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Why Nk Dairy team focuses on following the dairy industry hygiene standards?

Nk Dairy Guide: Practising The Basic Dairy Hygiene Standards

Talking about hygiene, then it is an important part of every industry and without this, things can turn out to be problematic for the business, client, and customer. Nk Dairy Team ensures that the best hygiene practices are followed even when they manufacture the dairy equipment and machinery. The same they tell their clients who are going to set up the Milk Processing Plant or already own one. For example: If we talk about the Khoya making machine then we give utmost consideration to quality management and doing all sorts of things which ensures the dairy business owner gets the product with the best of functioning. Even if you are planning to set up the Ghee Plant you need to be careful about the hygiene part, so that there are not any harmful pathogens present in those dairy products.

Why is it important to follow good hygiene in a dairy plant?

  • Reduce the risk of contamination and this way the milk will not be unhygienic when it reaches the end-user.

  • As per the regulatory practices mentioned for the dairy industry, there is mentioned about the highest standards of food safety.

  • As a dairy business owner, you need to only give the highest quality and safe dairy items.

Hygiene practices that a dairy business owner should follow

Hygiene practices to follow during milk production

In the dairy farm, there was a time when manual milking machines were used. Now! It has been replaced with automated machinery. Hygiene practices are important to follow so that there is not even a single chance of contamination.

  • Stand by with the dairy industry hygiene standards by using the latest and advanced machinery which ensures everything is well-managed.

  • Milking machinery use and avoiding over milking will eradicate the issue of mastitis.

  • At your dairy plant, you need to train everyone to follow the best dairy hygiene practices.

Hygiene practices follow in a dairy plant setup

Whether you talk about proper cleaning and sanitization, hygiene measures have to be taken in the dairy plant. Hygiene practices have to be followed in the processing, equipment, and personnel hygiene.

  • Proper training and insight about hygiene ensure better work performance. In addition, it prevents the chances of lubricant contamination.

  • Following every milking processing, cleaning & sterilization has to be followed at all costs.

  • You need to follow the right kind of drainage system and make sure there is enough water supply to clean everything.

  • Go for the automatic can washer as it reduces the risk of milk surface contamination.

  • It’s not just about cleaning the dairy equipment and machinery, the staff working in your dairy plant need to follow the hygiene practices. For that, wear the right attire, sterilize the hands, wear face masks, hair caps, and gloves.

Hygiene practices everyone should follow personally

As we have mentioned above, the person doing the work in the dairy industry must been careful about the hygiene part. Dirt, dust, and contamination are the major reasons which can affect the safety and quality of the product. Some of the major guidelines which have to be followed are:

  • Make sure that all the clothing items are sterilized properly to prevent contamination.

  • Make sure that you wash your hands properly while trying to handle the products in milk processing & during the production unit.

  • Wear hand gloves, cut the fingernails.

Key parameters for following the hygiene standards

Quality, reliability, and effectiveness are possible religiously the hygiene standards are followed in the dairy plant.

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What are the different stages included in milk making and processing?

Milk making process with advanced technology

Are you intrigued by the process of making milk or do you want to set up your Milk Processing Plant? No doubt, the dairy farming business is lucrative in different ways and it also gives you the chance of setting up your Ghee Plant in the future. One thing which is imperative to keep in mind at all costs is that to get the Mawa making machine, paneer making, milk-making, or any sort of other dairy business, you need to get the machinery from the best place like the Nk Dairy team.

Milk making process

  • Pasteurization

During pasteurization, milk is heated for around 15 seconds at 72°C. Following that it is cooled and if there is any bacteria present it is destroyed. Doing so helps to increase its shelf life.

  • Homogenization

During homogenization, milk is put through nozzles which helps to take away the fat presence. It allows the cream to get separated and then it gets to the top which makes the taste the best.

  • Centrifugal separation

During centrifugal separation, the cream is removed from the reduced fat, skim milk, and low-fat milk. Through this, the milk solids are added which makes the texture & taste better. By doing so, the calcium, and protein are increased in the body.

