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Paneer Manufacturing Process and NK Dairy Equipments Expertise

About Paneer

Well, everyone loves the panner so much and it is additionally known as cottage cheese. Paneer is a famous dairy product in North India and some other countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Millions of people like paneer dishes so much because it’s taste is so awesome. In addition, the consumption of panner is increasing day by day, especially in India because India is so popular in dairy farming.

No doubt, paneer manufacturing is on peak these days not only in India but also in other countries too. There are several reasons behind the growing demand for paneer these days such as consumption of Italian food include pizza and pasta and some other types of foods. People who do not like meat or chicken they love panner so much because it is as effective as meat or chicken.

Moreover, with the increasing demand of paneer, the majority of farmers are lean toward paneer manufacturing plant. Because paneer plant make tons of panner within minutes and you do not need to do anything with your own hands.

Paneer Manufacturing Process

Actually, in the previous decade’s people make cheese from the cow and buffalo’s milk with their hands but these days they lean toward processing units which give the same quality panner as previous ones.

Let’s understand how the processing unit makes paneer.

In the processing unit first milk is heated at 90°c and then cooled at 76°c in order to coagulate the milk. After then the pouring of milk is done and separate the coagulate from milk. After pouring the coagulum pressed the coagulum in order to give it a better shape. And after the performing pouring and pressing, then pressed material is again dipped in cold water with the goal to pack and sealed it.

After packing, the panner is delivered to other places so that people can buy it. We are expertise in making the best quality paneer processing units. Since we focus on quality than quantity, that’s why people like our dairy equipments so much.

What is NK’s expertise in making Paneer processing units?

We make products according to the requirements of the customer and dairy farmer. Because there are not all the dairy farmers run big scale business, some are running small scale business. Due to which they need small size machines or units. That’s why we make units as per requirements if they if then we make big otherwise that size or design which they actually want.

Moreover, our paneer processing units include-:

  • Paneer vat
  • Paneer hoop
  • Paneer pressing unit.
  • Paneer cooling unit.
  • Vacuum units for packing and sealing the paneer.
  • Storage units as well.

Don’t worry we know the value of your money and we only make the paneer processing plant on your demand too. In addition, we have too much experience in manufacturing, designing, and installation of paneer processing units. If you really want one, then must visit us once or contact us on given contact numbers.

dairy equipments

Things Necessary To Start A Dairy Farm

Milk and its products are in great demand around the year. This calls for a continuous supply of milk throughout the year. The increase in global population will see an increase in milk demand by 3- 4%. This calls for various measures in increasing the supply in the same proportion otherwise there will be a shortage. Definitely, the demand can be met by dairy farms. Dairy plants are in great demand these days due to the same reason.

If you are interested in pursuing business in this field, you will need a lot of time, effort, money and of course advice from the experts. We are here with the guidelines summed up after years of experience and service in the industry –

Develop a Plan

Everything starts with planning. Your business plan must include a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Try to find out the answers to questions such as how many cows will you require? Where will your market exist? How many funds do you require to start the plant? After taking into consideration the finances and the cash flow, you will be able to work out the cost incurred. You can set the selling price of your product accordingly. A cow milking parlor is going to be a profitable business no doubt but one needs proper planning prior to taking any step. Using a milk machine for milk harvesting also needs some advice.

Take advice from the experts

Get tips from the veterans, bankers and fellow producers regarding your business. Try to attend seminars and workshops in your area. Talk and ask a lot of questions as whatever works for one dairy may not work for another dairy.

Do your Research

Conduct extensive research and work out the number and type of animals you will keep. The dairies mostly keep cows, buffaloes, and goats for milk extraction. Find out which breeds of these animals can survive in your climatic conditions and which breed’s milk is in demand in your area. You can take the help of agricultural institutions for the same. You also need to work out the cost of raising the calves to the milk-producing stage. People who are inexperienced in this field need to update their knowledge about calving, breeding, weaning, milking cows, manure management and crop management.

Invest in Infrastructure

You will have to take care of investing in a good infrastructure facility so as to ensure the health and wellbeing of your animals. You should ensure that each animal gets at least 40 square feet of the shed. It should also get 80 square feet of open space. Going by this estimate, you will require at least 1-acre space if you plan to open a small scale dairy. Basic amenities such as cleanliness, proper ventilation, and proper diet must be provided to the animals. Likewise, you should make ample arrangements for managing cattle waste products.

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Making Right Choice by Choosing NK dairy Equipments

Establishing any kind of business requires investment in the form of new equipment and infrastructure. It hardly comes as a surprise that setting up a dairy will also require knowledge of new technology, investment in new equipment and processes which can increase the yield of the milk. Dairy equipment needs to be of superior quality for the dairy to function properly.

