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What are the best career opportunities in the dairy farming sector?

India is known for its roots and old traditions. Rapidly the government is making changes and investing schemes that can benefit the individuals to live a better life. One of the major parts is villages in India 72% of the population accounts for rural and 60% prefer working in the agriculture sector. The Indian dairy sector provides livelihood to family families more than you can think of. It is evident from the fact of how many Dairy Plant is opened in India.

Moreover, the Milk plant has the best kind of machinery and equipment you can think of. If you think of purchasing dairy equipment or any machinery then the price is economical. Let’s say for the Milking machine price the starting cost is around Rs 20,000 and depending on what type of functionality you go with the price will vary.

Dairy farming contains different things

Dairy farming is also known as animal husbandry enterprise which includes processing and retail. It includes number of things to be performed in one day like:

  • Taking care of the milk yielding cattle

  • Procuring milk

  • Processing milk to form them into different products

You might not know this but 70% of the milk you get is from small or landless farmers. Indeed, dairy farming has helped to strengthen the Indian economy in a way that no one would have ever imagined.

Range of dairy products

When you plan to go to this sector, the best part is that you can choose anything as per your liking. There are different dairy products you can provide to the customers like:

  • Cheese

  • Ghee

  • Paneer

  • Butter

  • Condensed milk

  • Powdered milk

  • Yogurt

  • And much more

What about the dairy sector job prospect?

Whether you talk about government or non-government sectors you will find opportunities in both. The NBBD (National Dairy Development Brand) is helping the multi-local organization to:

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Finance

  • Support farmers

There is no doubt that employment opportunities have increased in this sector the way no one would have imagined. Both technology and the way work is done have evolved a lot. It is seen that the dairy production and marketing methods have improved with time which has been a game-changer for many businesses. The dairy processing industry has seen encouragement of the dairy equipment indigestion and there are 2 different types of job for the same which are:

  • Designing equipment & fabrication & plant design

  • Executing the project to take it to the final state

Provide the consultancy service to the dairy farms

We all need that guidance at some point in our lives and especially when we start. Once you gather all the experience in this field you can start the consultancy work. You can help others to understand the nitty-gritty of the way work should be done. You can help them scale down on what opportunities are likely to prove fruitful for them. They are an endless choice in the dairy sector and sometimes the business owner is not able to understand what is best for them, this is where you can be their helping hand.

Dairy Plants

What is the FSSAI registration process? How is it done for the milk chilling units?

Are you planning to start your dairy plant? You might have got the estimation of the Milking machine price. On an average, it can begin from Rs 20,000.

But, have you got your FSSAI registration done? If not, then read this blog in detail and understand why it is important to start your milk plant.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). It is the autonomous body that does the necessary task under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Under this registration, the aim is to protect and promote the health of the general public by including the necessary regulations and making sure the food is safe for final consumption.

What is FSSAI registration or license?

FSSAI registration is a 14-digit number for registration or to get the food licenses which are required to get printed on the necessary food packages. Through this 14 digit number, it allows getting information about the producer permit pr elements of the enrollment subtly along with the assembling state.

How FSSAI registration is done for the dairy unit & milk chilling units?

When we hear about the term dairy processing it means handling, processing, packing, manufacturing, storing, distributing, and milk transportation along with other milk products.

  • Under the FSSAI act (2006), without this license, no business can deal with milk and milk products.

  • The registration makes sure that the food quality is best, wholesome, and it is safe. The milk you will provide in your dairy plant will be as per the safety standards.

Every business owner dealing with a dairy business along with a milk chilling unit needs to have this license or registration. So, every business needs to make sure they get the registration, necessary dairy equipment, and accordingly set up the dairy plant to get the success.

What is the process to get the licenses for the FSSAI dairy unit?

  • The food business with a turnover of more than 12 lakhs needs to have this license.

Medium Food Business

State License

Large Food Business

Central License

  • Requirement of state license is needed when you are handling 500 to 50,000 liters of milk in one day.

  • Requirement of the central license is needed when you are handling 50,000 liters in one day.

What type of license is required?

Well! This depends on the business type you are operating. In case, your business is established just now only then do you need the FSSAI registration. In case, the business is old then you need to choose accordingly.

How much time does it take to get the FSSAI registration?

  • To get the basic FSSAI registration it will take around 7 to 10 days.

  • Be it state and central license then it will take around 30 days.

How long is the FSSAI registration valid for?