  • Ultrafiltration

During ultrafiltration, the milk is put under moderate pressure which allows the fat globules, protein, and calcium to be in the right amount. Through this, calcium and protein will be in the right amount. The best part is that it allows the fat to be adjusted as per the consumer preference.

  • Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is kind of the same as ultrafiltration which keeps the milk solid in it and only the water is taken out. Doing so will make any difference in the flavor.

  • Ultra osmosis

The above-mentioned 2 methods are used in milk processing. The milk solids are kept in place & through this step salt and water will pass easily.

  • Spray drying

From the milk water is removed which allows to easily make the powdered milk products. In this, the nutritional value is in the right amount.

  • Permeate

The milk standardization, ultrafiltration is the best choice. Technology is the reason that elements are separated. Indeed! Filtration is the reason which makes the milk product better.

Better machinery and better results

No doubt! Milk is the most consumed item in India and most of the milk produced in India is consumed by Indians only. If you plan to set up your milk plant, then you need to choose the best kind of machinery and equipment to better manage the process. If you are looking for the advanced and modern state of machinery for your dairy plant, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team for the best and most effective type of machinery. You will only get the cost-effective and advanced types that will make your dairy plant run smoothly & the final product is best for human consumption.

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What is milk pasteurization? What are the benefits of treating milk with HTST?

As we know, milk contains three kinds of fundamental ingredients: Milk, Sugar, Vitamins and Proteins. The milk which has been obtained directly from the udder of the cow is bacteria-free and is fit for drinking. But no sooner it comes in contact with the milking vessels and the human hands, it starts observing the presence of the health-deteriorating bacteria. Then such kind of milk is not fit for drinking. The bacteria need to be eliminated. But how to do that?

It can be done with the help of pasteurization.

A Break Please!

NK Dairy Equipment provides all kinds of dairy equipment. No matter whether you want it for the ghee plant or the milk processing plant, we have everything for every dairy-concerned business like:

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a heat treatment. It is not particularly beneficial for killing the harmful germs and bacteria present in the milk. But it is also effective as far as the following are concerned:

  • Water

  • Packaged Foods

  • Non-Packaged Foods

Within how many steps does the milk pasteurization machine accomplish the pasteurization?

The machine manufacturers design its mechanism after getting it divided into 4 simple steps which are as follow:

  • Regenerative Heating

  • Cream Separation / Standardization and Homogenization

  • Regenerative Cooling

  • Hygienic Packaging

Does the pasteurization process have the potential to kill the harmful pathogens from the milk?

Pasteurization is one of the most effective physical processes that kill the harmful pathogens present in the milk just by carrying out the heating treatment. This treatment is super beneficial as it is the natural way of destroying the health -0deteuoating bacteria which does not use a single bit of the chemicals.

Is pasteurization also known as HTST?

Yes, pasteurization is also known as HTST. High Treatment Short time heat treatment is what is its full form. In this heating treatment, the milk is heated to the highest temperature that is usually 72 to 75 degrees Celsius for about 15 seconds. And then the next steps aim at letting it get cooled within the shortest possible time. The scientists are also of the view that this HTST process is the ideal process of eliminating the bacteria from the milk.

Which are the primary benefits of using HTST Technology?

The benefits of using the HTST technology for killing the germs are as follow:

  • The consistency of the milk gets improved since microorganisms are removed from the raw milk.

  • The following important aspects of the milk gets improved and maintained:

  • Texture

  • Nutrients

  • Original Flavour

  • Great destruction of bacteria at one is possible

  • The temperature can be controlled up to 1 degree celsius

  • The shelf life gets increased

  • The machines which are used for milk pasteurization are highly energy efficient.

  • With this process, it is quite easy to avoid infections.

  • When the strength and the potential of the milk are increased with this process, then immunity is boosted and energy is intensified.

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How to start the dairy business in India? What are the major challenges?

How to start the dairy business in India?