Dairy System

You will need an efficient dairy system to harvest milk out of the cow. It is recommended that you do it gently. It also requires that one should milk the cow completely without standing a chance of over milking her. Doing this will get the best out of your cows. NK dairy equipment allows this convenience to you. The system will ensure that the cow is milked without causing inconvenience to her. Not only is it gentle on the animal, but it is also convenient for you as well. The system keeps a track of whether the cow is being milked fully or not. It also avoids the chance of over milking the cow.

Cows are Happy

Happy animals stand for more milk production and less time wastage. Our dairy systems are such that the cows are happy to be milked. They no longer throw tantrums for the milking process. It all boils down to the fact that they used to be uncomfortable with the older systems. The new system does not cause any inconvenience to them, which is evident by how readily they take their position to be milked. Expect the cows to walk in quickly, take their position and refrain from wandering around. With this development, there is no wastage of either the milk or the time. Very soon, things might be so smooth that they will hardly notice that they are being milked.

A Word about NK Dairy

No doubt the NK Dairy has carved a niche for itself in the world of dairy equipment. We supply not only the smallest to the largest equipment related to milk harvesting, but we also specialize in various processing plants related to paneer and butter. Our products are the most preferred ones in the dairy market. So if you have just started your dairy or you are thinking about upgrading your dairy to measure up to the modern standards , then NK dairy equipment is just what you need. If you are looking for equipment which will yield not only good products but also be convenient for the animals,  then just give us a tinkle. We will be right there at your service.

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Various functions at a dairy farm

Milk is one of the most consumed liquids across the world. Not only milk but all the dairy products are rich in calcium, protein, and other minerals. In order to fulfill the need of every person dairy farmers also thinking to expand their business but they are not aware of various functions at a dairy farm. There are a number of dairy equipments which are useful to increase the productivity of milk. But the most important is the milk plant and dairy machines. These dairy machines are useful to complete your most difficult tasks within minutes such as pasteurization, homogenization, packaging, milking, separation, and so on.

Let’s understand the functions of dairy farms.

Milking Machines

The foremost function of a dairy farm is milking the cows and buffaloes with the help of robotic milking machines. Since it is too difficult to milk the cows with human hands when you need more milk in order to deliver other regions. These milking machines do not only milk the cows but also perform pasteurization and homogenization.

With the help of both these units, you are able to kill the bacteria and germs which may harm milk. These both functions are done by pasteurization and homogenization units.

Clarification and separation

Clarification and separation are done in order to separate the milk and cream so that you can make ghee from the cream. Clarification again works to ensure that milk is totally safe and clean.


After these, both functions packaging of milk is done because it is useful to protect milk from harmful external components so that you can drink clean and healthy milk. But before packaging function, dairy farms add flavors to some milk in order to drink it as it is. And some people love to drink flavored milk and with the help of these flavors, they also make the flavored yogurt.

Transport to other Areas

Before transportation, these packaged units will store in cold regions or units so that they can protect milk from spoiling. After then the milk is transport to other locations so that people across the world.

These all the functions are necessary with the goal to increase the productivity and profit of dairy farm. As we mentioned above, these days milking process or various other functions of dairy farms are not possible with human hands, because it is time -consuming process. You should visit us once we will definitely guide you about all these functions in detail.

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How to Ensure Better Cleaning of Dairy Machines

Dairy machines are a significant part of dairy farms. They perform a major role in the milk harvesting process. Indeed a dairy can’t function without the presence of dairy equipment. The dairy owners use dairy equipment for harvesting milk from the animal. An important part of the maintenance of the equipment lies in the cleaning of the equipment. The process of cleaning of dairy equipment is explained in this post. Not only does the cleaning process ensure a better quality of milk but also helps in increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

Steps Of The Cleaning Process


You should start this step from the outside. It is a wise thing to clean the external surface of the milking equipment. It’s better if you use a hosepipe to clean the external surface. Proceed to clean the internal surface. The internal surface includes the pipes and the milking system. For rinsing it properly, flush lukewarm water through it. The pressure and the temperature will help in cleaning any milk solids which might have deposited in the system. You should continue rinsing with warm water until the water coming out is clear. Drain all the rinse water.


Usually, a chemical solution is required for the washing step. The chemical solution should be mixed with wash water as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, chlorinated alcohol is used for these purposes. The chemical cleaner will ensure that the butterfat and protein built up in the dairy machine is cleaned properly. The water and the detergent mix need to be mixed at a high temperature of about 160 -170 Fahrenheit. This temperature should be maintained at the beginning of the cycle. You can check the temperature by checking the water coming out of the wash cycle. It will help you determine whether the cycle is being carried out at the required temperature or not.