FSSAI license validity is for around 5 to 10 years. If you already have one then make sure to get renewed 30 days before the expiry date. In case of non-renewal, you need to pay a fine of Rs 100. Not getting done on time will lead to non-deactivation and you need to apply for it again.


Which are the variegated essential components of the milking machines?

Milking machines are accountable for extracting milk from the cows. The milking machine price seems to be worth paying as these machines do not exert excessive stress on the cows and do not damage their teats. Earlier the dairy plants and the milk plants used such machines which caused heavy damage to the cow teats. With the invention of the pulsator and the other milking machines, it has become possible to cut down on the risk of the damage of the cow teats.

In this blog, we shall be discussing the various components of the milking machines. So shall we begin with that:

Teat cups

The teat cups are attached to the cow’s teats. This way they can get protected. The attached vacuum tube helps to create the suction that is accountable for drawing the milk out of the cow’s teats. If counted, these teat cups are 4 in number. These do have the inner lining along with the outer metal shell. These twats cups are divided into two chambers.


The milk reaches to claw after being travelled from the cow’s teats. From the claw, it reaches the milk tube. With the constant exposure to the negative pressure, the vacuum tube helps to draw the milk out from the gland. No sooner than the vacuum tube gets entered in the rest phase, the rubber liner is supposed to get collapsed with the help of which the teats are supposed to get managed which will then help to maintain the blood flow.

Milk Tank

When the suction is created, then the vacuum is supposed to help the milk to be transported to the collecting bowl. The milk is then accountable for getting flown through the tube which eventually reaches the milk tank. After that, the farmers will help to house the milk tank in a different room which is separate from the other milking machines.


The milking machine is supposed to automatically turn on and off with the help of the pulsator. Also, the functioning of the pulsator involves that the blood and the lymph do not get gathered near the teat which will eventually result in damage to the test. There are a couple of the milking machines that are supposed to remove the teat cups once the milking machine is done with the extraction of the milk. By focusing on this way, we can make sure that the teat cups are not getting damaged. The farmers should make sure that they are cleaning the pulsator regularly which will ensure that they are functioning appropriately.


The milking machines are installed with advanced software and help to keep a proper track of the milking of the cows. Merely by having a glance at the logs, the framer is accountable for figuring out what is wrong with the milking machine. When the capability of the cows to give milk slows down, then the milking machine also slows down which helps to detach the teat cups from the teats of the cows.

Dairy Plants

What are the topmost effective tips to set up your dairy plant?

The dairy industry is one of the most developed and comes under the major food enterprises. The best part is that it continues to rise and take the top spot. Eventually, this makes the safest and best choice to set up your dairy plant. As per the statistics, it is one of the sectors which has a growth of 3% to 5%. It is important to understand the market potential and do everything as the customer needs will ensure that your milk plant daily operations are done with ease. From choosing the best location to considering the milking machine price, different factors will help you set up your dairy business. To make you aware the price of the machine can start from Rs 27,000 but it can vary depending on the model you are using.

What are the necessary points to select the best location for a dairy plant?

  • The suitable site and right area

To set up your dairy plant, make sure that the location you are choosing is right and it should have that much area you want. Space should be enough that you can perform the daily operations with ease and proper parking space.

  • Freshwater

For any work you need water and that is extremely important when it comes to the dairy industry. If the water quality is not right then all the necessary operations will not be done in the way they should. The salt content and microbial content in the water should be right otherwise it can lead to several problems. So, this factor is extremely important in terms of health.

  • Nearby area

The nearby area of the dairy plant needs to be right. Make sure there is enough space to keep the waste material, food storage depots, and much more. Make sure that the place does not attract birds, insects, and rodents as it will affect the dairy plant working and product quality.

  • Proper treatment plan

Make sure there is proper space so that the wind and speed direction is right. The water or drain steam should be around the area so that the dirty water can be discharged off easily.

  • Access to the public transport

There should be enough space for public transport to move freely and you should be able to bring something if you want.

Get the different processing section

Just make sure that you get the different processing sections at your milk plant. Having the thought to start a business is easy but making sure it comes to life will take a lot of effort. From the perfect amount of raw material to following the quality control measures, everything is extremely important. So, when you plan to set up the plant you should check the intricacies and then take every step carefully. Do not do anything hastily, otherwise, it will affect the work process and you won’t get to see the results you want.

Dairy Plants

Which are the predominant designs or models used to carry out the milking process?

Where and How does the milk come from?

As we all know that the milk comes from cows, many of us even used to think in our childhood that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Jokes Apart! The method to obtain the milk is different from one dairy plant to another. Milking machine prices are increasing in the market day by day because of the increasing popularity of these machines.