To start any business, it is important to go in the right direction and get everything managed properly. If you are someone who is looking to set up a ghee plant or milk processing plant, then it is important to analyze the market situation and work accordingly. From taking the first step to ensure the quality product reaches the customer, several things have to be considered for ultimate success. Doing so will make it easier for you to install the best kind of Mawa making machine for increasing your return on investment.

Important factors to start the dairy business in India

  • Select the Breed

Breeds are native or foreign & it is up to you what you want to choose or begin your business with. It is your choice whether you want the cow or buffalo or both.

To come to a decision, visit the market and see for yourself what the customers demand. Understand the present customer demand & preferences to set up your dairy business accordingly.

  • Choosing the shelter type

Generally, 40 sq feet inside the shed and 80 square feet of open space are needed. Be careful with the space where the animals are kept to ensures they are disease-free, and their productivity will also increase. Make sure there is proper ventilation, fresh air, and keep the entire space clean.

  • Feed the animal the right way

Every single day, you need to feed the animals quality and nutritious food. Make sure the animals are given fresh water to drink and in the right amount. Research has shown that milk-producing animals need 5 liters of milk which produces 1-liter milk.

  • Proper care and management

Now! These 2 things are needed for any business you talk about. Here you need to keep the cattle healthy right so that they do not catch any disease. Otherwise, you will suffer a huge loss, and your efforts can go in vain. So, you must provide them nutritious food and clean water all the time.

What are the challenges faced by the dairy business in India?

Well! The dairy business comes with certain challenges which makes it difficult for people to manage the work. But, knowing about them in advance will make it easier to have better control over the situation. Here are some of the challenges faced by the dairy business in India:

  • Shortage of feed

  • Breeding system

  • Proper education and training

  • Health care services are not up to mark for the cattle

  • Hygiene conditions are not appropriate

  • Problem with pricing and marketing

Which are the machinery used in the dairy business?

Milking machine

Milking machines are of 2 types which you can get with a single cluster and with 2 groups.

  • Single cluster – Milk around 10 to 12 animals in 60 minutes

  • 2 cluster machine- Milk around 20 to 25 animals in 60 minutes

Milk Testing Equipment

Some of the milk testing equipment are:

  • Electric Gerber Centrifuge machine

  • Milk Sampler

  • Lactometer

  • Glass thermometer

  • Pipette/ Graduated pipette

  • Butyrometers stand and Test tubes

If you are looking for any dairy equipment for your place, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to find reliable and best-quality dairy equipment.

Milk Processing

Which processes are required to perform on milk before packaging?

Since it is the milk which is the most consumed item in our daily lives and thus the demand for it is regularly getting escalated. Milk is not only a part of the B2C business, rather it is a part of the B2B business as well. From milk, we can obtain khoya and ghee, so the businesses which are specifically focusing on preparing dairy products require milk in bulk quantities. This is the predominant reason why people are finding it convenient to switch to the dairy business. Since they know they will never run into losses.

Which are the other dairy businesses?

  • It is the ghee plant that requires triple the amount of milk of how much it produces.

  • It is the mawa plant that processes milk in the mawa making machine to come across the dried and evaporated milk.

  • Apart from the milking business, it is the processing business as well which the people take up. In those businesses with the help of pasteurization and other heating techniques, the shelf life of the milk is sought to be increased.

In this article, we are going to particularly focus on the milk processing business.

What happens in the milk processing plants?

A milk processing plant carries out several techniques to process the milk in such a way that its shelf life gets immensely increased. To make sure the business is running smoothly and without any problem, it is important to follow all the steps enlist as below:

  • Milk Collection

First of all, the milk needs to be collected from the dairy livestock. After that, it is important to transport the same to the dairy plants.

  • After transportation to dairy plants

When these are transported to the dairy plants. Then the following procedures are performed:

  • Separations

  • Clarifications

  • Separations

  • Homogenization

  • Pasteurization

  • Quality Check

After carrying out every essential process required for increasing the shelf life and before heading for packaging, it is needed to check the quality of the products.

Why are homogenizers used?

For setting up effective and successful plants, it is needed to use the homogenizers. This procedure is highly beneficial since it is helpful to produce the non-soluble mixtures parallelly. This is one of the main reasons why this process is considered vital for milk processing.