This is the last step which follows the rinsing and washing. This step is carried out using a chlorine-based sanitizer. The sanitizer is mixed with lukewarm water and circulated in the milking plant for a duration of 5 minutes. You should refer carefully to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. After the sanitizer has been circulated properly, it is time to drain it out. You must ensure that the sanitizer has been drained out completely from the milking equipment.

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NK Dairy Equipments Changing The Face of Dairy Companies in India

The lifestyle in India has been changing constantly with a modern and unique touch. We all know that the value systems are shifting focus constantly. Earlier the things which were considered important and on top priority does not matter on the same level today. With this, health is an apt example which has lost importance in this modern world. People start neglecting their health because they want to focus on work, success, traveling, and professionalism. This is one thing which all should be worried about. The best way to bring the health back on track is by analyzing and keeping the track of eating habits.

The truth is that eating healthy and eating right is one of the most important things today. But these things have been ignored always and now even more because the focus on earning more and achieve more. This is not true in the case of the dairy industry in India as it is gaining pace at a very rate as compared to earlier. Its focus is shifting towards where it belongs. At NK dairy, we focus on making the best dairy machines and dairy equipments which help to produce the best quality milk. Our prime focus is that the milk which is delivered to the customers should be safe to consume.

In the past few years, the buyer is also shifting their focus on buying the product which is integrated with latest and most-equipped technology. This will help to make the product which is safe and effective for building a strong immune system.

No doubt, it is important to have a country which is developing and growing should have also ensured that the health of the country should be maintained. In India, the dairy farm is also ensuring the more and more employment opportunities should be generated across the world at different levels. We know the focus of dairy farm owners is to use the modern and latest methods which we focus on while manufacturing the equipment. You can say that the industry does not focus on having the well-being of the people but it also ensures that countries economic health should not be overlooked at the same time.

It is best to say that innovating something new and professionalism is ensuring the dairy companies to buy modern machines so that the buyers get healthy dairy products. Additionally, it is also necessary that they should be available in less amount of time.  So you can say that definitely, the dairy industry has changed a lot but for better. This another reason why more competitors are entering this market.

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New Trends To Choose The best Dairy Equipments

Due to the rise in population and diet changes increase the demand for processed and dairy food so much. In addition, people are becoming more health conscious and they lean toward dairy products as compared to another type of foods. With these changes, dairy farmers need to increase their productivity so that they can serve many people. But for this, they need to choose the best dairy equipments. So, people can consume the best food which cannot harm them. In order to choose the best dairy machines, you need to understand the below-mentioned points.

Protection and safety of the public

The foremost trend or reason to choose the best types of equipment is the protection and safety of the public or their health as well. You should choose the types of equipment which provide you the best service and clean food as well. In addition, you should go with ultra-clean machines which can protect products from harmful things or chemicals. Moreover, recent news reveals that FDA and FSMA both are food safety authorities and acts which focus on food safety and health of the public so that they can contribute to the nation’s income. Additionally, they put the responsibilities of clean and hygienic food on food producers so that no one can consume unhygienic food. Now, this is your duty to choose the best types of equipment which will increase your productivity or give you clean products or food.

Pay attention to health and convenience

You have to pay more attention to the growing importance of health and wellness trends. Since, these days, people are too alert and aware of food products, due to this they lean toward organic and fresh food products which do not consume preservatives and chemicals. In addition, they check all the ingredients well which are added to food so that they can eat healthy food. In order to offer them the best food, you must choose the machines which make clean and better products.

You should also consider the factor of cleaning because cleaning is more important if you are leading dairy farm. You should check cleaning units prior to buy so that you will be able to clean the machine after every product making for better quality.

Track and trace evolution

Moreover, one more trend is important named as track and trace evolution, which is designed for clean labeling. This technique is useful to ensure that you are consuming the best quality food without any chemicals or preservatives. Majority of people claim that labels of food also contain chemicals they notice while washing the packaging bottles or polybags. So this technique is specially designed to ensure the safety and transparency of food.

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Essential Steps Before Starting a Dairy Farm

No doubt, dairy farming is growing day by day due to new advancements in technology. In addition, this business is seen as more profitable for every dairy farmer, either he is experienced or new to this field. Since people these days consume more and more in order to keep them healthy, and they are too aware of dairy products that what types of equipments do you use in order to make them. So, you have to understand the strategies which are essential to start a new business.

Moreover, it is necessary to grab knowledge regarding dairy machines and other types of equipment which are useful to grow your business in an effective manner. So there are some essential steps you have to follow prior to starting your business.