As you might have guessed, we are going to talk about the designs, which dairy plants are incorporating for the obtaining of the milk.


This way of milking the cow hardly takes 10 minutes. In this method, all the cows seemed parallel to each other. This way the milker will be facilitated with the one endpoint for milking the cows. In such a process, milking does not begin until all the cows are standing in a parallel position.


This is the most common design of the parlour and this design is particularly used when the farmers have to deal with the smaller herds. When the herringbone design is being considered, then the cows are supposed to be standing at a 45 degrees angle. With this, the milker is benefited from the different access points for reaching out to the users, unlike the parallel or tandem design models. The predominant benefit of this kind of design is that it allows different equipment to be used for the milking of the cows.


This could be the favourite style of the cows in the dairy parlours. In this design, the cows are arranged in a carousel set. And the milking stalls are arranged in a large circle on a platform that is supposed to be rotating slowly. Cows in this setting can walk in and within a very little time, the milking process s all done. The Rotary design helps the milker to save the physical capacities. If this design is not to be used, then the milk will have to move around and milk the cow. But with this design, the milker just has to stand in one place and wait for the next cows to come.


Some people used to think that the cows are supposed to be giving milk 24/7. But this is not so. The cows are no doubt milked daily. These are milk for about 7 to 15 minutes, a couple of times a day.

Please note it

Certain things need to be carried out irrespective of the design or the model. The udder of the cos should be cleaned before and after each milking process. It should always be made sure that the milk after being obtained from the udder should not come in contact with human contact.

Bottom Line

There are certain pros and cons of each design and model. If you want to know which design or model will be best for you, then please let us know. Our professional team will help you to choose the right option.

ghee plant

Why is there more demand for ghee as compared to butter? Is it profitable?

We are living in the modern era. But, slowly we are noticing that old traditions are gaining popularity. From clothes to food, everything has an ‘Old-school’ touch to it. Let’s talk about the food industry and how it is coming back. There is no secret that ancient food is making an upturn in the modern menu. To your surprise, let us tell you that people are focusing on starting their ghee plant. This is a fact that people are inclined towards the dairy sector and they prefer to make use of the modern machinery and equipment be it for paneer plant, ghee plant, or any other dairy business.

Obsession over healthy fat

Nowadays, people prefer those options which are better and it can prove beneficial in the long run. As everyone’s focus is getting shifted on the healthy food which includes the healthy fats and this is where people prefer to have ghee.

Why is there so much focus on bringing ghee back?

Ghee is a type of clarified butter and its existence dates 1000 years back in India. Even at present for religious rituals, making food, or for medicinal purposes, ghee is the best choice. Indeed, it is one of the staple items which helps in cooking the dishes with perfection. Be it the ancient and holistic Indian healing system, its use is considered the best. People started focusing on having the food which is best in a way that no other food can be. One of the stats has shown that ghee is the fastest growing industry and it is expected to increase by around $10 billion which is way more than any other business.

Why should you prefer ghee over butter?

Ghee is extremely different from regular butter in several ways. Its smoke point is extremely high and this means that it is not going to burn when it is heated. In addition, when you apply it on the toast or any of the edible material it is going to spread easily. Even if you do not keep it in the fridge, it will still be right. It contains Vitamin A, D, and E in the right amount.

Moreover, the ghee can be made in different variations and this is what many companies are doing. Eventually opting for this has helped them to gain benefits and their market presence has been improved a lot. If you opt for this business then you are gaining 11% to 14% more attention as compared to the existing competitors.

Go with the food trends

When you do the business, it is done to satisfy the needs of the consumers and they should get the best. This way your brand will be highly demanded by every household. In addition, if you can educate the customers about the product and give them the best message, then you will see the profits you are looking for.

Choose the best machinery

Now, when you choose to start the business, you need to choose the best machinery and equipment. If you are looking for one, then you should get in touch with the Nk Dairy team and see how your business will be benefited.

milking machine

Why Are Dairy Plants Supposed To Be Meeting The Hygiene Standards?

Hygiene – The Rudiment of Dairy Industry

The place where the milk is to be obtained and processed, has to be properly cleaned, hygienic, and sanitized. Certain factors are to be kept in mind while considering the hygiene of the dairy plants like the anti-bacterial and acid proof nature of the floor. The milking machines should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. These machines could be an asset for you as these help you generate more revenue than price. So you need not worry about the milking machine price.