In which kinds of packets, the milk is supposed to get packaged?

In the last stage, the milk is supposed to get packaged. It gets packaged in the following:

  • Bottles

  • Cartons

  • Plastic Bags

Final Comments!

If you want to step into the dairy industry by working in a specific sector, then obviously, you will need several kinds of equipment and machines. With the help of these machines and the services, it becomes quite easy to keep up with the increased productivity regularly. If you are looking for dairy equipment manufacturers, then please count on us – NK Dairy equipment.

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How are ghee and mawa made from milk? How is milk processed?

We all know that milk is a nutritious food that makes our bones strong and body active. Since it has a short life, there is a need to carefully preserve it. For this reason, when the demand for milk increases, the number of milk processing plants also increases.

Apart from this, it is super beneficial from a business point of view. It is the milk only from which ghee and mawa can be prepared. These two are also products that are in great demand because of their health benefits.

How is Ghee made from Milk?

The cream which forms on the upper layer of the milk is separated. From that cream, butter is made, with the help of a blender. Once the butter is made, then it is heated at a low flame until the milk solids and the liquid fat is not getting separated. Since people are liking to use it so much, the ghee plants are also increasing in numbers, which produce the ghee in great quantities.

What is mawa and how is it made?

Mawa is also known as the khoya. It is made by heating the milk on a simmered flame until the moisture from the milk evaporates and the solids are not coming out in the kadhai. Since it is the base of all Indian sweets, it has to be produced in large quantities, so mawa making machines are being used.


Which techniques are being used by the milk processing plants?

The milk processing plants make use of those techniques that can help to increase the shelf life of the milk, so that it can be preserved for some more days, like:

  • Cooling
  • Fermentation

What is pasteurization? Is this process helpful?

It is one of the processes that require heat treatment for extending the usable life of the milk. This process aims at reducing the pathogenic microorganism so that they cannot emerge as a hazard for health in any way

How does milk processing benefit the small scale dairy producers?

With milk processing, such airy producers can earn great incomes by selling raw milk and offering greater opportunities for accessing the regional and urban markets.

Did you know?

Since milk processing has emerged as a requirement, the number of jobs in the milk processing sector is also increasing. The off-farm milk jobs such as the following are giantly increasing:

  • Milk Collection
  • MIlk Processing
  • Milk Transportation
  • Milk Marketing

Final Comments!

Milk Processing has become a need of today’s era. People are finding their lives very difficult without milk. So the need arose to have a stock of milk stored so that people are getting the adequate amount as per their needs. Storing milk was not enough, as it can get deteriorated. So there is the need to process it. Milk processing has solved a lot of problems. It does not only help the dairy producers to prevent encountering losses, but it helps them to make giant profits.

If you are interested in buying any equipment, concerning milk processing, mawa making or ghee making, then please give us a chance to serve you.

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What are the small-scale milk processing equipments for dairy farm business?

Milk is the most consumed beverage in India which provides leverage to the small dairy farms to serve the customers. To set up your Milk Processing Plant you don’t have to get the entire setup as there is small-scale dairy equipment that you can choose from. Once you have set up that successfully you can opt for the Ghee Plant to make your business worth it in every sense. The choices are endless once you have been successful in the first step and have managed everything like you can install the Mawa making machine at your dairy farm.

What are the products which can be obtained through milk processing?

With the small-scale milk processing business, you can get numerous products like:

  • Cream

  • Butter

  • Fluid milk

  • Buttermilk

  • Pasteurized milk

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

  • Ice cream

  • And other products

 What is the milk processing equipment for small-scale dairy farms?

Here is the list of the small-scale dairy farm equipment which you opt for:

  • Milk tanks

Milk tanks, interim tanks, pre-stack tanks are best suited for storing liquid dairy items which also allows them to keep them fresh for a long time. This is the best choice for milk processing as it helps to get fresh, safe, and quality products.