Plan your Business

It is necessary to plan your business prior to building or start it. You should make some rough idea or sketch so that you can able to understand all the things which you are going to start in your business. Moreover, you should also make a plan for equipment which is necessary to make it effective. These are not enough things to plan before the starting of your business but here are some other things you have to plan before-

  • Market Analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Organization description
  • Funding

What type of services do you want to give?

You should also plan the services and products which you want to give to your customers. You should go with a milking machine, paneer and ghee making machine, and packaging machines as well. Because these are too necessary to make dairy products so that you can serve people well. Moreover, you should also make a list of products such as -:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Sour cream and dips
  • Yogurt
  • Milk powder
  • Frozen desserts
  • Cheese
  • Icecreams

Financial Investments

It is necessary to plan how much you need to spend on your business. You should plan your finance according to products, services, raw material, electricity bills, and animal maintenance. If you do not have as much money then you can also get a loan from corporative society because they give loan to farmers on very low interest.

Moreover, there are many other factors which you have to consider such as breeding, feeding, maintenance, infrastructure, and so on. You should get the help of any professional person who is already running his business in dairy farming because he knows everything very well.

Dairy Plants

What Happens at Milk Processing Plants

If we were asked that which part of our diet is the most common throughout the world, it would be most probably milk. We love ice-creams, cheese, butter, and cottage cheese. We relish milk and curd in their simple and flavored forms. Many dishes use milk, cream or butter for enhancing its taste. We can see that milk is an important part of our lives.

Hence the need for various milk pasteurizer plants. There has been a wave of automation in the milk processing services which has led to an increase in both the quality and the quantity of the milk production. It has also helped in minimizing the wastage and reduction of carbon footprint.

Milk processing-It is a series of methods which ensure that the milk is fit for consumption. After ensuring that, the milk is packed and sold to the customers. The whole cycle can be divided into various steps-

  1. Collection –The milk is collected and then checked for quality and purity
  2. Transfer –The milk is transferred to various plants which store the milk in huge tanks. Here the milk undergoes separation and clarification making it fit for consumption. The processes of separation and clarification make it bacteria free.
  3. Separation –It is a process which is used to separate full cream milk and toned milk.
  1. Fortification –It is the process in which there is the addition of fortified vitamins and minerals.
  1. Pasteurization – The milk is heated to a very high temperature and cooled immediately. This helps in eliminating bacteria.
  1. Homogenization – The fat content of the milk is removed by the process of homogenization.
  1. Packaging –The products are packed and made ready to be sold at customer markets. The milk is made available in different fat content forms. The milk can be availed from online and offline stores.

Milk processing plants are helpful in all the steps of milk processing. With the milk processing plants, the various steps of the milk processing cycle are simplified. It also makes the whole process hygienic and fast. The obvious outcome is the faster delivery of better quality milk. The development of Milk processing plants has led to the ease of monitoring the delivery of milk from the tankers and the final packing into packets and bottles. The milk processing process is being enhanced by various automation technologies. The plant is indeed a necessary aspect of the efficient extraction of milk and all the steps which the milk goes through until it gets delivered to the customers.

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Rethinking About How Dairy Farming in Future Will Be like

In this article we will discuss how the dairy farming will change in the future so that the business grows effectively.

Milk is one of the most consumed food items all over the world. The milk and dairy products are derived from milk which is produced by the over 270 millions dairy cows. It is sure that in the future, dairy farming is going to change a lot and get even better.

Advancements In The Transport System

The global dairy industry is dived into the private and commercial sector which range from having one cow which is used to feed the family or huge number of cows in commercial farms. It does not matter what the size is the technology needs to be up to date. This means it is important to have the best transportation facility so that milk processing can be done effectively.

The demand for milk has increased a lot because of urbanization and westernization as people are more focused on keeping themselves fit. With the advancement in technology, it has become more convenient to transport milk and other dairy products in an effective manner.

A Universal Approach

It is very essential that the dairy farm should manage and optimize the major working operations of the dairy farm. At Nk dairy, we offer the best type of dairy machines and dairy equipments which helps to increase the productivity and profit of the business. The main focus should be one developing and using the technologies which can benefit everyone in the long run.

Farming Is Becoming Popular

As the population is increasing which means the need for food will increase. In most cases, the farms are located near the cities which helps in reducing storage, transportation cost, and travel cost.

With this dairy farm owners are becoming more competitive, but they also focus on that the people nearby should get affected by the smell and noise. This is why they optimize the resources properly and also waste management is done effectively. The focus is also on ensuring that the health of animals should not be affected. The quality of milk should be best and the production should also increase.

Taking Care of The Cow

Earlier it was difficult to keep a check on cows health. But now as technology has changed the farmers and managers are able to effectively see how much the cow eat and how much milk is being produced. These things will help to give the optimum amount of food to cow and the quality of food will be given to them.