Guide To Hygienic Environment in the Diary Plants

Significance Of Hygiene

If hygiene and sanitization is not considered seriously, then it could lead to the emergence of harmful bacteria in the form of the following:


Campylobacter jejuni

Listeria monocyogenes

Yersinia enterocolitica

These kinds of bacterias are particularly harmful to children, pregnant women and those who are recovering from a specific illness.

Do you know?

It has become compulsory for the daily plants to comply with the hygiene standards as per laid by the following regulatory bodies:




Maintenance Of Hygiene in the Milk Factories

The milk factories ought to be working in a sanitize and hygienic environment. As far as hygiene is concerned, then it can primarily be divided into the following categories:

Business Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Equipment Hygiene

Here are some aspects of hygiene in the milk factory:

Hygienic Floors

The floors of the milk factory are supposed to be equipped with the materials which are essential for the maintenance of food hygiene.

Have Proper Knowledge

You are required to have the proper knowledge about hygiene and sanitization. In case of a lack of knowledge, you may end up deteriorating the hygiene standards.

Use Of the Specific Detergents

You are supposed to be using those detergents and the disinfectants which are particularly approved for being used in the milking industries.

Proper Drainage System

It is required to have the appropriate drainage system in particular the area where milk processing activities are being carried out.

Automation In the Washing Devices

If possible then consider using the equipment or the devices which help in the washing and the maintenance of the sanitation. It will help you with the guaranteed cleaning.

Some Important Restrictions For The Employes

The employees at the workplace should be restricted from using jewellery and cosmetics. Also, they should be instructed to wear clean clothes and masks. Alongside, the covering of the head and the hands are the necessities.

Antacid Floor Applications

If you are considering the use of any of the floor applications, then make sure that it does not produce bacteria.

Why Is It Necessary To Take The Important Measures For The Production And The Storage?

As we all know, milk is a perishable product. It can easily approach microbial contamination and the escalated levels of the pH, which are not good for health. Keeping those crucial things in mind, you are supposed to take the required actions.

Want To Know More?

How did you like our article on today’s blog? If you have found this information useful, then please let us know. We shall be glad to have your feedback.

milk plant

What is the role of the milk processing plants? Where should you buy the machinery?

The food processing industry would not be able to provide the customers with the best output and desirable products if the milk processing plants would not be there. These plants include equipment like milking machines and various other processing oriented machines which help to carry out the required milk processing operations. Usually, the dairy plants also include the activities of milk processing. This has been the predominant reason why the dairy plant owners often ask for the milking machines prices.

Be Careful

No doubt, you will get to experience so many manufacturers of dairy equipment. But you are supposed to choose the one which has a good market reputation. Along with that do not forget to consider the points like the trustworthiness and the quality of the machines.

  • If you want to enjoy all such benefits from one equipment provider, then you are suggested to count on the NK dairy equipment.

  • In a milk processing industry, usually, all kinds of machinery are supposed to help you with the performance of the operations like the processing, storing, pasteurizing, packaging and the preparation of the milk for the supply.

  • NK Dairy equipment providers take pride in offering the customers the turnkey solution for the various processing plants.

Do you know?

The name of our company is taken among those equipment providers which are recognized for rendering the quality services not only in India but in the foreign countries as well.

Top-Notch facilities

The dairy processing plants provide various brilliant service rendering equipment.

Following are the predominant reasons why you should be installing the milk processing plants:

Systematically planned processing

NK Dairy provides only the equipment which will help you with the systematic processing of the food items. The results of using such machines have always come out to be efficiently organized plants.

High-Performance Machinery

The basic requirement of dairy plants is the attainment of high-performance machinery. The tasks are accomplished without encountering any difficulties. It is accountable for easing the entire process.

Experienced people to guide you

When you visit us to buy a machine, then you will be guided by experienced people. They will guide you whether you will opt for the particular process or not.

Machines at the affordable prices

What more can you want if you are getting to enjoy the facilities of the machines which is making you glad about the highest productivity yielding processes?

Despite the cost-effective feature, you will get to enjoy the benefit of the guarantee and warranty.

The Timely Delivery

You will just need to place the order. The rest of the responsibility of making the machine delivered to you on time is completely ours.

Bottom Line

So when are you considering approaching us to get to know more about the machine which you are willing to buy?

Make sure that you are visiting us at the earliest as the dairy equipment are selling like hotcakes and we do not want to keep you waiting for long.

ghee plant

How to start a ghee manufacturing business in India? Is it profitable?