  • Pasteurizers

Pasteurizers are an important part of the milk processing process. With the installation of these units, the milk is heated and is kept at the right temperature for the given time, and then cooked down, so that future processing & storing can be done.

  • Cream separators

Cream separators are another great choice to get skin milk and low-fat milk. With this equipment, you will get 2 different products: Milk and cream & depending on the work time there is the benefit to get different fat percentages.

  • Butter churns

Butter churns is another great choice to churn the milk into butter before it gives you 2 different products like buttermilk and butter. Buttermilk is the best choice as it can be sold right away or it can be fermented which helps to add more nutrients to it.

  • Cheese presses

Cheese presses are known for applying pressure on the cheese curds which makes it easier to squeeze out the cheese form and all the liquid. One of the best dairy products and if you have this equipment it can do wonders for your business.

  • Homogenizers

Homogenizers are another great choice to add to the dairy farm business. With these, the taste and texture of milk will improve. With the machine, the milk is squeezed from the small holes by making the pressure which makes it easier to break them apart, and then the process of homogenization is done. For the milk quality, this is an important piece of equipment.

What are the benefits of a small-scale dairy farm?

  • You will get products of better quality

  • Machines can work for a long time

  • Automated process, take away all the hassle

  • Machines are much easier to clean

If you are looking for any small-scale dairy equipment to set up your business, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to get the best and at an affordable price.

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Everything you need to about the best khoya making machine

With the dairy business on the rise, everything the way business is done has improved a lot. The use of advanced machinery and equipment has helped the dairy business owners to make their business profitable in every sense. For say, you are running a ghee plant and now you are planning to try your hands on the khoya making, then you have to make sure you get the entire process done correctly.

With that said, the dairy business owner is choosing to install the mawa making machine at their milk processing plant. In the end, it’s all about going for the right choice and making sure that the machinery you opt for is affordable, easy to operate, and requires low maintenance.

Khoya making machine revolutionized the dairy business

Indeed! The dairy business is revolutionized in a way that no one expected it to be. With these machines, the natural taste is still there and all the features. It means that the milk nutrients are not going to get lost even if the machines are used. The machines perform the multipurpose function as they can be used to make different sweets like cashew nut, basundi, penda, burfi, and many other items on the large scale.

Best kind of dairy equipment

When you grab your hands on the khoya-making machine, the dairy equipment is one of a kind. No doubt, the effective working of the machines has made it easier to build trust among the clients and get their work done in a better manner. At NK dairy we consider the need of the customers and accordingly get the work done. Be it khoya making machine or any other kind of dairy equipment it is made as per the dairy industry standards which allows the production to be done in the right manner.

Khoya making machine manufacturers

Well! The list of benefits is endless as these machines provide energy-saving options because they consume less fuel and their performance is just impeccable. The best kind of service is what makes a lot of difference to make them install at the dairy plant. Depending on what all are your requirements you can tell our team and they will give you the same product. We are here to make sure that everything is done as per the customer’s convenience.

The best model of khoya making machine

We all know khoya is an important part of Indian sweets as it is the base of most of them. Without this, the sweets won’t get the same test that you expected it to be. So, make sure that when you choose to get any dairy equipment or machinery for your place it is of the best quality and comes with all the advanced features which can make a huge difference.

Get in touch with NK Dairy

If you are looking for any kind of dairy machinery or equipment for your dairy business, then get in touch with our team to get the best product at the best service. Expect nothing but the best.

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What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of “Mawa Making Machine”?

The cream on the top of the milk is so beneficial for the owners of the dairy and the milk processing plants, as they can make a large variety of things from it. Ghee and Mawa are the most common among them all.

Rising Popularity Of Ghee and Mawa

The demand for the Ghee (Clarified Butter) has been so much in these times, that the ghee plants continuously seek for productivity enhancements to cope up with the rising demands.

The importance of Mawa is majorly explained in the sweet dish sector. There may be one or two varieties of the sweet dish in which mawa is not incorporated, otherwise, the sweet dish without mawa is like Bat without a ball and husband without a wife.

