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Get complete information about the GEA and NK Dairy Processing industry

The milking industry worldwide is growing rapidly to meet the rising demand of a growing populace for Dairy products. 

Expertise at the national level

As we already told you, we are making large-scale dairy equipment and milking machines for our consumers. We customize products according to their needs and requirements so that they can get more benefits from our dairy processing products.

Products & technologies

As the dairy processing industry, we plan, design, manufacture, and offer complete plants, processors, and equipment to process raw milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese, infant formulas, milk powder, and whey, filling and packaging of milk and other dairy-based products.

Our expertise includes project management, installation of systems or milking plants, commissioning, and post-sales. All GEA milk processing technology has been designed and developed to meet the highest hygiene, food safety, and quality standards while operating efficiently and sustainably. So, do not hesitate to contact us to buy the products. You only need to choose the best dairy processing products from the below-mentioned list of products.

Our dairy processing products include-:

  • Spray Dryers

  • Centrifuges and Separation Equipment

  • Food processing systems

  • Freezers

  • Liquid processing systems

  • Mixers and blenders

  • Homogenizers

  • Membrane Filtration System

  • Milk plants

  • Valves and Pumps

  • Evaporators and Crystallizers

  • Compressors

  • Cleaners and Sterilizers

  • And many more.

You can choose the processing products as per your requirements and budget. Well, you do not take tension as all the products are completely budget-friendly.

Ensure peace of mind

  • Become well-established technology suppliers, world dairy producers are continually aiming at boosting value-added products’ efficiency. Most consumers find dairy processing products would be costly and labor intensive in the production of new goods for milk. This can become an intimidating process for some customers to perform alone along with this complex formulation, detailed process design, and plant validation.

  • This is also well known by GEA and we have also developed different test centers to help you check the goods with trust before output rises.

  • Our several small-scale demonstration plants deliver vital process technology including preparation, separation, combining, evaporation, and drying, helping you to show the commodity or method easily before making a large-scale investment.

  • You will design your goods, customize your recipes, and then manufacture them in smaller quantities, in collaboration with our team of committed process experts. We can then assist you in determining the end product properties and optimizing the method configuration prior to scales.

Thanks to the decades of industry experience acquired from food processing firms around the globe, our research centers prove that our process systems are optimized for local manufacturing conditions. In turn, we would benefit from the continuous improvement that we create with your production facility through offline research.

dairy equipments - Dairy Plants

How much dairy products or quantity is good to consume?

Diet plays an important part in keeping you stay healthy and strong. In that case, the milk and dairy products are very essential as they provide several benefits to the body. Also, different options are available which you can choose according to your taste. In this guide, we have shared how much you should consume.

In India, the production of dairy products is increasing every year. Also, the milk which is produced in India is consumed by them only. To have a balanced diet it is very important to include milk and other dairy products. But, how to know that we need this much quantity? Or how much will be more beneficial?

Milk and dairy products

  • The dairy products are made of milk. This means that the methods used for producing milk should be best. The milk is obtained from the animals which are used to make milk products and dairy products.
  • Like we consume fruits and vegetables to keep our body strong & healthy. In the same consumption of food products is important. Dairy products like yogurt should be an important part of your diet.
  • In dairy farms, the production of dairy products is divided into groups because of the benefits they give. The dairy products are a rich source of calcium. To have strong bone and teeth the human need to have calcium in good amount. During the teenage years and childhood if you drink enough milk it will keep your teeth and bones strong throughout your lives.
  • The rich source of calcium is milk, cheese, and yogurt. If you drink one glass of milk then it provides 300mg calcium to your body. This is why it is essential to get the Milk processing plant installed properly and it should have the latest equipment and machinery. Eventually, it will help to get dairy products which are of the best quality.
  • In the milk plant, dairy farmers are making efforts to give efficient milk by doing the best methods. Full cream milk of 300ml of glass has 10g of fat. One glass skin milk of 330ml will include 0,6g of fat.
  • Generally, you should drink around 3 glasses of skim milk every day. This should be used in breakfast with cereal, custard, and warm beverages. You should include one segment of low-fat hut cheese and low-fat yogurt.

Another way to add dairy

  • Drink caffe latte.
  • Have a bowl of fruit & yogurt for breakfast
  • Include cheese in a sandwich.
  • Make a fruit smoothie, blend fruit, yogurt and milk.
  • Drink a warm glass of milk in the evening.

If you are planning to set up your dairy farm then buy the premium quality machinery from us.

dairy equipments - Dairy Plants

Challenges that New Dairy business Are facing in Indian Dairy Sector

One of the most consumed and essential food items in India is milk. In this guide we will discuss the challenges which are faced by the Indian dairy sector.

India has a pattern of production, processing, and marketing is quite unique in comparison to any other milk producing country. India is the largest producer of milk as well as dairy products. Moreover, it is consuming its entire milk production on its own. One thing more which makes the dairy sector of India different is that it focuses on both cow and buffalo milk. Here are some challenges which are being faced by the Indian dairy sector.

  • Health Care Services

The veterinary health care centres are located in far areas. Additionally, the ratio between veterinary hospitals and cattle population is more, due to which proper facilities are not given to the animals. The proper vaccination schedule is followed which result in affecting the health of animals.

  • Shortage of Feed

Due to industrial development, the supply of feed and fodder is less in comparison to how much it is required. This increasing gap between the feed and fodder is affecting the performance of the dairy animals. The profits of the dairy industry are also reduced because of the high cost of feeding supply. So, it means supplying poor quality food to the animals not only affect their but it will also affect the animal production system.

  • Training Programs

Having a good education and training program regarding the dairy practices will help in increase in production. It will be even better if training is given to every employee so that they know the entire working environment of the dairy industry. But the decision to implement these programs need a commitment from the top-level management which at a time is the biggest problem.

  • Clean and Hygienic Environment

At times it is seen that the cattle are not given proper shelter and they are left in the extreme climatic conditions. The unhygienic environment will expose the entire milking yard and cattle shed to infectious condition. This will also affect milk quality and other dairy products. So, make sure the dairy machines and equipment are cleaned properly.

  • System of Breeding

The most common problem is Indian cattle breed is late maturity. The cattle owners do not have proper detection of heat symptoms for the oestrus cycle. In addition to this, animal performance is definitely decreasing because of this issue.  The industry will also face economic loss because of various diseases which lead to abortion. Fertility issue can also increase because of mineral, and vitamin deficiency.

In case, you are looking to set up your dairy plant then you should keep all these things in mind so that your business can grow effectively.