk cooler dairy equipments

How are milk coolers the modern way to preserve milk in the best manner?

Milk Coolers: Modern method to preserve milk

Milk Coolers: Good health is extremely important and for that, we need to make sure that we eat the right kind of food. One of the important parts of the Indian diet is milk which provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and protein to the body. So, the one glass of milk which we add to our diet mustn’t be adulterated in any sense.

Although, the growing impurities and pollution in the environment have made it difficult to ensure the process is not affected.  Milk’s nutritional value mustn’t be affected and from the extraction to consumption, the process should go safely.


Milk Coolers (BMC): Modern format of doing work

To reduce the risk of adulteration and mishandling in dairy products, milk coolers (BMC) are the best choice. Their use in the dairy industry will be one-of-a-kind. Through their use, the nutrition and quality of milk will be maintained to perfection. In addition, the processing and packaging will be maintained. Through its use, there will be proper cooling and everything is stored in the right manner free from bacteria or anything harmful.


What are the necessary accessories of BMC?

To make sure a full-proof bulk milk cooling system is there, certain basic accessories are needed. All these things are necessary during the installation in the milk collection units or the dairy farm. Some of the important ones are mentioned below.


Data Loggers

Data loggers are a sensor-based state-of-the-art supervisory method that makes it easier to monitor everything. There is a need of:

  • Milk Volume
  • Milk Temperature
  • Agitation Status
  • CIP Status
  • Auxiliary Power Status
  • Milk Unloading Parameters

The sensors are attached to the output system and there are different power taps along with the display system or it can be installed depending on your needs. All the desired information can be obtained with the dashboard method and it can be viewed on any device which has the internet attached to it. In addition, there can be access control methods depending on the client’s need.


CIP method

CIP stands for Cleaning-in-Place system. These are an automated cleaning system which makes it easier to control the milk equipment and machinery. The human intervention is less which improves effectiveness. From pre-rinse to post-rinse, the cleaning is done with perfection and all the chemicals are washed away from the equipment. The errors are less and it makes it easier to operate it.



We all know there is a high risk of global warming all over the world. So, it is of utmost importance that we reduce wastage. With the use of HRU, all this can be done with ease. It will save additional energy which is needed to clean the milk cooling tanks. With these, the milk chilling methods are done in the best manner as everything is in line. All in all, it will increase the energy efficiency with these systems.


Simple, easy, and organized! All this is possible with BMC accessories. Through this, it makes it easier to store the milk in the right approach, and then it can be given to the final user which is safe for consumption.