For this reason, the dairy owners are placing the orders for the mawa making machine.

Did you know?

There were times when the demand was exceeding the supply (availability ) of the khoya making machine. But somehow, we fulfilled the demand of each dairy owner because we did not want to make any of them get disappointed.

Why Is Khoya Making Machine So Popular?

The reason behind the popularity of the khoya making machine is the following mentioned features:

  • Stainless Steel

We always use the choicest material in the manufacturing of the khoya making machine. After considering all the aspects of the different kinds of material, we deemed the use of stainless steel as the most convenient and beneficial. It is because of this material that we are receiving so many positive reviews about the machine.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the biggest concerns of our clients. For this reason, we have worked so hard on this aspect. And the result of that is we have presented the mawa making machine whose capacity lies in the following range:

50 Litres to 350 Litres

Fuel Type

After studying the different versions of the mawa making machine manufactured and presented by the different dairy equipment providers, we felt the need to make it flexible as far as the fuel aspect is concerned. So if you are purchasing the mawa making machine from NK dairy equipment providers, you can expect the following to be used as fuel in it (particularly for your convenience)

  • LPG

  • Diesel

  • Electric

Total Time

It is time-efficient as it will take only 30 minutes to convert the malai into the khoya. Time efficiency, as we know, is directly proportional to productivity.

Easy operation

So many high-class features will never let you go crazy to understand the mechanism. The operation is so simple that you just need to give 10 minutes with full concentration and after that, you’ll find yourself a pro in operating the machine.

Final Comments!

If you are convinced enough with the features of the khoya making machine and want to order it from us. Then please book your appointment with our professionals to place your order right away.

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Why should you purchase a mawa making machine from NK Dairy Equipment?

Mawa making machines are sure to be found in each of the ghee plants and the Milk processing plant. It helps in the production of the mawa in huge amounts. Mawa is also known as khoya. In English, people call it dried evaporated milk solids. First of all, the milk is left to be simmered in the large iron cauldron, until all the moisture gets evaporated and the milk is reduced to only solids. In India, this is the customary item that is sure to be added to all the sweets.

So, for the sweet-makers, it becomes essentially important to get equipped with the mawa making machine. If you do not know where you can purchase it, then please give us a chance. We at NK Dairy equipment have a great stock of such machines.

Which benefits are sure to be enjoyed by the owner of the mawa making machine?

It can retain the temperature

The temperature plays a crucial role in the making of the khoya. So it is always vital on the part of the machine to resist the temperature. So you can surely expect such things from this machine.


As the khoya or the mawa making machine is made up of stainless steel, it becomes quite easy for the workers to get it cleaned before each use. You need to use a clean cloth for the external cleaning. For effective maintenance or cleaning measures, our professionals will guide you, when you’ll see us at the appointed time.

It is aesthetically pleasing

When it is the matter of the food, the equipment or the vessels in which it is getting made has to be ultimately presentable and aesthetically pleasing. No matter how clean the machine is from the inside, but if it does not look good, people will assume that the khoya is not getting made in the hygienic atmosphere.

To make sure that your reputation does not get stained, we have paid great attention to the aesthetics aspect.

You’ll not get a chance to complain about corrosion like issues

If it is about corrosion like issues, then we promise you, khoya making machines purchased from NK dairy equipment will not give you a chance to complain. The material which we have used n the manufacturing of the machine does not only withstand the temperature and the pressure, but it is also beneficial as it stands strong against the following:

  • Corrosion

  • Rust

  • Water Stains

You’ll not feel guilty for hurting the environment

Being humans, we owe to the earth. It is our responsibility to take effective measures to save our environment and not to use the things which are responsible for deteriorating it. The manufacturing of the khoya making machine involves the usage of stainless steel, which is a completely recyclable material and does not let you feel the guilt of harming the atmosphere.

Final Comments!

So what have you decided after reading the above-mentioned information? If you have decided to purchase it and make your sweets business grow by purchasing the khoya making machine, then what are you waiting for? We are always available to take your orders.

Book your appointment with our professionals, at the earliest!