Are you looking to start a new business venture? In that case, your best bet is to start a ghee business in India. There is no denying the fact that setting up the ghee plant can prove profitable in the long run. Ghee contains different benefits like it can nourish your skin, it has traditional religious rituals, used in medicines, and many other amazing benefits. In case, you are already running a paneer plant, then you need to try your hands on this. Just keep in mind that you first manage everything and then only get started. Most important part is to choose the quality dairy machinery. NK Dairy is the most trusted brand among the dairy business owners to get any type of dairy equipment or machinery.

Is ghee business profitable?

The ghee market is huge and it is the second-most consumed dairy product in India. In addition, the demand for ghee is growing all across the globe. Due to the increasing population growth, increased income, penetration in the new market, and health benefits it is preferred by the individuals. All in all, starting the ghee manufacturing business in India is extremely beneficial.

How to set up your ghee manufacturing plant?

Start with market research and prepare a plan

First of all, you need to do a proper market study about the location. In that area, you need to check what is the demand of the customer. Check what your competitors choose for packaging and what prices they have kept. So, it is better that you prepare the proper market plan then you will be able to go in the right direction.

Get your business registered

No matter whether you will be operating on a small scale or large scale, you need to get your business registered. Depending on the state regulations, the process might vary but you need to follow it, no matter what. If you are not sure how to proceed then you should take help from the business consultant to smoothly do the work.

Setup your ghee manufacturing business

Generally, you need to have 1000 sq ft of space. No doubt, it can be more than that and it will be determined depending on what is your business size and production output you are expecting. Make sure that the location you are selecting has a good electricity supply and water resources as they are vital for proper functioning. Also, make sure that there is a proper transport facility so that all the necessary goods can come in easily.

What are the ghee-making machines you need?

Well! The need for the machinery for your plant will depend on the manufacturing process you are following. In case, you are following the direct cream method then you need to following:

  • Agitator

  • Steam control valve

  • Pressure and temperature gauges

  • Movable, hollow, stainless steel tube centrally bored in the kettle

  • Steam heated double jacketed kettle made up of stainless steel

  • Thermometer

  • Weighing scale

A most important step is to make sure that you continuously get the work done in your plant so that the results are worth it.

Marketing and distribution in the right manner

Make sure that you have the right kind of marketing strategy for your business. Choose everything with utmost precision and label all the products carefully. For the promotion, you need to choose the online platform or any other way which seems best for you.

Milk Processing

How to choose the best milking processing equipment? Why is it important?

Milk is one of the food items which you will find in every household in India. Eventually, it makes it clear why people are shifting towards the milk business. In case you are planning to set up the dairy plant, then you must get the best milk processing equipment. It is one of the first things and if you think to compromise on this step, then the further steps will not give you the results you are looking for. The NK Dairy team has been serving clients all across Indian for many years and continues to do the same with each passing year. Let us tell you one thing which most of our customers will ask for i.e. about the milking machine price. The price of the machinery will vary on different factors, so therefore the cost can begin from Rs 16,000 and it can also go higher to Rs 65,000. So, as per your demand, our team will give you the final cost.

Make A Great Difference’ – Choose the super-Quality Milk Machinery

What are the factors to choose the best milk processing equipment?

Let us make things easier for you, as here we have mentioned the top factors for you to choose the best milk processing equipment.

  • Consider the space

First of all, you need to consider the space and size of the milk plant and see whether the one you want to buy is easy to adjust or not.

  • Choose as per your investments

Make sure that you choose the equipment as per the investments you would want to make. This way, in the future, you can have machinery which needs additional features.

  • Faster and smooth

The milk machinery you would want to choose should provide faster and smooth working.

  • Easy cleaning

When you choose the advanced and modern milk machinery this thing will be easier. As the machinery parts can be easily removed, and attached so that they are easy to clean.

  • Safe for animals

Make sure that the machinery you choose for your plant should be safe for animals and its use should not affect their health. In case you are buying the milking machine then make sure that it does not over-milk.

  • Less noise

What’s the use of modern and inventive modern machinery, when it cannot adjust the noise level? So, make sure that you buy the one in which the noise level is easy to adjust.

Also, make sure that you check the machinery you are getting is under the warranty period

Why is it important to get the milk machinery equipment?

  • The use of milk tanks makes it easier to store and receive raw milk, skimmed milk, and cream milk.

  • By homogenizing the milk, it makes it easier to understand the texture & variety. The milk will not get segmented, and its taste will get better.

  • Pasteurizers are useful to kill the presence of harmful bacteria in the milk which are not safe for human consumption.

  • With the milk separators, it makes it easier to ensure that destructive air does not get inside the product.